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Day 9

Going into day 9 and I can honestly say that last night was the 1st time I have seriously wanted to cheat and all it took was watching someone on TV eating chips. I did not cheat and have lost another 2 lbs which takes me up to 17lbs. As someone said earlier Oh to be a man, yes the weight is dropping fast but it will slow down.
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I'm on day 6 and hubby trying to be helpful yesterday bought a KFC for himself and the kids. That is the first time I've been tempted, I've told him that I would much prefer to cook.

It does get better Mark, it's just those carb cravings kicking in a bit.


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I sat in KFC on Monday watching my OH scoff and just had a black coffee and my bar!! I was going to have just a little taste of his chicken but it was gone before I had the chance lol.


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My mom was so proud of me today. We were in Birmingham centre and she, and my son and partner were eating food. I held my sons fries and everything and didn't even dribble!lol....I was so happy she was proud as I sat the drinking my shake lol (made it on the bench in my shaker cup lol)

I know there will be days that are harder. Well done for resisting Mark. We have been this way for a while. Old habits must die hard mate!xxx


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I am trying to look at it as the same as what I am having. Fuel. Nothing more, nothing less. I jump out of bed feeling fab these days. I do not want to swap that back for over carbed grog I would feel in the morning. So, when you fancy chips, imagine them as fat and not potato and it will help you to feel glad you are not eating them lol

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well done you lot xx
I think its like kelly said.. its the carby stodgy food my tummy grumbles and complains and tantrums at the smell of. It wants it NOW!

I find washing up the oven trays or the plates that the others in the house have eaten off of really helps remind me why I don't need it. The cold fries or nuggets or whatever 'delicacy' they have had, when you clear them away and see the grease on the chips if you squeeze them.

like Isis I remember that groggy carb fuelled heavy feeling, and it keeps me resisting.

Now seeing a peach and smelling it the other day was so much harder hehe.

But well done guys and gals xx we can do this


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went in the bakery today and looked at all those creamy begian buns which i adore, yum yum, but hey i resisted, usually crack by now but day 8 and i feel positive. well done isis for your determination also.x

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
well done calligas xx