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day five...starting to feel better!

Hello everyone!!

Firstly i find this forum sooooo encouraging to read!

I did SS in October and lost 23 pounds in three weeks...unfortunately I slipped, never got back on properly despite a few half hearted attempts and then gave up..until i weighed myself and discovered i had put ALL the weight back on!

So its true that 97% of dieters put all the weight back on within three years...unless you stick to healthy maintence!

Anyway I started Monday and i hadnt weighed myself until tuesday, ive lost five pounds from tuesday to thursday. I find being at work the hardest, so as soon as everyone starts eating lunch at their desk i go weigh myself at Boots to give me a kick!

I feel better prepared this time, i know to expect the rancid breath (have to carry breath spray whereever i go) and the OBSESSION over food...even if im not physically hungry, and my brain trying to judtify why its a bad idea!

argh...keep going everyone!
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Good morning Missluvian. Welcome back......and well done getting into your first week. Have a good day and best wishes for the weekend.


WILL be Slim!
Welcome back!
Mind over matter hun.....! :)


Eat to live don't live to eat!
Hi Missluvian, people keep saying to me, 'don't you just put all the weight back on after a diet like that?' I tend to reply, yes if you go back to consuming more calories than you burn, which is why Cambridge do a maintenance program after you get to goal weight to help you to avoid this!

You obviously realised that this was the case and well done you for coming back, it must be hard the second time round, knowing that you got so far before etc BUT, if you are in the right mindset now to lose the weight, then you WILL do it, and keep it off.

The thing keeping me going is having support from people on here who are going thru the same thing and know exactly how I feel thru the low moments and the high.

Welcome back and good luck hun.

We all know how hard it can be but then we all know how this is the quickest way to shift the weight that we really don't want any longer. So be strong, always remember your goal and you'll make it this time :)
Welcome back! I find work hard but only that i'm not telling everyone what i am doing but luckily no one has cottened on to the fact that they haven't seen me eating for the last few weeks lol!! I find smells hard but my tummy just isn't hungry and i know that to be sucsessfull in maintaince i will need to listen to my body and not eat for the sake of it!

Keep going!!

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