Day one


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Well today is my day one and so far not going too bad.

Have had two shakes so far and going to have another mid evening.

Feel ok just a bit empty and have a slight headache, but that my well be my daughters keyboard she got for Xmas.

Already I realise how I eat through habit. I was putting the shopping away and when I put the crisps away I automatically left a bag out for me. Then when putting my little ones tea in the bin I was tempted to pick something off her plate :eek:

So far no food as passed my lips and have drunk 3L of water.

I know tomorrow and the next day will be harder.
Well done on your determination so far. There's no denying it's difficult at first: we're so 'conditioned' to popping bits and pieces in our mouths - we convince ourselves that we 'didn't eat much' but once you're not allowed to eat ANYTHING, you suddenly realise just how much your hand went to your mouth and thus the calories stacked up!

Stay alert, drink like a desperate camel and before you know it, week one will be over and you'll get your first jaw-dropping result .. it all gets easier from there in.

Keep up the fab work!
Good luck Lisa... the first couple of weeks are the hardest.. gets easier with every passing day.

I remember being unbearably tired on my first day.. which was spent driving to Ipswich and back.... so if I wasn't stopping the car at services for the loo, I was trying not to fall asleep at the wheel!!!! In fact the frequent trips to the loo probably stopped me crashing the car!!!!!
Congrats on starting Lisa....remember this week is about your body recovering from the toxins, will feel much better and much lighter in no time...:)
Today is day 2 and so far not too bad at all.

Im not hungry but I am missing eating if that makes sense. Cooked hubby bacon sarnies earlier and just inhaled the smell :D
Hi Lisaloo

Welcome and well done for getting to day 2, best advice I can give you is drink your water...spend time on this site, read the threads, post freely, you'll learn so much and you'll never feel alone, we're all here for you as we travel the same journey just at different stages.

Cheers Caz