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Day 5 and a large boost! (not the chocolate variety though!! haha =P )


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Hi everyone

Yesterday was a weird day for me, found myself feeling a little bored and started to feel a tad hungry. Decided to have a nice early night and actually managed to get a decent amount of sleep thanks to the cats waking DH for breakfast instead of me !! Woot, what a nice treat that was! hehe

Anyway, I sneaked on the scales this morning and it would appear I've lost half a stone already o_O Wow!! I'm soooo happy, in fact, that really is an understatement, I'm doing the happy dance! I sneaked into the 16s again over night and feel great, and extra motivated to keep going strong.

Although I didnt attend the pharmacy until yesterday I am taking my own weigh days and scales as the official one. I know it's naughty to weigh between official WI's but tbh I've been weighing in every day and it's definitely helped to keep me focused and motivated, that number has crept down every single day, who wouldn't be motivated by that! lol Can't wait to find out what my actual *official* weigh in result will be on Wednesday morning, am feeling quite excited about it actually.

So anyway, 4 whole days 100% stuck to the plan and feeling proud of myself. Here's to a successful Day 5. Good luck to everyone else too, hope you all make it through another day successfully ^.^
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Hey, Ive been doing the same thing, I'm on day four (yesterday was hell...I cried at one point!) But seeing the scales going down instead of up for a change is great...puts a big smile on my face, so I don't se the harm??
I know in the first week it is very hard not to weigh yourself but to be honest the weight doesn't disappear everyday after week one so you are kinda starting a bad habit because in week 2 and beyond your gonna start getting fed up coz you cant see a difference on the scales.

Another reason why you shudnt really weigh yourself on your home scales is because every weighing scales is difference. I wont lie sometimes i do weigh myself to keep me focused but i learnt a hard lesson in week 3 i weighed myself at home then got weighed in the pharmacy a mere two days later an i was not close to wat my home one said. I was devasted to say the least. Its easy to say now that you will take your home weight as your real one but soon you will realise how important having a weigh in day becomes it becomes something to look forward too, something to strive for. I still have a little cheat and pop on my own scales but i now know that my scales always say im lighter than wat it says in the pharmacy so i dont really focus on my home weight i just use it as a motivator wen i feel down.

In my first 6 weeks i counted down til my weigh in and didnt weight myself other dan dat once i mentioned above. An it was great i was pushed to keep goin til my weigh in then as soon as i got my weigh in results i was pushed to do another week.

weighing yourself everyday is not recommended as your body will naturally have more fluid some days. If you are gonna weigh yourself at home try do it at the same time as your scheduled weigh in coz you wud be most likely be lighter in the morning (first ting you wake up in the morning shows your 'true' weight) in the evening you will be heavier because you wud prob have drunk a significent amount of water an had between 2 and 3 of your shakes.

Having a little peek wont hurt but you can start to become obsessed an wen the weight comes off slower you might become demotivated wen you step on the scales and nothing has changed.
Hi everyone,

I've tried lipotrim on about 3 other occasions but never got past day 4!!!!

I've never been on a forum before and I'm hoping that with support and inspiration from everyone, I will beable to stay motivated.

Any tips? xxx
Hi everyone,

I've tried lipotrim on about 3 other occasions but never got past day 4!!!!

I've never been on a forum before and I'm hoping that with support and inspiration from everyone, I will beable to stay motivated.

Any tips? xxx
hi welcome to the forum. Hun im sorry you never got past day four coz boy does it get easier after dat! Tips drink lots of water always have a bottle with you and keep sipping! Put some crushed ice in with your shakes it makes them more palatable. Coffee in vanilla and chocolate is also good if you like coffee. Peppermint tea in choc shake to make a mint choc shake. and although not strictly allowed some people put chilli flakes in the chicken soup i dont like the soup so never tried.

Just keep telling yourself why you are doin this and wen you see how much you have lost in the first week you will definitely want to continue. Read some of the stories on this forum and they will most definitely motivate you!

if your tempted, hormonal or just need a good moan or someone to celebrate your little achievements this is the place to come.

Good luck with the retry and just promise yourself that this time you will definitely make it to the first weigh in take every week at a time just keep saying i paid for the shakes mite as well continue til they are gone. Thats wat i done then my weigh in always made me want to continue. You wont get these results with another diet so the had stuff at the start is SO SO worth it!

hey, i weighted myself every day the first week, i lost a stone that week so every day the scales were going down by a lb or 2.
i dont weight myself anymore though as the first week is usually ur biggest loss, following weeks it may only be a couple of lbs so slightly disheartening. think its best to wait till wi day.
good luck with ur official wi hun, sure ull do great.

x x


Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks for the advice Ann Marie. I've done so many diets in the past that i know the dangers of weighing in every day. I think at the moment I just need to motivate myself until I have day 12 under my belt since that's the longest I've ever managed to stick to LT in the past. Once I'm comfortable that I'm in control and settle down into it am sure I will get out the weighing habit.

I know my pharmacy scales are different to mine, plus I weigh there fully dressed with trainers on and the whole works so it's obviously gonna be a bit heavier than my scales at home, I've already accepted that. I guess it can work both ways too, maybe one week my scales won't show much of a loss but the pharmacy ones will, so I think of it like a little back up plan heh

Jane - I can totally relate. The first time I tried I gave up on Day 5 (which it is for me again today although I'm not giving up this time!) and the second time on Day 12. When I think back to why I gave up I really just wanted food more than I wanted to be slim, that's all there was to it. I pigged out on chocolate and at the moment I was eating it it felt great, then right after, when I was stuffed and starving I felt so bad. My advice would be make sure you have a strong enough reason in the front of your mind to *want* to do this, know in your heart that it *will* be hard at first and then just make up your mind that you *can* do this. When the going gets tough come here and be reminded why you started, look at other people's successes, if they can do it, so can you! We all know what it's like and despite being a member here only a short time it's obvious that this forum is a source of friendly helpful support from people who have been exactly where you are, know exactly where you are coming from and exactly how tough it gets, and that makes their advice all the more meaningful.

Best of luck to you. I'm only on Day 5 so still early days yet for me but this time I feel much more determined and am hoping the support of this forum will be the edge I need to succeed this time ^.^
Thanks anne-mariep and cookeh, your advice and support helps.

How do you cope with cooking other peoples meals? Ive got a husband, 3 teenagers and a 16 month old baby to feed. My husband is very supportive and says he'll do the shopping and cooking but as he works long hours, that wont be fair on him plus I've got the baby at home all day.

Once you go into ketosis, does the craving for food stop?


Otherwise known as Jools
I have been naughty and been weighing myself each day this week after I sts last week. I have been very disappointed to see that my home scales have not changed at all :( but I am not going to be too down hearted until I get to my official wi tomorrow night.... and please please please let me have lost something !!!!

Jane5 - even though I dont cook for anyone else there are plenty that do on this site and I think that once you hit Ketosis food has less of an interest to you... During my first few days I could not walk round the supermarket without feeling hungry and wanting to eat everything in sight... but once in Ketosis it does not bother me at all. My friend regularly eats BK and KFC in front of me and I don't bat an eye at him.

Most people find things so much easier when they are in Ketosis.

You gotta hang in there now - you've 5 days only 1 or 2 more til you have your wi and that will definitely inspire you for the next week :D
Hi Jools

this is only day 1. My 1st goal is to get to day 5 because i have tried 3 times before but never got past day 4.

I have found before that when i watch people eating on tv, that really gets to me. Also the smell of salad is a killer for me (it never bothers me when im not on LT). Funny that!!!

Talking to people on here is really helping, Thanks xxx
Jane, seeing food on tv doesn't help I agree, but what motivates me the most is the adverts with slim girls, I think to myself, I want to look like that! More to the point, I want to be healthy. This diet is hard, and to be honest, if your mind isn't there, then it won't work, you need to be in the right place to do it. You need to decide what you really want, a slim healthy body, or food. I've discovered on my journey that food did play far too big a part in my life, but it doesn't any more, its a fuel to help me live, I'm hoping this lesson will stay with me for the rest of my life.
I must admit, I'm a secret weigher. I weigh myself twice a week at home. I know that its lower than my pharmacist scales (because i'm dressed and its later in the day) but it does motivate me and spur me on. At the end of the day, you have to do what works for you, because everyone is different, and different people are motivated by different things. Good luck!!
This is the 1st time ive been on a forum so excuse me if this is a silly question. how much does a sausage weigh?
A couple of people have mentioned sausages!

any other bits of lingo that i should know about?

I am really determind to stick to this diet and now i have support from people on this forum, i know i will do it

Thanks anne-mariep and cookeh, your advice and support helps.

How do you cope with cooking other peoples meals? Ive got a husband, 3 teenagers and a 16 month old baby to feed. My husband is very supportive and says he'll do the shopping and cooking but as he works long hours, that wont be fair on him plus I've got the baby at home all day.

Once you go into ketosis, does the craving for food stop?

I cook for my family everyday and i have to say it helps me so so much! I dont tink its ketosis dat stops the craving i tink its knowing that if i have something ill wreck everything i have struggled for! I tink the smell of food fills my stomach i know this is in my head but hunger usually is so its a good thing. I tink im a better cook now as i use my nose more rather than taste everything. Even my family tink im a better cook i use herbs much more as well. An i use more veg than meat which my family dont even notice haha! Im trying to make them healthier without them knowing.

If im hunger while cooking i usually have my shake while cooking especially wen its something that smells delish. I must say i didnt cook in the first 2 weeks as my family were away but i tink i wud have been able to.

one thing i have noticed is i hate the smell of high fat food so there is no chip pan cooking wen i cook i use the oven for everything and wok coz i love asian food etc

I also now hate the smell of chipper and most takeaways actually even chinese doesnt smell as nice (i loved chinese).


Recovering Cookie Addict
I'm afraid I'm one of the lucky few who doesn't have anyone else to cook for. OH buys himself ready prepared meals and mostly eats at work Monday to Friday so all I have to contend with is the smell of cooking once a week.

Yesterday I went into town to visit the pharmacy and OMG it seemed my nose picked up every bakery, food stall, fast food restaurant or whatever in the whole of the town centre! I thought I'd never make it home without eating but then I realised that actually I wasn't hungry, the smell wasn't making me hungry, it was all in my head, an old ingrained habit to eat whenever I smell food.

It's got to be hard for people on LT who have others around them and I just have to ditto what everyone has said so far. This forum is a source of strength and support, for the good days as well as the bad. Pop in regularly and keep everyone up to date with how you are doing, you'll find that having everyone rooting for you will really help give you strength when you need it.

As for sausages, I believe 8 sausages = 1lb. Personally I've always worked it out in bags of sugar, 1 bag of sugar = 2.2lbs. I've even, in the past, piled a load of bags of sugar into a shopping basket and picked it up to see what it feels like and am shocked and horrified by how heavy it is hehe

Good luck and keep us all posted on your progress. I'm only day 5 so not that far ahead of you ^.^
I'l be heading for the sugar shelves in Tesco next week, that sounds like a good idea.

good luck for your 1st weigh in, I' be looking out for your weight loss



Recovering Cookie Addict
Thanks Jane, I shall be posting tomorrow once I've weighed in, can't wait! ^.^

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