Day 5 - the journey so far


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Hi everyone,

Today is my day 5. Found last night really hard as I wanted to eat everything in site but I was good and resisted.

This morning I feel a lot better. Had a sneaky peek on the scales (couldn't resist) and am 10lb lighter than Monday. My clothes feel better already and I can honestly tell in my face shape. This has given me determination to complete week one!

I could sleep all day at the moment but hopefully that will pass soon. Hope everyone else is doing ok today x
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Hi there
I'm on day five too and I'm dreading tonight ... Friday is normally a glass of wine n nibblies lol
Hopefully we can support one another and get to where we want to be weight wise.


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I know exactly what you mean! During the week is easy but when weekend comes that usually means treats! Friday is usually take away night but I'm just going to sit there with my shake and with every sip I will imagine all the lovely summer dresses I can wear this year! We've taken the first step so let's not turn round now!
Appreciate the message and totally agree - lets support each other! X


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st10lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st11lb(6.29%)
Hi there,

I'm currently on day 3 & am struggling a bit.... So hungry & tired! But won't give up as I know there's too much of a reward at the end! :) I too am worrying about the weekend, but have decided to get me through this 1st one I'm going to spend most of it scouring eBay for some 'little' bargains! I'm a size 16 at the mo & want to get into a 12 with a 3 & a 1/2 stone loss & although it's going to be lovely going shopping for some special bits when I get to goal, I want to have a whole new wardrobe ready & waiting for me! They'll hopefully spur me on too if they're sitting in the wardrobe all ready?! I'm also going to have a big clearout of my clothes & aside from a few bits to get by with for now, I'm going to sell it all.... Money in the kitty for my new, slim look & no going back if I've nothing to wear?!! ;-)

Anyway enjoy your weekends, well done so far & good luck on your journeys....

Nicola xx