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Day five


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S: 335lb C: 333lb G: 175lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 2lb(0.6%)
Hi everyone...I am back with a vengeance...against my own flabbiness and seek to unrobe the skinny girl who has been hiding behind fatty layers for 12 years.

I am not new to CD and dieting...and as it goes the yo yo dieting for years.

What's different this time around? The doctor diagnosed me with a degenerative spinal condition, which is painful, and can be ameliorated by losing a massive amount of weight...after getting over the self pity hump...I grabbed myself up by my boots and decided to get back on the wagon...

So here I am, for the 101 th time...determined to do this...scared, confident, amazed, and hopeful...all these feelings are mixed inside.

Day five is here, been eating protien as needed and I think ketosis hit last night...cuz I feel the leg cramps this morning....yeah!!!

So I want to extend a warm hello to all my new friends to be, on minimins...we can do this!!!

Question : what made you decide THIS WAS IT? Time to do this.
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Hi Nina.

You remind me a lot of me actually, I have a lot to lose too and something clicked this time around (helped along by a holiday booked in Aug)

I have been big since forever and last year I managed to lose 4 stone in three months by eating pretty much bugger all. Of course I couldn't keep up with that so predictably I gained it all back.

I think the feeling of being a little slimmer stayed with me and I missed it a lot and felt worse and worse about myself. I tried CD over and over and over again but never once got past day 1 or 2.

Then we booked a holiday a two weeks ago and I realised that this time I didn't want to be standing in the background watching the world pass me by while everyone else was having fun. I want to be part of it and not have to worry about feeling self conscious and that everyone is looking at how fat I am.
I want to be able to run around with the kids and not be wrecked after two minutes too.

So I now had a rather immediate goal and this has given me the biggest kick up the ass I could ever have! lol

I somehow made it past day one, then two and now ten! I am counting down the days till our holiday and even now I am wondering if I might actually continue with CD while I'm there.
I know for a fact that once I slip up, I will never ever get back on track again, not using CD anyway and I need those fast losses, so this is keeping me going too.

Anyway, I'll stop rambling now and wish you the very best of luck.

We can both do this, I know we can! :)



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S: 335lb C: 333lb G: 175lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 2lb(0.6%)
Thank you for your comforting words! I felt your genuine sincereness and that made me feel good about finishing day 7!

Let's keep in touch...we can do this...when it clicks within us.


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S: 15st4.5lb C: 15st4.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Well done on finishing day 7...

im here because everything else has failed!.. Ive tried sw, ww, etc etc andas soon as food is involved i took it as cart-blanche to eat what i wanted, there was no 'limits' if you know what i mean. There was no understanding as to WHY i ate more than i should, the meetings i had werent very good, the instructor wanted to get us weighed and out!

i tried cd years ago, but again i couldnt find a councillor that gave support, i had 2 and they werent very good, so i gave up. ive been reccommened the lady i see on wednesday and shes highly thought of so we shall see!

we go away in september and i REFUSE to be the fatty by the pool that darent sit up incase i get rolls, too embarrassed to walk to the pool, knackered to walk round anywhere, get the drift!! i also have knee problems and the weight is just making it a lot worse.. i FEEL lazy and unhealthy, i feel bloated all the time, and im sick of not buying clothes when im with my partner incase he sees what size i am:banghead::banghead:.. god that sounds pathetic!!

but im doing it for ME, because i need to do it and i WILL do it

good luck x


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S: 335lb C: 333lb G: 175lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 2lb(0.6%)
Thanks pink Sarah, for sharing a bit of yourself with me...and everyone else.

I really loved you last sentence...doing this for you! That's my mantra this time around.

We can do this!


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Hi Nina.

Good luck on your journey and really well done on getting further than you have before.

I'm doing CD (810) now even though I said I wouldn't do it again because I want to be kind to my body!

I'm training for the Great North Run and I think that it's cruel of me to impact my joints and hurt my body just because I'm STILL carrying around an extra 2 stone.

something that in the short term feels a bit mean to my poor old body, is in fact the kindest thing I could do for it.

I think, and hope, that this means I'll stick with it. Health is good!



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S: 335lb C: 333lb G: 175lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 2lb(0.6%)
That sounds great Kate, I would love to run a marathon none day...

Do you feel any different from SS to 810?

Day 9 is down and done! Yea me!! Now Kate, at what point should I begin to use my cross trainer and for how long...

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