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Day 7 and feeling fab

Morning to anyone whos up this time! If i didnt have little girls shouting 'mummum bot bot' at the top of her lungs I would would still be in the land of nod.

Had a great day yesterday, walked in the M-I-L house and got conmpliments so that was a nice boost! Went into town later on with the kids and bought these georgeous ugg style boots an at last i got my bloomin legs into them! - they didnt fit a while ago so was walking around the house in them like tyra banks last night :rotflmao:

On day 7 now and had no cheats apart from the odd bit of chicken when i was getting back ito the big k. And honestly feel great today, must drink more water though as over the last 2 days ive only had a few pints a day but thats due to hecticness and plain busy!

Feeling a bit gutted though as i was meant to be going over a friends house and cant as hubby has gone to work,and I know she was a bit mad yesterday when i txted her, but its made me think even more i wantto drive so i dont have to depend on him any more! Whats made it worse it was no ordinary outing, it was her daughters first birthday last week and today was the official party so i wanted to go and support her and have some fun.:sigh::cry::cry:

Anyway going to make a good thing out of a bad thing and get all the ironing done so my concious is clear!
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he hee.. im up too & thats usually the first words i hear too...mummy bot bot! sounds just like me with the driving thing..im getting the lessons for my 30th bday.. in 2 weeks actually.. well keep going on the diet.. & good luck! x


is going to loose!
Day 3 for me, a couple of hours ago I was feeling ravenous but managed to sit down and watch a movie on cable..."boyz in da hood" (I KNOW!)

Girls I'm a little concerned about my loss for the first week and this morning I was thinking about SS or SS+ today but I've had 2 coffee with a smidge of milk however I suppose that I could have less at dinner only no white fish?? only tinned tuna what do you think?

hi bren, id keep going for week one at least eating a little fish or chicken will stop you wanting to raid that fridge.. make sure you drink loads of water.. i didnt my first week wasnt great due to that i think.. i was just having a tiny dash of milk in my first coffee of the day & last cup of tea at night.. maybe reduce your meal to ss+?? i stoped 810 when i went in ketosis & didnt feel i needed it. good luck with your choice xx


is going to loose!
Thanks Dizzy

I stuck with 790 today and maybe tomorrow I'll SS or SS+( probably SS+) still need food at the moment.
Tuna and salad and I still have half a bar chopped up in the freezer, which I will have later in front of the telly, just ate dinner.



Trying to stay healthy!
Hi saraian, glad you are feeling fab today! great news on those boots, was eyeing some cowboy boots myself on fri but don't want to try anything on just yet.
Definitely think about those driving lessons. I'm 38 and passed my test 2 yrs ago, i know what it's like to have kids and be stuck in the house whilst hubby is out working/out with the boys etc; i'd look at the car outside the house and be soo miserable, then one day i took the plunge, went online and booked my theory test and then there was no going back. I did some lessons then booked an intensive weeks course and then had my test and passed, its gotta be, after wedding, kids born one of the best days of my life! and it gave me so much freedom it saved my sanity!

Keep up the good work!!

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