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Day 5

Well I dont know how but I made it through day 4 just. Woke up this morning feeling very posotive again lets hope it lasts.

I got on my scales again this morning just to tell myself it will all be worth the hunger and my scales say I have lost 12lb :eek: I can't get my head round that as b4 xmas I did SW and it took me 4 weeks to loose 10lb. :8855:

Anyway yet another question can I take Movicol Paediatric Plain to keep me reg, and can anybody recommend a mouth spray that is allowed on CD as my breath STINKS. :sigh:
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Well done on getting to day 5 :) you CAN stay positive :)

Well if your scales are right that is amazing!! And I'm jealous! ;)
Oh and as for 'keeping you regular' has your CDC mentioned fibre supplement approved by CDC? can't remember the full name, but that's the only approved one I think.

Also teeth cleaning and mouthwash was all my CDC recommended :) works well for me. :)
Well done Clare!
Not sure about the Movicol (I wouldnt risk it), try Fibre89 from your CDC, Dulcolax or Senokot.
Drinking plenty of water helps with breath problems - you can use Dentyl mouthwash and Listerine Pocket-Paks (available in Tesco Extras or from ebay).
Thanks everyone for your support and advice x


Skinny Soon ?!
Well done for sticking to it! The weight dropping off sure makes it worth while. As said before Fibre 69 from your CDC is the stuff to have - avoids the need for laxatives and you will go less anyhow as there is less going in.

Well done!!!
heya hun,

your doing brill 12lbs so far is fab.
I do take psylium husks in tablet form and they help keep you regular! you can also get them in a form that you can mix into a shake to make porridge. If you do a search you will find lots of threads on them.

I bought them in holland and barrets. for the bad breath i chew sugarfree gum for a few mins then get rid as some it can make you feel hungry! make sure its sugarfree!

Becky xx