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random thoughts to stop me talking to myself...

:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:Hi Everyone:)

Starting a diary for my sanity.....its soo quiet on here and everybody in day to day life, looks at me like I have 2 heads when I explain this diet to them!

Day 26 for me....hoping to manage 100 and some days feel invincible and like this will be totally achievable and others....like today.. see absolutely no point whatsoever

Is it just me ...but how the hell can you wake up of a morning and feel bigger than when you started when you've been 100% on plan..ur brain knows you cant possibly be but the mirror (or my head) seems to tell you different ..im sure im going slightly mad. (I must mention I have no idea how much I've lost (if anything)as I haven't weighed since the first week and OH has hidden scales until 1st May) Maybe im expecting miracles but I don't think I've even gone down a dress size :confused:

I have done this before....longest was about 7 wks I think so aiming to beat that this time.....may have too cos it took me at least 2 1/5 wks to get properly "into" it this time

Ooops btw....Im 42, Mum to 2 lovely girls, only like the chocolate shakes (hot), slightly neurotic!

Hope your all doing great as we are few and far between at the mo by the looks of it which is a shame as minis used to be a great support for me in the past x hope to get to know you all and help each other along the way x

Thanks for reading my ramblings........:blahblah:

Love Sal x
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Well done Sal on getting to day 26, that alone is an achievement in itself .

The old head likes to play tricks from time to time but one thing you know for sure is that on a vlcd even without weighing you just have to be losing weight.:)
Thanks Mini xx
Feeling low today......not hungry just totally bored.....stupid as id still be bored if I ate something that would prob be gone in 5 minutes so hardly a time killer that eating melarky.......keep strong Sal....might weigh myself tomorrow morning as its day 28...but a bit scared in case I haven't lost like 15st as im an impatient cowbag

Weekends are gruelling! Rough....:rant:


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Weekends I have always found tough going when dieting as during the week I have a routine and it makes it easier to stick with it.

You will probably find some of your clothes are getting loose as you will have lost inches along with the pounds and you might be surprised you can fit back into some of your old clothes again...it is worth trying them on just to see what fits or nearly fits, it can be very motivating.

I don't have your will power to stay away from the scales...I get excited over every oz that comes off.

Hang in there Sal!
Im exactly the same with the scales Mini!....that's why OH has hidden them.....easy to tell my chemist not to tell me on my weigh days until Im ready!

Might try and dig out some things that haven't fit or been in fashion since they were last worn by ABBA lol x


Rebooting - with low carb medium protein & fats
Thanks for your post. I see you only like the chocolate shakes hot. I only like them cold! Have a great week this week,



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Im exactly the same with the scales Mini!....that's why OH has hidden them.....easy to tell my chemist not to tell me on my weigh days until Im ready!

Might try and dig out some things that haven't fit or been in fashion since they were last worn by ABBA lol x
All those clothes are greatly sought after now-a-days and are all back in fashion:p
:rolleyes:awww....Thanks for popping by ladies xxx it is much appreciated!

so Day 28..... having a good day today after yesterdays wofest .....back to feeling great.... silly lipo playing with my noggin will not win!:whip:

Had an epiphany whilst doing everyone elses dishes this morning, I realised how much better I feel on this Sunday apposed to 4 wks ago when I had a stinker of a hangover and literally ate my own weight in potatoes and had to have a snooze lol.....so hang in there everyone...im glad I stuck to it last night, read here yesterday also that time will pass regardless so why not do something....or something to that effect and it did strike a chord with me....

I so missed Minis when it went away....I don't really have anybody to talk to about dieting so reading everyone else's posts spur me on when im down and for that im grateful xx


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I hate that carb over load feeling however that does not stop me from over indulging from time to time:oops:

When you have had a bad day like yesterday and when you make it through without breaking it does make you feel good about yourself.

MiniMins was a big miss for me as well and the time out helped to come up with solutions to problems that had become insurmountable at the time.

Did you resist the scales this morning?


Rebooting - with low carb medium protein & fats
Even a week has made me feel better. Better that I'm taking action. And that unusual am feeling of being hungry because I didn't eat late or too much the night before!

So I like ye 4 week revelation and look forward to getting to 4 weeks in 3 weeks time....if that makes sense!

I hope the other former miniminners come back for a look at the old tunes and find us alive and posting.

scales: I weigh every day - and that works for me. I don't get down if I'm a little up and as the average us down, it keeps me on track.

still stayed off the scales ladies....I don't know if its such a good thing tho as im starting to be a little afraid of the little liars now ...but I know I wouldn't be in this boat again if I weighed daily to keep a check of myself instead of denying everything so will face up to it sometime this week but scared I may become obsessed (before loo/after loo/during loo etc) (OH says hes forgotten where he's hidden them...I secretly think he may be petrified they come flying in his direction if they don't read what I want them too after my pood yesterday lol)

Ali hopefully it wont take you that long luv to be feeling great, if you've done wkend 1 then thats awesome in itself! and I know what you mean about the morning after feeling. Sounds stupid but feeling hungry can release a bit of pride with me .....sometimes :confused: (must remember this on wobble days)

I didn't resolve any of my issues myself Mini when this wasn't about....I think ive read every post on here since 2008....pah!

NSV Today.......3 people asked "Are you losing weight?"

Bloomin hope so! Whoohoo......little things eh!
:oops:Day 30......done my back in, not feeling great can hardly move....wish it was day 100
:nananana:Hey hun , well done on day 30 , I'm only on day 9 :(, hope ur backs feeling better soon , I know haw ya feel as I have a bad back too and had a spinal fusion 3 years ago which was the best decision ever but been outta work and not really mobile for 6 months didn't help with the weight and now everything I do is putting pressure on the Nxt level up and I really don't want another fusion as it wasn't too pretty at the time. So that plus not been able to look at myself In Photos and the fact I'm going to Cape Verde in August made me take drastic action to do this diet. The only thing I'm struggling with is furry tongue :rotflmao: anyway I'm always round n bout somewhere , so if u wanna vent r moan r anything else just giz a shout xxx

Ali x


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Thankyou my darlings :D How you doing Mini??? Ali 9 days is fab....your on a roll now luv!

My back is nowhere near needing an op stage, don't know what ive done to it tbh..walking round at a 80% angle (which is hindering me trying to suck my belly in at the same time lol) god knows how you coped so cudos to you! Ive never had back pain before but wow - takes it right out of you don't it!

Day 31.....feels like I can do this forever when im in work - come 8pm and Masterchef I feel so sorry for myself....good choice of programme to watch there Sal!

I seem to gravitate towards Extreme Weightloss - A yr to save my life/anything weight loss related programmes or the total other spectrum of Man vs Food! Whats that about!.....weird mind over matter torture tactic pahaha...

Have a great evening lovelies! x

I'm watching MasterChef as we speak ...:rotflmao: , I'm the same at work the weekend was tough , I only work 8-3.30 and term time only but will be off it by the Nxt half term thank god :) backache is a killer suffered for 15 years before I had the actual surgery , hot water bottle works wonders ;)
Day 32......bloated....bleaurggghhhhh.......may go and get some of that Slimmatee if we are allowed it ...heard it works wonders!

Masterchef is rubbish tonight....purple mash????? makes me glad for my shakes lol x
Day 34 -...woke up and back is slightly less painful than it has been this wk so result! feeling fab..nearly halfway to 10 wk goal....thinking im totally capable of extending it to 100 days (this may change tomorrow pahaha)

Still haven't weighed....this in itself has made me extremely proud! May not even want to know on 1st May now.....we shall see...but im starting to notice a difference in my shape now which is encouragement in itself and maybe if I haven't lost as much as I think on the scales, it may set me back.....hmmmmm...

Have a great day peeps xx

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