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Day 5


weighs a lot less
it will pass soon hun,if you havent had enough water go have a drink otherwise a black coffee will help well done for getting this far xxx


Finally a size 12!
Yeah think its cause the weather is so pants!!! ha ha made myself a peppermint tea and took 2 headache pills and I'll have a early night me thinks (for the 1st time in ages on a Saturday!!) x


Silver Member
Hi honey! I've felt like that all week, but it's day 7 for me today and woke up this morning feel great! Much more energy, no headaches, better mood! So hopefully you haven't got much longer to go :D xx


weighs a lot less
im missing the sun already and the heating is back on,i love my early saturday night the weekends feel much longer xx


Finally a size 12!
Yeah got my lil sis round to keep me company ha ha got a bit of a boost yeaterday my boyf hasnt seen me since i started and he said wow your face looks thinner ha ha ha starting to see my jawline!!! Not seen that for a while lol xxx


soon to be minnie mouse
yea I just seen my family for the first time in two weeks and I even got a WOW from them which was a great boost I'm feeling on cloud nine and light as a feather lol


fightin the fat !
I have not told most of my friends that im doing LT.. i cant wait for them see the difference..in fact im planning on avoiding some of them for as long as possible..xx just to get a bigger reaction xx i feel a bit whacked some days festival..i did notice earlier bedtimes made all the difference the next day xx


Finally a size 12!
Yeah i had a late night last night as stayed at my fellas so was up till 1 watching films and nattering was wierd not to have a big bowl of popcorn on the table ha ha ha ha x
my heatings on too! and i nearly gave in couple hours ago, had to go watch the dvd again! think ive been taken over by aliens!!! yes you will feel greeeeeeeat especially when u get weighed so hold tight girl your getting there xxxx


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I think I had 10 early nights out of 14 in my first 2 weeks!!!! But it does work. Hang in there and it does get easier.


Finally a size 12!
Yeah no way am i giving up!!!!! Probably feel like poo as its my time of the month as well :( x