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Day 5 and feeling fab

Day 5 and I can't believe how good I feel.:) Before CD I'd been feeling sluggish, tired and lethargic for so long. I thought it was becaue of my size! It obviously must have been my diet through!

This new lease of energy began last night. I was cleaning the kitchen and even the oven at midnight! Even though I haven't been sleeping well since starting the diet and had hardly any sleep last night. I am feeling full of energy this morning. Long may this feeling continue!

I was sceptical when I first started and had some rough days but I'm starting to feel like I actually CAN do this! I'm still only thinking a day at a time but what is keeping me going is remembering all the times I've said...'Where has this year gone' I know that before I know it time will pass and I will hopefully be stones lighter!!

Thanks to all who has supported me the last few days.

Tiara x
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Hi Tiara,

I am really pleased you are feeling well, see how strong you have been and carried on, and look at you now. Each day that comes i feel better, cant believe the week has gone so quick.

Skinny x
You are doing great too. The week HAS gone quick I think! I think it's helped spending half my time on here! Not that I'm obsessed or anything!


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The Days Do Start To Go Quicker As You Get Into The Diet More! Already I Am On Day 20 And Feel Like It Has Only Been About 10 Days Since I Started!
I Too Was Like You Feelin Sluggish And Just Blurgh, But Now At Times I Find Myself Boucing Off Walls!

I'm Glad You Are Finding Iti Easier, A Month Would've Flown By B4you Know It
Bindiboop, You've lost 24Ibs in 20 days?? That's really brilliant!

I hope the time does fly. I hate wishing time away. Life is so short. But I think for this journey, I'd like it to go quickly.


Ancient Egypt Nut!
You are doing great too. The week HAS gone quick I think! I think it's helped spending half my time on here! Not that I'm obsessed or anything!

Don't worry about it Tiara....most of us are obsessed about being on here...lol:D

You're doing so well and sound so positive. The energy burst is great, isn't it? Even cleaning the oven at midnight!!

I'm looking forward to seeing how you do at your weigh in and yes......YOU ARE DOING IT!!!! Good on ya girl!!:D



Well done Tiara, I'm so pleased that you're feeling great :D

Keep up the good work


Ancient Egypt Nut!
Thanks Blitz. I've been weighing myself every day. You think it's bad to do that?

If you can do that and NOT let the numbers be your only measure of success, then i would say ok.

I think it's only natural that we want to see results fast to keep us motivated...just becareful that you don't let it dictate your mood for the wholeday after hun if it's not the numbers you hoped to see. Water retention etc etc...xxx
Thanks all, I'd better use some of this energy to go and do some work now!!

See ya later x


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Thanks, I Have Lost 2 Stone In 20 Days Now! Which Isn't Bad Going I Suppose! Hahaha
I Never Weigh Myself Except At My Weigh-ins, Only Reason Is That I Lose Most At The Beginning Of The Week, So Then I Expect To Lose More By My Next Weigh-in. Most Of The Time I Don't And Then I Feel Abit Disheartened!
Plus I Weighed Myself Yesterday(only Cause My Mum Wanted To Know If The Scales Were Right) And I Had Put On 10lbs!!!! So I Went Into Panic Mode! My Scales Are Wrong! So From Now On I'm Just Gonna Go By My Cdc Scales!
You Will Have A Great Loss On Your First Week, I'm Most Certain Of It! I Have A Long Way To Go Yet, But I'm Aiming For 6 Months On The Diet!
Try Not To Think About How Long The Journey Is, Just Take It 1 Day At A Time And It Soon Flies By


Dreaming of being slim!
Thats really encouraging to read-especially from someone who is only on day 2 and struggling!!!

Good luck and may your journey be as positve as you sound!
Thanks Tickle. It sure is a brilliant feeling. I hope it lasts!

Big Pudding I'm glad you're encouraged. It IS really hard the 1st few days and no matter how many times people tell you you will feel great after a few days, you're never quite sure whether it will be the same for you. I know I was like that anyway. But it IS true and cling on to that over the next couple of days. You be the same. Just wait and see.


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Thanks Blitz. I've been weighing myself every day. You think it's bad to do that?

Its down to personal choice. I dont weigh myself everyday and just wait for offical weigh in, however today I broke by golden rule and am now showing 2 lb heavier and I feel disheartened. However I do know that Im retaining fluid and im also consitpated again so fingers crossed that it will all clear by tuesday. So Im know keeping well off them also I want to break the habit in the long term.
But:D if it helps to keep you motivated jump of the scales, but if they dont move dont let it get to you.