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day 9


''not so little sausage''
Hey Guys so day 9 I'm still feeling pretty positive I like Fridays as this is my shopping day so I always stay positive on this day,
ive woke up rather hungry today ( which I don't normally) ill make sure I have a decent brekfast today before going shopping as shopping on a empty stomch normally makes u pile stuff in ur trolley u don't normally, I want to lose 50 pounds by end of may start of June and my goel is 3 pounds a week , I lost 6 pounds in my first 7 days so this week I'm gonna start excersising to give it a real push
Happy slimming everyone

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Well done on your loss, what plan are you folowing or are you doing your own?

I am starting today doing the biggest loser meal replacement shakes, still eat nomal food as well.

And I am hitting the exercise and gym.

Good luck x x x


''not so little sausage''
I'm following slimming world It I'm finding I'm eating the same everyday
I have bannana and apricot yogurt with honey for brekfst
Low fat supernoodles for lunch and jacket potatoe for tea

Unfortunetly meal replacements don't work for me as I lose weight and put it back on with them as soon as I return to healthy eating
How much u trying to lose? I'm trying to get down to a 12-14 good luck xxxxx
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At the minute I am a size 22 and weigh 18st 5 lb!!!! OMG!

would love to be about 11 stone but am aiming for 13 stone to be realistic,I am 40 this year.....

I am going away in April for hubbies 40th so ideally want to get a lot shifted by then, thats why I am trying meal replacements. I am deffo hitting the exercise hard, I think this is definately the key to success.

Good luck and I will speak soon x x


''not so little sausage''
Okay so today was my hardest day as Friday is mine and my boyfriends take away day so I optied for a chicken kebab in a wholemeal pitta with salad and no sauce so as far as I no this is syn free

Altho I did have a down fall at the ciniema with some popcorn,

Ive got home and feel really bad for some reason altho today I have eaten nothing compared to what I use to I feel ive let myself down just by having popcorn *cries*
I must be really strick with myself this weekend as maybe I'm starting to slip :/
I also need a gym buddy as my mums stopped going as much arghhh feel so down right now, tomorrow is a new day,
time for some sleep xxx


''not so little sausage''
Okay so my bad day yesterday so ill put up my food diary

Brekfast: honey nut shreddies with skimmed milk 40g - 210 kcal

Snacks: diet coke 0 kcal, 2 sunbites walkers crisps 117 each x2 = 234

Dinner - small chicken shish kebab salad no sauce - 233 kcal

Cinema style popcorn 100 kg - 505 kcal ( woops)

TOTAL 1182 WOOOOPIE wasn't as bad as I thought no

Feel better now yay :D xx


''not so little sausage''
Well I was abit naughty today and skipped brekkie due to stayin at my boyfriends Nd him only eating craaaaaap!!!

So I ate out this afternoon ( in asda )
so I had a jac pot and tuna
I'm having chicken fjitas for tea ( ovs no cheese cream etc ) so just counting my tortilla ,
Aswell as slimming world I'm also kcal counting ( only cos I have a app on my phone where I put in what I eat excersise and water etc and it gives me my daily calories due to how much I want to loose so all togeather incuding my tea ( which I havnt eaten yet ) ive had 1220 kcals not bad: ) xxx
Hey well done on your weightloss so far, it sounds as though you are doing really well. Im on my 2nd week of SW and so far lost 6.5lbs. Its a good plan. Good luck for your next weigh in. x


''not so little sausage''
Hey chickie,

Thank youuu :)

Welll done you, you must be proud of yourself I am, I'm being a yo yo dieter anymore ive never been so mind set and I just hope this dusnt wear off,
I'm aiming at 3 lbs a week what's your target?

Good luck xxxxxxx


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Well done so far!


''not so little sausage''
Morning alllllll. :)

Soooooo I coudnt help but have a cheeky step on the scales this morning and ive lost a further 2 pounds which takes me to over half a stone on less then 2 week woooooo GO MEEEEEE,


Bacon butty day in my house butttttt I must say I'm on the ball as I'm armed with my weight watchers bread and my lean back reduced fat bacon yayyyyy,

Sooo proud of myself go a interveiw Monday so gonna make myself feel good today ( root touch up nails tan etc) I do LOVE these days :D

Feeling so postive but think I need a kick up the bum to do some excercise to woooopies

Ill tap in with my day and food diary later
Have a good day


''not so little sausage''

Checking in

So this morning I had bcon butty grilled lean bacon with ww bread

Skipped lunch so I had a go ahead bar as I was watching the stupid football

The other half took me for tea for me putting up with the football go me

So I had pork steak with rice in a leek and cider sauce yummmmm it was beaut

Total 1041 kcals :) xxx
Hi x
Found your diary :D Well done on your weight loss so far and did you say you had an interview? Good luck if you do xx


''not so little sausage''
Hellllllo katierose

Yay welcomee missy yes I had 1 This morning was sooooo nervous not like me at all so fingers crossed xxxxx

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''not so little sausage''
1840 kcal today booooooo feel so naughty had my first period since august so my chocolate craving is back with a vengance

Breakfast: go ahead bar

Lunch: roaster parsnip carrot sweet potato garlic and sweetcorn

Tea: homemade chilli with red pepper and choziro

Snacks: wispa duo and 2 bivita breakfast biscuits

Hope tomorrow is better gonna hit some excersize tomoz to xxxx

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''not so little sausage''
ok helloooo peeps ,
first time ive been on here on a computer as i normally just use my phone app :) its better on the comp with my laptop was fixed booo ,

ok so breakfast i had
2 pieces of ww bread with low butter and marmite :)
snd to bevita breakfast biscuits with my tea nom nom ( there lush )
for my lunch i had new potatoes with rosemary and garlic with chilli con carne ,
with abit of reduced fat sour cream and ww cheese yummm ,
thats a total of 679 kcal oooops :eek:

dont no what the plan is for tea altho to make myself feel better i think i may just have veg , was suppose to be going to yoga tonight but my mother isnt home from uni til 8 so im on babysitting dutie grrrr, so think ill have to go tomorrow ,

altho i no ive lost quite a bit of weight and had a cheeky look yesterday and lost a further pound ( 9 lbs all togeather )

i still feel like a big chuffa , so think im having a ''fat day''
boooo , hate these days plus im in alot of pain with my stomach atm and my boyfriend is being a ass , so not everything is good ...ill come back on later to tell you how i am ,

hope everyone is ok anyway

kisses xx
I have been wanting to try those breakfast biscuits, may see how many ww points they are. they look lush!!!!

Hope your feeling better Hun, nothing worse than a fat day and feeling I'll. You'll feel much better after a good sleep I'm sure. As for the pain in the ass boyfriend, I have one too... Lol... Think I'm going to make him fat and me skinny though, we went out for tea and I made him eat most of my chips as well as his meal haha. I'm gonna loose this weight.

Chin up and smile... Works wonders!

Love n stuff
J x