Day one of Cambridge Diet


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Hi there, I am back again on day one and feeling the hunger. Just going to drink loads of water and get a few early nights :) - Goog luck x


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Hi! Whenever I'm hungry it's usually because I haven't had enough water, but keeping busy helps too. I sometimes find that reading or taking a long soak in the bath is just the thing :) Good luck x

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keep busy
clean your house
go for a walk if you feel hungry and want to eat.

you won't be on ss for long looking at your height and weight.

11st 1lb gives you a bmi of 25 then you'll need to move up plans. you're probably looking at 3 weeks max with having a 1st 5lb loss needed! you're probably looking at around 10lbs in the first week then 3.5lbs for the next couple of weeks.


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I did the opposite, and took the first few days as easily as i could, having lots of naps and baths and watching films. Reading minimins...!

The thing you need to know is that it passes. I feel hungry from time to time (right now, in fact), but not that aching, "I have nothing in my belly" yawning chasm of hunger. Ketosis will come, so long as you don't succumb to anything off plan. If you do 'cheat', remember you'll have to go through this stage all over again - it's the fear of that which has kept me on the straight and narrow all this time. I will NOT go through getting into ketosis again!


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Willpower willpower willpower, the first days are the worst - goodluck :)


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Good luck with it just remember to be true to yourself DO NOT CHEAT its not worth wasting the money you are paying to be happy and if you really want to be at goal you wwill keep going!!! i didnt think i could do this but i have stuck to it 100% and i am proud of myself xxx


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I'm very much wanting to do Cambridge..... Bit worried about willpower..... But think the thought of shedding the fat is pushing me to go for it! I keep looking at clothes I could wear if I could get the weight off!


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Hi new to forum but 3rd time on CD. First time very successful, 2nd not a hope, but now feel like I must succeed..

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Im going to do the cambridge diet this month, i have a date set in my mind to start for the 23rd and i am detemined to make it work for me, any hints of tips would really help me out as i have never done it before ... thanks and best of luck to you all !!