Day five and need decaff..


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I feel a bit new to everything. This is my first VLCD, first go at meal replacement and my very first thread on a forum! I have been having three packs a day for five days now - almost, still a pack to go tonight!
I am finding just tea,coffee and water difficult. Is decaff ok? Redbush? Twinings lemon and ginger?
I am amazed at the gaps this diet leaves in my day. I don't know what to do while everybody is eating??
I have enjoyed reading the posts. One day at a time seems to be key.
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Hi! Welcome and congrats on your first post. Decaff is fine. Redbush is also cool and naturally caffeine free. The only thing to be careful of with fruit tea is if they are sweetened - as they can have carbs. I can't stand fruity tea so I'm not sure if Twinings is ok, but I'm sure someone else will jump in and reply.

I make my partner eat his food out of the room! There's nothing more annoying than people chewing and chomping on food when you're sitting there with your shake or soup. When I get bored, I take a look at pics of me fat, look in the mirror or come on here and read posts - keeps my mind of food. Also like to go for a drive too!


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hi well done day 5 im day 4 and not so good sorry but i dont think we can have fruit tea as it takes you out of ketosis which is why im not in it as i tought an apple was ok but is not ;( good luck


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Hi there. I did lighter life a couple of years ago & rang them. Redbush was ok (love it), all others not. Don't know if it's the same on exante but hope it helps.


S: 16st8lb C: 15st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 37.1 Loss: 0st9lb(3.88%)
Thank you all! This is great and now that redbush is ok I'll be sleeping better.


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As per Lipotrim which i did last year, you are allowed leaf teas but not fruit or berry teas!

Peppermint is nice :)