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Day five and instead of feeling Euphoric I feel like crying :(

Maybe Id hyped up in my head that I should be feeling Euphoric by day 5 but instead Ive got up and just feel llike crying :(

Didnt help that I got on the scales and despite sticking to this god awful thing rigidly (ive not even had a sweetener in my coffee) Ive only lost 3 lbs...........

I know I shouldnt have done it, but was so excited as I thought I would have lost loads..........

How have other people managed to lose 10 and 12 lbs on their first week??

Sorry for the coom and gloom, but think I may crack today if I dont have anyone to talk to
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Hi darling, you can talk to me!

I'm usually on here all the time but I had a bad pain day yesterday and just didn't feel like communicating. I'm seriously struggling with week 5. I've had crappy losses this past 2 weeks which is my own fault but I'm so down in the dumps that I can't pick myself up...

Anyway that's enough of my woes, let's get back to you! You're doing fine but we're all different and some people seem to have far greater losses than others.....mine aren't good but they're going in the right direction so anything is a bonus as I just can't be arsed to do it WW style and get bored half way through......

It is a bloody hard slog and plays with your head too:cool::(
And dont forget the first week is such a big loss because its mostly fluids your losing, just remember not to compare yourself to other people because some people loose more than others, as long as your loosing something each week thats all that matters x

stay positive!!!!!!! lool
Aww sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish today. Don't beat yourself up about only losing 3lb so far, some people dont lose that all week on other diets. Plus, you might drop quite a few pounds in the next couple of days, or have a really good loss next week. Just keep hanging on in there hun...you can do it! (says me whos stomach is rumbling already and its only 9.30am! :wave_cry:).
I'm addicted to my scales, sometimes get weighte 2-3 times a day :eek: and I swear this is my downfall when I'm dieting. If the weight isn't coming off quick enough, I give up or if its coming off well, I relax the diet and end up cheating :rolleyes:. So this time, I've asked hubby to hide them (sounds drastic I know) and he has but this morning if they had been in the barthroom I wouldn't have been able to resist jumping on them. Try not to do it hun, it plays with your mind.
Hugs :)
ah thanks everybody, it doesnt help being hte time of the month Im all emotional and angsty!

Ive just had a huge argument in the carpark at work as I was reversing and a guy came flying up behind me and stopped literaly 6 inches off my back bumper, I got out a yelled at him and called him an idiot, like you do, only to find he is an offender (I work for the probation service) and he was really aggressive back at me, now he has the option of making a complaint against me.......... as Im not meant to be offensive to our 'clients'............. this is really messing me up, Im not normally like this! I would usually have moved my car and let him get away with it!!!!!

:( :( :( :(

Am hoping things improve before the day is out :(


Fitness Freak!
I wouldn't be suprised if you have a really big loss next week.As has been said, the big loss is mostly water and you are probably retaining if its totm. Chin up, I know its hard. You MUST be losing fat if you are 100%, you can't not be xxx
Don't get down hun.. You still have 2 days left before your week is up, and honestly, that can make a huge difference..... If you don't lose too much (due to totm) think of your next weigh in x x x

Surely, regarding work, your defence is that you didn't know who he was, civilian or client. Therefore it should be taken that you are not judgemental or biased.. you would have rollocked them whether they were a magistrate or a yobbo.. Tell them it's called sticking to your principles!
Then tell Mr Yobbo you are gonna report him for no licence,insurance,mot etc.. and don't forget to tell him you know where he lives, and to expect lots of mini cabs and pizzas!!! lol (only joking) x x
Sorry you are feeling so rubbish, sending you huge hugs xxx
About the "incident".... when it happened you were reacting to him as you would to anyone else, and at that time you were unaware that he was a client so you haven't broken the rules in my view. If he was behaving like a prat then he should expect to be treated like one, you shouldn't have to discriminate!!!! Sorry for the rant but hopefully you will be able to explain to your boss what happened and they will understand. Hang in there hun, Whitby awaits you! I will be going just for one day if we can find a parking space lol! Hugs and kisses x
You have done well

Congratulations on losing 3 lbs. you have done very well indeed and you should be very proud of yourself.

If you had not lost anything, or had even gained weight then yes, you should be upset, but to lose 3 lbs in 5 days is absolutely wonderful.

Keep your chin up and be positive.:)
LOL I will use the defence that I didnt know who he was, although I continued arguing with him when he was getting in the community service bus LOL oh well I blame hormones

Thanks for all your positive words, think its totm thats possible getting me down moew as this would be the time im bingeing on chocolate and all things nice!!!


Doing it exante style :)
3 Pound of pure fat gone forever!!!

Try not to compare your losses with everyone elses losses coz it gets you really down heartened. Ive been there, i was absolutley gutted when i only lost 6 pounds my first week coz id been seeing people on here losing 12 and 14 pounds!!

3 pounds 3 pound and like others have said you may get a bigger loss next week. As long as you lose a stone a month it really doesnt matter if its 3 pound here or 4 pound there.

Turn your frown upside down xxxx

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