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Day one completed

Aww thank you Mabzy. Is the bloated feeling expected. I'm trying to drink at least 2 litres of water a day In Addition to the shakes and tea and coffee.
Yeah that's common, you may also notice a slight pain in your stomach in the coming weeks, it's just because your stomach hasn't had food so it starts to shrink which feels a little uncomfortable but it soon passes. Yes 2 litres is what I have, try have it little and often, you'll be going to the loo loads but you get used to it and that stops after the first week or two, if you like black coffee or other permitted drinks that helps to give you some taste! I've been wearing clothes today that were in my wardrobe for 4 years which I alway kept thinking one day it may fit me, well today was that day and I felt so good! Honestly this diet is torture worth bearing, stick with it, I promise you if you do it will be one of the best decisions you ever make! Nothing tastes as good as looking good feels! Watch YouTube videos of people that have lost huge weight to motivate you, you'll need that motivation Daily for the first 3 weeks, after that you don't even want to go near food as you see the clothes getting super loose, keep yourself occupied but don't over do anything and if your struggling in the evening then get in bed and hide under your blanket until you fall asleep and wake up proud the next morning that you survived to see another day. Lipotrim is a war you have to win against your fat and everyday you get through is a battle won, there's going to be many battles ahead but keep winning them and you've won the war! Message on here if you need support, moan, groan, do whatever just don't give in, if it's your first time doing the diet that's the best time, it's not worth braking it I promise I've broke it so many times and learnt the hard way, be strong hun xxx
Hi Mazby, reading your post has really given me a boost, thank you. I think I've been doing the water thing wrong. I need to do as you say, a little often, I've been gulping it down which is maybe why I'm feeling bloated. Can you add a slice of lemon or lime to the water ? Also is it normal that I havnt been for a No2 yet !!! Sorry for bombarding you with all these questions, hope you don't mind xx. Well done on ur weight loss I bet you was dead chuffed when you got into your clothes and looked great xx
Stay away from anything that isn't mentioned on the diet, have you seen the Lipotrim instructions video on YouTube? That will help explain everything you can and can't have and lemon is a big no no because it has citric acid, watch the video it will really help and I'm really glad I've motivated you, well done! Yeah I used to gulp water too to fill my empty stomach but the only problem is if you drink it too quickly your body just passes it out quickly it doesn't process it and allow your body to replenish. Oh and yes that's normal to not go to the loo daily, I've had a few days like that, you can get something called fibre clear to add to your shakes if it gets bad but my advice is the more water you drink, the better it will be for this too! Best person to speak with is the pharmacist or the Lipotrim helpline they know everything about this diet lol keep up the good work, how you getting on today? How many days until you break?
I'm on Day 3 - how will I know when I go into ketosis - I will definitely watch that video. I'm just trying to keep myself busy and not think of food. But I have to say this diet is less stressful than those where you have to think about what meals your gonna have to prepare, especially when you work all day. Xx
I use ketostix, if you can grab one from your pharmacy that will help, but you get a weird taste in your mouth and a bit of a weird smell of breathe but that goes away when you drink more water, you also don't feel physically hungry it's more of a mental hunger, and your mood and energy increases lol but if you have been on the diet properly you'll definitely be on it by day 5, some get there sooner. Definitely watch the video it will give you a good boost, especially as it's your first time doing it, this is definitely the best time to attempt it, as you can see from the forum most of the people that broke it and tried to redo it failed so if you can just do it first time round and keep it off that's the best way by far! Yeah see it as a break from food, you soon realise you've got so much time on your hands to do other things!

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