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Day one


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Hi everyone. I did CD at the start of last year and found it so much easier than I thought it would be. At the end of 10 weeks I lost 37 lbs and was only 5lbs off my personal goal - which is when I relaxed and started thinking about food and quit the diet. I managed to keep most of the weight off for 6 months then developed a problem with a kidney stone that we don't know if it was connected to CD or not. After that the weight just crept up, despite still not eating much, and I'm now 18lbs back up from where I stopped.

I've been trying to get back on track on and off the last 6 months but not really managed to stick to it. I've now been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid which explains why the weight has crept up despite every effort I've made but I am at least now on medication that is helping my weight stabilise and when they get the dosage right it should helpfully help me get the weight off and stay there.

So I recently went to a friend's wedding in the USA fairly happy with my weight thinking I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds but in general I'm looking so much better than I did so feeling pretty confident. Then I saw the photos :eek: And I'm at a stage where I'm going to have to start buying bigger clothes again soon because my smaller stuff isn't fitting and I'm back to wearing baggy clothes again so its definitely time to do something about it!

I started back on CD yesterday, but didn't really stick to it fully as I still had food in the house. Last night I took everything out of my fridge and took it to my friend to get rid of it and this morning I have woken up with a whole new resolve and determination to "get the job done" so to speak. I've also arranged with a local counsellor to go for weekly weigh ins to make me stick with it this time even though I have enough shakes here to cover me for at least a month.

So today is the first day of my journey and this time I am setting myself a goal of taking 24-28lbs off to get me to where I should have stopped last time rather than stopping early. I know that getting into it this time round will be harder - purely because its easy to beat myself mentally - and as I have a lot less to lose the weight will not fall off so easily but its a challenge I think I'm ready to face finally.

Any support and advice will be greatly appreciated and if anyone else wants to join me as a diet buddy then please come jump on this crazy journey and see where we end up.
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Hi, i r startd wed! did LL last year ,lost 3 stone put 2 back on by being a greedy pig! i am doind ss+ with the 200cal meal, finding it ok! i also have ben diagnosed with undractive thyroid and am on 175 thyroxine, but still not stable! its hard enough to loose weight without the bloody thyroid thing too! you sound really determined as am i now! fed up being the fat one! got a weedding in greece in june with skinnys going, all ten years younger and fake boobs! need to loose 3 stone by then!!!!!! good luck to you! happy to be buddy if you need one, not sure whhat one does though?x


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Hi Amanda. Not a clue - I'm thinking next time I'm struggling to stick to it I come here and you give me a kick up the backside and vice versa lol Its more just seeing someone else being successful and using that to boost each other :) Its kind of good to see someone else with the same health problems who will understand the extra difficulties that causes as well - although obviously not good to see either of us having the thyroid problem.

I only finally got diagnosed as under-active thyroid 3 months ago after 20 years of fighting to get it recognised - I have tested positive for antibodies too confusing the picture even more. I'm on liothyronine (T3) only and just had my first follow up blood test yesterday to see how the meds are doing - I think they need to up them again and maybe add in some thyroxine too to make it level out a bit more and I'm hoping that will make sticking to the diet without the cravings easier. Now my metabolism is working slightly better I am waaaaay hungrier than I was last time I did this though.

I'm totally determined to stick to it this time - I know how easily I will stray though hence coming here and booking for weigh ins to make it harder for me to give in.

Good luck and I'm looking forward to seeing us both heading towards our ultimate goals

Karen xx
karen, we are now diet buddies! not sure how to find posts though when you post them! do we start a new thread? how has the first day gone? you feeling motivated still! i weighed myself againtoday 6 gone, so helps to stay with it! so want a big fat bbq though as so nice and sunny! let me know how your doing.amanda.x


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Hi Amanda - as you've seen I've put up my diary to help so maybe there would be the best bet.

I'm down by 3 already too - which is making me think oooo I can relax a bit and go have something to eat hahahaha

I'm going to go for a walk instead and distract my brain - I have found distraction to be the biggest friend I have


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I can't remember but there is a thread on here somewhere that told me how to do it - have a look at the forums as it was pretty much near the top of one on a sticky thing. Alternatively does it work if you click on mine to go to the website that make them? then create your own and copy the BB code into your signature on your CP section that you can get to on the home page - its over to the left at the top.

I'm also looking in there to see that I'm "subsribed" to certain threads that then show me any replies in there - that might be the best way to track some of them maybe