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Day 5 big blip!!

S: 18st5lb C: 11st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st9lb(36.19%)
:wave_cry:Hey guys im really annoyed with myself.. :(

days 1 and 2 i did complete SS day :p

3 I had some cucumber and very tiny piece of chicken

day 4 was angry i still felt hungry so drank diet coke :eek: and has a mushroom of my sisters breakfast cooked in oil :eek:

day 5 i caved... chicken salad from subway... no dressing or cheese but chicken sweetcorn etc all no nos.... and then late last night had some more chicken

I really dont want to throw it away on day 6... ive lost 6.5lb since monday... im starving now .. im prob back to square 1 but really didnt feel my body go into ketosis at all this time I was always hungry... I didnt get any headaches or stomach cramps either?!?

Today is my neices birthday party with a bbq... tomorrow is my daughters birthday party... with full party food the works.. I dont want to give up.. but totally in 2 minds what to do... should i get through the weekend complete ss or just be sensible with food and get back to it on monday afterall im only 14lb off goal weight now. Surely I deserve to enjoy my daughters 2nd birthday party?!?
Its my totm in 5 days as well and i always am sooo hungry a week before, so that could be it! When Im on however my appetite is zilch!!

But on a bloody plus side.... a dress i brought ages ago in the sale now fits wooop lol xx:D
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S: 15st0lb C: 12st12lb G: 11st10lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 2st2lb(14.29%)
Aww hugs hun. I personally would say stick to it and give it all you've got you'll feel so much better for it. Think of the money you'll be wasting if you don't. And think how much better you'll feel when that 14 pounds has gone.
S: 18st5lb C: 11st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st9lb(36.19%)
I wouldnt be wasting any money though cos my shakes will just roll over to next week....

I dont think I can be 100% on it this weekend... what with totm and everything... because i feel soooo much better in my self.. its hard to almost feel like im torturing myself if that makes sense!

Im going to see how it goes... wish me luck lol xx
To be completely honest, it doesn't sound like your mind is set on sticking to the diet this weekend. So I would be as sensible as you can and prepare for starting the diet properly on Monday. But that's just my opinion.


Girl on a mission
G: 11st7lb
agree with fbs..be sensible this weekend and start afresh monday, you've not blipped as in had a binge so thats good:D ..this diet is hard but so much harder when your head isn't in it...i've been in your shoes so many times hun :eek:
S: 18st5lb C: 11st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st9lb(36.19%)
thanks guys i do agree.... this is what happens all the time with me though... i lose a chunk of weight get complacent and then maintain again for weeks lol!!

Its midday and ive not had a shake yet which is naughty...

thanks for your responses x

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