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    Well today is day one of my re-start. Was doing really well until christmas and all that damm chocolate got in the way:eek:

    Anyway I weighed myself at my sisters just before New Years and I'd only put on 1lb so unless I went mad in the last two weeks (which I think I may have as I was in a baking frenzy last week) I shouldn't have done too much damage. My first official weigh-in is tonight at 9.30pm so I'll update later.

    I've already had my first shake of the day (had 2 tetras and a vanilla shake left over from last year) and I'm currently drinking a black coffee to keep me going until lunchtime. Lets hope getting into kitosis is as quick and as painless as possible;)

    I've still got at least 2.5 stone to loose but I'm determined to loose it by our 10th wedding anniversary in May, just need to get through Feb half term and my daughters birthday party in May (my fall from grace started during the October half term last year and I'm determined not to make that mistake again).

    If anyone has anytips on how to drink water then I'd be grateful as I'm terrible at keeping up my water intake (I'm lucky if I drink a glass a day).

    Good luck to all startes and re-starters out there
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    Hi essexmum,

    Nice to see you back and I hope the scales are kind to you tonight.

    If you stick with your diet from now until May you should have three stone off.

    As for drinking water....well I drink bottled water as I don't like the taste of tap and then only some bottled water do I like. Very fussy about my water.

    I leave it at room temperature at this time of year...I add a lot of water to my shakes as I get more water into me this way.

    Have you tried the CD water flavours, some find that they help.

    The golden rule about how much water you should drink is 4 pints in addiction to the water used to mix your diet.

    This is about what I have managed all week and I still lost 10lbs. on my first week back.

    Be sure to let us know how weigh in goes tonight.

    Love Mini xxx
  4. Neco

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    Hello Essex Mum,

    I am re-starting again today. Third re-start of the year :mad:

    It is now or never for me. My head is in the right place so hopefully things should go swimmingly??

    I want to lose 5 stones (minimum), and judging by my previous losses on this diet, I hope to be there mid March.

    Us lucky men lose it pretty quick; I usually lose a stone in week 1 then average about 6 or 7lbs per week after that. To be honest, I will be happy just getting 3 stone off.

    I agree the diet is easy, but breaking the cycle of food is really tough, especially after we have been shopping and the fridge is full of lovely smelling food!!

    I drink 7-8 litres of water a day, 2 x 1.5 litre bottles in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and then 1 or 2 in the evening. Constantly in the toilet, but good exercise keep getting up and down.

    I wish you luck....:cool:
  5. beentheredonethat

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    Hi Essexmum,

    Good luck on the next stage of your journey. I am sure you will have lost the weight well before May.

    With regards to the water. I can't drink it from the glass and I struggle to drink it from a normal bottle of water. So I drink it from the bottles that have the little narrow top, the ones that you have to sort of suck the water out of. I hope you know what I mean. I find it much much easier to drink it this way. I could drink a half litre in one go, I don't even notice the water going down (well, that is until I have to go to the loo. LOL!!).

    Good luck.
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    Good luck with the diet.
    Re water...I keep a pint glass full of water in the kitchen and take it round the house with me if I'm spending time in other rooms. When I go out - I've got one of those sports drinking bottles which takes one and half pints and I take that with me, and if I'm out all day I just refill it when I can.
  7. boofaloo

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    I find water tough especially when it's cold. Try the flavourings - you can then have warm water which goes down much easier.
    I use 1 litre bottles and just refill them. I Try to drink 3 a day but it's tough!!
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