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Day 5 not sure if this diet agrees with me

I am on day 5 and been 100% good but had a bit of a dodgy tum last two days :(

Yesterday due to work did not have soup and bar till after 6.30 which meant from 8.pm I was suffering and did not get a good sleep.

I have already started adding extra water, anyone else have this as I know you can get constipated but I have the oppersit problem

HELP please as I do not want to give up :jelous:
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I had the opposite problem too. It passed. there are other threads about it here.

The packs deliver a third of your entire nutrient requirement in one hit. That's quite a shock. Sometimes your system takes a little time to get used to it.


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I had a bit of this to start with
miss d is right
it can be quite a shock to your system to get a 1/3 of your nutrients for the day only im 3 hits

if it continues though, you could be soy intolerant, and if that's so, it isn't the diet for you

(email me if that's the case ;-) )

arramattic @ aol com

Mrs R

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I had awful diarrhoea for a whole week then it settled down, it's a common problem apparently. By week two it will have stopped.
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I had this and the opposite problem in the early days on LL, it does pass (excuse pun). As Miss Demeanour and Magggie say, the nutrients are probably a shock to the system - in fact, you've probably never "eaten" so healthily. Stick with it, it'll be worth it.
Thanks guys for all the replys
I have hung in there today and just gtrying ti time packs in with meetings at work lol
I will give it an few more days and see if it gets better x
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oh dear so I have that to look forward to as well..loverlly lol..:rolleyes:
not necessarily. There's a string of possible first week symptoms. Some people get some of them other people get others. Some people sail through it. But whatever, it all passes.


Just noticed. 'It all passes'. Geddit! I really didn't mean to say that...


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Had the same problem but its all good now!!!


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Had a bad tum for the first couple of weeks. Week 3 just completed and it seems to have stopped now!
Glad to see you are hanging in there, hope the tum problem sorts itself out soon, personally I have always had the opposite problem!
Bren xx
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I was normally until about day 5 then didn't go for 2 days! Its a bit up and down and have been slightly more 'windy' but its true stick with it as once you are used to it your body will settle down.

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