days 4 & 5


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here goes my third attempt to post a new thread tried a few times yesterday and they kept getting lost:cry:

So day 4 woke up and cold was gone, was very tired but not been sleeping well since on this diet:( any way had my usual breakfast hot vanilla with a spoonful of coffee (ive nearly fooled myself into thinking its a starbucks latte - skinny of course:D, lunch was a hot chocolate and dinner was a chocolate mousse:rolleyes:...which was...erm interesting, not sure i will try it again tho:) water intake good although i am struggling i managed my 2litres/4 pints + an extra 1/2 pint for the mousse and have lots of black coffees.

Day 5 - going ok - having my latte now:p alredy started on the water and although i know i shouldnt i got on the scale this morning(force of habit when in the bathroom as soon as i get up:sigh:)and they are saying 9st 2lb - not going to update anything tho til official weigh in on monday - which i know will be more cos ill have clothes on and will have had water and at least one shake!. Another good sign tho is that when i put my bra on the overspill:eek: I have had for the past few months has gone. and my muffin top has reduced a little.

Got a bit of a dilemma tho - chemist said she would only let me stay on the diet till i get to 8st 10 - I managed to persuade her to let me go to 8st 7, but tbh would like to get to 8st - 8st 10 just puts me into the healthy bmi range according to her chart, but i know that i carry the extra around my waist & hips and feel that losing the extra would get rid of some of that, anyone any suggestions for helping me to persuede her:confused:
hope you are all doing well and feeling good x
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Welcome and well done on getting to day 5!

Another monday WI - there are a few of us out there !!

I wouldn't know if you could persuade the chemist to allow you to go lower - maybe someone else can help on this ! - sorry.



on the up lol
well done getting this far :) as for chemist it might be a waste of time , dont for get u may still lose some on refeed :) alot do good luck :)


5 stone to go!
hey yeah im with you on this i persuaded my pharmacist to let me get to 9st instead of 10.2 which is max for my height. my reason i said was because if i put on weight at least i wont be overweight il stil be ill have a bit to play around with.
also most people do lose weight on refeed. and once your there you can continue to lose weight by ristricting your diet and excersise, and you wont really be restricting your diet because nothing is going to ever be as restricting as this!
also an idea is to do ww after? thats what im going to do....:)


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Hi Bells

I am hoping i may lose some on refeed, I have in the past tried ww, slimming world, slimfast healthy eating and most other 'foodie' diets and have never lost anything - I may have lost a pound and regained it the next week, week after week after week:( so not sure if it is really an option for me but might give it a try, however just checked my cupboards and I do actually have an extra weeks supply that i bought to restart in november (and never got round to it) so that will hopefully take 2/3 extra pounds off:), it is just annoying that my ideal weight could be anywhere between 6st 10lbs and 8st 10lbs (depends which table you look at)and she wants me to stop before i get to the middle x


5 stone to go!
yeah i get you, i know i did ww and slimfast and lost some but put a bit back on. i think the good think bout ww when we come of this, is we wont have as many points to consume because we will be lower in weight, and also we will be able to do the core plan, because i could never have restricted myself like that before but can now!...if not then i think exante which is like lt you can get online?? not to sure but heard something about the place about that, so you could do that for a while?...i think pharmacies are just trying to keep there bums safe to be honest you know..
could you maybe talk to another pharmacist in the pharmacy about it, or maybe to your doctor? x


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Well done on getting to day 5!

You could always swap to exante to get the last 7 pounds off?
I know that chellywelly and rainbowbrite are doing that diet which is like a LT, except you buy it online.

Im like you, i carry most/all my weight around my hips and thighs. My goal is to weigh 10 stone and if i have to stop at say 11 stone, ill use exante to lose that last stone. (Ive still got a 4 week supply so havent been to the pharmacy yet)

But like the others have said, you could lose it on refeed.
Basically there are so many options out there ww,exante, healthy eating just need to find a plan that is best for you.
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thanks for all your replies exante might be an idea - now i really need to turn off computer and do some housework - be back later to update, keep drinking the water x


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Hi CAth
Well done in getting to Day 5 - good luck on Monday when you WI!!!!

With the others, if she doesnt allow you to go on till the weight you want, then go over to Exante. She might, though, realise that you could lose more on LT and allow you to carry on. My pharmacy left the goal weight to me! Strange how they all differ!

Have a great weekend...and hope you did some housework ;-)


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wooo Cath well done for getting so far!

Yup exante is definatley a plan

But I would definatley refeed and see how you go that way

I lost nearly a stone on refeed over 3 weeks and that was when i was having one shake a day.. I wanted to stay on that so I could feel like I Was still in control in some sense but because I was still losing the chemsit wouldnt let me!

Im sure you will decide what you feel is best for you!

and Well done us on surviving to day 5!! not long til weigh day!!


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not feeling quite so good now - that little voice is telling me that I am doing well a little something wont hurt!!!! Dont worry I WILL NOT give in but feeling a bit blergh!

And I have to go to work tonight - till one am at a function where there is usually food and staff are usually offered to help themselves:rolleyes:(probably how I regained the weight in the first place) only good thing is I can drink as much fizzy water as I like - getting fed up with ordinary.
Thanks for all replies - I got some housework done, but no ironing:p
Have a good night x


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Hi cath ignore that feeling, fight it we convince ourselves we deserve a treat dont spoil it now you have done so well. My chemist stopped me last year just as i got to a healthy bmi i was gutted but another chemist agreed with me and would let me continue. You could go somewere else for a bit to stock up your supplies in case she stops you if your not ready.