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Day 5 and the reality has hit me

OMG .....I'm on day 5 and i've been really good and haven't strayed from my diet but the reality has now hit me :(.
I don't actually feel hungry but i am really missing food !! For the first few days i got my husband to make his and our boys sandwiches for work and school as he said it was just too mean to expect me to prepare them ..... but it is getting harder and harder !!
I was very good yesterday when i went to the opening of my youngest son's pre school garden ..... i declined cheese and crackers (i looooovvvve cheese) i declined wine and the yummy looking cake that was handed around. Also that evening smelling the cooking smells from my husbands quiche and my boys sausages was soooooo hard.....but again i got through it :sigh:
I cooked my husband some cheese on toast at lunch time today and almost :cry:did i mention i LOVE CHEESE....lol. Now i'm preparing an evening meal for them all and i'm sure i'm dribbling...lol.
I know i want to be slimmer and closer to the weight i was before i had my children but i'm wondering now how i'm ever going to manage this for the next few months :eek:. We host many BBQ's for friends and i don't want to give up my social life but don't know if i can host something that i cant participate in :cry:.
Sorry mini rant over .... i'm sure we're all going through this !!
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You've done really well to be strong through all of that. I hope when you get to your first weigh-in you'll be really pleased with your results.
If you're really missing food though, it may well be worth considering the working solution option. You'll still be able to lose around 10lbs a month on it, but you can have a low carb meal each day as well as your packs. I find it works really well for socialising - I mix and match TS and WS. If I'm catching up with friends or having a BBQ then I'll go for something like chicken salad or steak and salad. I find WS the best of both worlds, as you get the packs for most of it, but when you really want to you have a way to stay on the diet but still enjoy some food. For me it works well and generally stops me diving off and bingeing on chocolate or other things that won't help with the weight loss.
Anyway, welcome and good luck, and hope the next days get easier for you :)
Don't give up!!!! You have done amazingly well to resist all that! Cheese is one of my faves too. I had a nibble of ham today as I felt so faint so I hope that doesn't mess me up too much!

Keep strong hon and maybe ask hubby to do more of the cooking for now x


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Eating a bit of meat at your BBQ, if you are happy to play around with the plans, won't knock you out of ketosis and you will lose. Remember that not eating anything is only temporary and the results will be worth it, promise :D x
Thank you Cybill, i hadn't realised you could mix the TS & WS on a day to day basis ....thought that it could knock you out of ketosis !!
Has made me feel so much better, doesn't seem so bad knowing that i could do TS for most of the time and perhaps WS every other weekend....just need to check out all the WS foods i can eat ......don't suppose CHEESE is one of them ....lol !!


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So long as you keep to low carb, it won't knock you out of ketosis, and you'll be pleased to hear that means you can have a little cheese! Cheese is one of my standby things for days when it's just too much. I find having a teeny slice of cheese is one of the things that helps me to stay strong the rest of the time, although I usually use some chicken or maybe a peperami!

For me, it has made such a difference knowing that I can eat something, and that I can join in the social things that are going on and eat something! I think you just have to find a way that works for you :)
Don't give up!!!! You have done amazingly well to resist all that! Cheese is one of my faves too. I had a nibble of ham today as I felt so faint so I hope that doesn't mess me up too much!

Keep strong hon and maybe ask hubby to do more of the cooking for now x
Thanks keelyjrs ... Give me cheese over chocolate any day ...lol. Also i did eat half a waifer thin slice of ham yesterday ....sounds like we've got a lot in common !
Husband and cooking don't really go though .....he's pretty useless in the kitchen unfortunatly ...lol.


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stick with it and I have been following Cybill's advice (thanks cybill) Ive got back on the wagon this week and trying for the 1st time to get into ketosis, tonight i had steak and salad as went to mums for dinner, if you really want to eat, then do it, just make sure its the right stuff. Im rubbish at sticking to just the 3 packs, as like you i miss food and a lot of my social life revolves around it (meeting different friends next week for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner). mixing TS and WS is the way to go and u dont have to feel guilty for eating. Good luck :) xx
We are fat because we can't control our food intake, that's what got us here in the first place...

So mixing a WS and TS having low carb meal is a recipe for disaster for many of us.
If you can manage, great!

But most of us will think that a full English breakfast is low carb...
You get my point ;-)
Meat and fish is ok, along with most veg if you're considering WS xx

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