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Day 6 - Feeling really bad!!

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Oh dear, Having A BAD DAY. Felt great yesterday on top of the world but today is a different matter! Sore head Sore tum, TOTM, Freezing Cold, Really Really Craving food - Does anyone else feel like this?Am just trying to stay positive - Really Really dont want to give up. I'm sick of giving up on diets - this time I have to do it. :gen147:
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Take one hour at the time. Just focus on how to get through that one, and then do the next. And relax and try sleeping for a while. I am sure that if you just get through this day, tomorrow will be better. I have these days, or part of days anyway, when I feel faint and just want to eat everything. But it passes! Hang in there! Write and read on the forum for some inspiration to go on!


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Sally, don't give up! Look how far you have come...you don't want the effort you have put in the last 6 days to finish off in a couple of minutes, do you?

Come on, hun! Chin up and you can do it. By eating it will fix your craving but I am probably guessing you are going to feel worse :sigh: after when you think that your effort has gone down the drain. Try drinking the water or a glass of fizzy water, that usually helps... come on now, don't let go...take that leap:bolt:
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are you on a weekly weigh in Sally?

look how close you are to completing your first week....hang on in there girlie, it will all pass xx


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Im the same hun, having a really tough time with it and also on day 6. It is taking everything I have no to cave as i too am ravenous and have been since day 4. Just need to get past tomorrows weigh in and that hopefully will give me the motivation to continue. Your so not alone on this and my god if i can do it, you certainly can! xxx


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Hi Sally, My first week I had TOTM too and the day before I got it I felt great but as soon as I came on I felt awful. So I don't think TOTM helps especially in your first week. Just think though only 1 day to go and you will be on a real high at your weigh in as i'm sure you are gonna have a great weight loss.. You have done the hard part getting through the first 4 days. It will improve Sally, you will feel great and feel very proud of yourself for sticking at it. Good luck Zoe xx


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Omg this is exactly how I was feeling as started cd on the tues and totm on the friday and it was awful but then after I got weighed and lost 7lbs on the following monday(6days) I was over the moon and I got two things over with in that wk first week of cd and totm..............everything has a positive and if you stick with this you are gonna be soooo proud tomoz ........I was................x
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks girls for the support, it really helps alot. My first weigh in is not until next wednesday as my cdc is away. I'm not going to give up though as you say Diva 76, I will only really regret it afterwards. I can totally understand how you are feeling mum to 4 having the kids running around all day with bars of stuff!! lol...Thanks again everyone, am going to go off now and have my mushroom soup - hope it is nice!! :)
I have about a day a week where I suffer, just got to push through it. Drink black tea/coffee plenty of water.
Go to bed early this evening or do something to take your mind off eating. It does get better!!

Have a cute kitty to make you feel better:kitty:

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