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Day Off...

G: 10st7lb
I have a friend on the Cambridge and every week after her weigh in she goes crazy eats whatever?Carbs included then starts again Is this allowed?

I however would like to do something to that effect but have something like 2 shakes and a big meal a burger(no bun) and salad maybe???

Help please

Oh and does anyone know if hellmans fat free vinaigrette is okay on Sole Source+???

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Weirdly enough, I always want to binge after seeing my cdc, and it has caught me out a couple of times! But it's definitely not allowed, and would knock you out of ketosis wouldn't it, so then you'd have to spend the rest of the week getting back into it again!
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noo its not allowed, bet if she didnt do that she would lose more..

i USED to have a treat every wi eve, a steak, or a burger, or chicken kebab with salad mainly... (no pita)

but havent done this for sometime now, perhaps thats why i have stalled? lol who knows!!

anyway i wouldnt if i were you.. but if you are going too stick to chicken or turkey or fish lowest in calories and you will stay in ketosis.. but remember it may slow your loss down ?
G: 10st7lb
AAAAAAAAAAAARGH! Thanks guys not really the answer I was going for...but Im prob still guna go with the burger and salad after weighing it will keep me going! Just wont include the cakes my friend does!

Ahh ahh ahhh!


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I tend to do my AAMW on a saturday night! just one meal, chicken and salad etc, do it every sat night, instead of every 4 wks! it keeps me going to have something to look forward to (she says having messed up big time this week!) oops


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i am. im having weigh day off.
i lost 2lb this weigh day, but id only been on the diet 2 days.
(started later than planned) but i ate what i wanted after weigh in and got straight back on track the next day.
i even had a quarter of a tuna sandwich today.. and i dont feel guilty.
It might knock you out of ketosis, but there is NO way you can't lose weight each week living on just 400-500 calories a day.
so i look forward to thursdays now and enjoy having something i like
G: 10st7lb
Hi everyone thanks for your replies, if u dont mind me asking how much have u lost having tha day off?

Do u find it hard to get back into ketosis?
And do u have the 3 day getting back into it phase where u feel crap?



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no no no.my day off ended up being a two week binge.and belive me it wasnt worth it.your brain a start telling you how one extra day wont hurt.it does.why go on sole source if you plan to eat at all?
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I suppose we all have to do what feels right to us but personally I didn't and wouldn't, too big a risk that it may lead to a binge or be difficult to get back on track.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

If you go mad on your weighing day then surely if you eat anything including carbs then you would take another 3 days to get back into ketosis and sort of effectively be starting again?!?!?!?! i used to fall for that the first time i did the CD and I've learned x


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last time i had awful headaches when i did CD, really bad and i knew it was because i'd given up my diet coke (addicted).
i was also knocking myself sick with the amount of water i was drinking... i was having 6 litres a day and at the end of the week i couldnt face anymore water.

so this time im having a small bottle of diet coke each day and a drink of water just when i feel like it.
ive actually found that the more water i drink, the more hungry i am.
ive found it so much easier now, as i dont feel hungry at all, and my weight loss hasn't been affected


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I wouldn't do it... you're only going to knock yourself back and ultimately you won't lose as much weight as you could have. Personally, thats the whole reason i'm on this diet ~ i want to lose the weight asap... if i wanted to lose weight but do it at a slower pace i'd have stuck to ww or some similar slimming programme. I think i'd find it hard to get back on track the next day if i had a blow-out after WI... a couple of mouthfuls and your binge is gone, then you're gonna have to get yourself back into ketosis...
I vote no too, you'll end up making it more difficult for yourself and possibly leading it to picking on other days.

Only you can decide what is best for you but it does seem that SSing might not be the best option for you if you are thinking of breaking it weekly

Best of luck

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