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day one - so hard....

HI all I have started the SS diet today and am finding it so hard, I have to cook the kids dinner soon and it is going to be so hard not to pick at it lol. I have been drinking lots of water and also fizzy water to fill me up but im starving!! Has anyone got any tips or anyone fancy doing this together feel I need a kick as I REALLY want to do this!! Thanks for listening x
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Hi well done for starting cd the biggest hurdle is out of the way now just focus on all the reasons why you are here and what you want to get out of it. I can understand your cooking for the kids problem but once your through the first few days it will honestly not bother you anymore just try to have a coffee or glass of water to hand when cooking and make sure you clear their plates immediately or squirt them with fairy liquid. Good luck keep us updated you can do this x
thanks for you reply and the tip on doing the dinner am def going to try that!!! I have a hen weekend in june and we all have to wear pink velour tracksuits..... I look like a lump of lard in them at the moment, Im 5.1 and weight 10st 11lb Ideally I want to get down to 8st by then but im not sure if it will be possible I would be more than happy to go away and weigh in at 9st! I have dieted before but never really had a goal to aim for so im determined to do it this time!!


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Ok so i'm on day 1 of my official restart so we can get through this together. I find when i first did CD i struggled a lot with cooking for the kids and for hubby - although they say that sugar free gum isn't allowed because the chewing stimulates a hunger response i found it invaluable when cooking. If you're chewing gum you can't eat! Spit it out as soon as you're finished and drink a glass of water to get rid of any hunger pangs (i never really suffer with them though) Also get your children/hubby to scrape all left overs straight down the toilet or into the bin & rinse all pans used to cook straight away (you don't have to wash em straight away but it helps to get rid of the yummy food smells)
If you find evenings the hardest then try to not have your first shake/soup until later in the day. Its now 6pm and i've only just had my second shake which gives me another one to have a bit later.
Keep yourself busy in the evenings - long hot bath, paint nails, sewing (even if you don't normally sew, it keeps your hands busy) come on here and go on the arcade.....anything to keep yourself occupied and if worst comes to worst, have an early night. You can't eat if you're sleeping, and it will help you through any withdrawal symptoms you may be having. Most importantly.....glug, glug and glug that water!!!
I'm new to this too-I started yesterday. I found that the day at work went really easily-which surprised me because I usually get really hungry. My real testing time came when I got home, because that's when I usually raid the cupboard. Cooking tea was hard for me too, having to sit there with a shake while they had chips. It was pure willpower that got me through it-the thought that my whole day would be wasted if I ate something and how disappointed I would be with myself. I'm trying to keep myself busy-but that's not always easy. At the moment I just have to keep looking at my 'before' photos and tell myself how much I want to be slim and not look like that fat person in the photos. Day 2 hasn't been too bad. I had a headache when I woke up and it lasted a good few hours, went away, then came back again. I'm feeling a bit tired, but it's nothing I can't handle. I've got to start cooking the tea soon though so this will be the worst time of day for me again. I can't say I'm hungry though, because I'm not. It's just my mind telling me I want food and lots of it :D I just have to ignore the voices....:D Good luck.
Hi I only started last wednesday so, day 6 for me.. It is getting a little bit easier as the days go on, i have been having my shake as late as possible so then i feel satisfied when i go to bed, and im not laying there with hunger pangs..lol.. Ive got my first weigh in tomorrow with the councillor cant wait to see how much ive lost..x

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