day 5 on ss dont feel too great

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  1. ianjohnson77

    ianjohnson77 New Member

    hi everyone

    im nearly at the end of my 5th day on ss, first 3 days were ok but these last 2 days i have felt really dizzy and hungry all the time, has anyone else found this. ive been very close to giving in a couple of times but managed to keep going. just hope i start feeling okay again soon, any help would be much appreciated:confused:, ta
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  3. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    Firstly congratulations on getting to day 5 thats a big success :)

    This didnt happen to me, but I have read of it happening to others. Are you taking 4 packs a day and drinking enough water. My book says that the dizziness can be caused by dehydration. Even if you are drinking the recommended amount of water that CD suggests, you could need to increase that amount to resolve this issue

    Best of luck
  4. ianjohnson77

    ianjohnson77 New Member

    thanks for the reply hedgehog, yeah i have been drinkin loads of water (i have never been to the toilet so much) hopefully it will pass soon
  5. airgirl

    airgirl Gold Member

    The first 3 days were the worst for me and to be honest i didn't start feeling really great til week 3, however i def found day 1 and 2 easier than day 3 which was by far the toughest but here is what my cdc explained to 1 is ok as your belly is still full ish and has enough food, day 2 a bit harder again because your body may still be digesting food from 2 days ago but my day 3 your usually empty and so it's the toughest day until you get into ketosis. Now my theory is, maybe if you really over ate before starting cd like cramming in all your fave foods etc cos you knew you would have to go without then maybe your bad days have just been delayed as maybe you were still digesting on the first 3 days!!

    Just an idea...hope i didn't waffle too much and you get what i mean, even tho it's probably not explained very well, lol. Tired!!!!!!!xx
  6. Martin

    Martin in this to win!..

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Ian!
    Hedgehog has got a point, could be a sign of not getting enough water, if the symtoms persist then up the daily amount of water that is recommended.

    Hang in there though mate, I'm on day 3 now and its reading posts from people like you that keep me going! lol

    It will get better and I'm sure you'll be happy when you start seeing the results.;)

    My cdc advised that after 4 days i can have a small portion of protein with my 4 packs a day, for example a small tin of fish, mackerel or something, it may help with feeling dizzy and weak etc..

  7. saneasineverwas

    saneasineverwas Full Member

    Ian that's what happened to me. I felt fine 1st 5 days and then 6th and 7th I was really hungry and dizzy. In the end I had a SS+ day and ate the foods that you are allowed. i dont want to stay on SS+ but I certainly needed to at the time. I now feel much better and the hunger & dizziness has abated.
  8. still1

    still1 Full Member

    ask your CDC if you can have some cambridge drink mix, it make drinking water, so much fun.

    Hang in there buddy.
  9. Elvira

    Elvira Mistress of the Dark

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    i see your thinking there airgirl because i am on day 3 and have felt fine so far. i did go a bit mad before starting so maybe my worst days are still to come. oh dear, i thought i had got away with it! nevermind, will be worth it in the end! :D
  10. Bunnyg

    Bunnyg Determined

    Ian, it's a tough first week on this diet, but once you get through that and start seeing the losses, you will be absolutely fine - the weight will fall off you as you a man (so unfair!! ha!). Keep going, it will be worth it, honestly x
  11. abz

    abz Gold Member

    how are you doing now hon? feeling any better?

    abz xx
  12. Minz

    Minz Maintainer

    Stick with it Ian - once you are through the first week and see losses, your motivation will kick in big time.....keep the water levels up though, it really helps.
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