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Dealing with grazing

I'm having an issue with grazing, it's normally in the evenings but basically I keep munching,last night I had extra chicken outside my 2 protein meals, followed by 3 apples and a soya yogurt. I have done this durring my weeks of maintenance with cherries or grapes etc. I have got away with it so far and have continued to lose weight, but I know I wont in the future if I dont make new choices.

I need some advice as to any strategies for dealing with this. I'm worried that I'l continue doing this once trigger foods start. I definately over shop so for now I'm going to start shopping online only. I don't make good choices when in a supermarket.

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Sorry Alan, no where near maintenance so can't offer much advice from experience but feel for you! Shopping online sounds like a good idea, I live alone and before LL I was spending a fortune on food shopping, overbuying and hence overeating or throwing out a lot of food (loads of waste):( I still do that when I have guests staying (bit of a shopaholic as well as the food addiction i think!!!) Maybe it would be best to plan a whole weeks worth of meals in advance of any shopping and stick to whats on the list. Or only buy things you can weigh yourself and make sure you only buy 7 portions of fruit per week (or 14 etc depending on how many portions you have a day) Or make a new rule that theres no grazing at all after meal times. At least you're spotting the problem and theres sure to be an answer even if its a walk round the block when you feel the urge to graze!!!
Am afraid also not on Management, but pre LL I found planning the weeks meals and then online shopping was helpful in preventing meal wastage (had to be careful with the substitutions or lack of alternative though!!!)

If you had extra chicken, did you cook extra for following days or cook another piece as you wanted it. If it's the first case, I would try in the interim to only cook/prepare what you need. I would also find something to occupy, It may be a bit of back to basics when first started LL. I was always in the bath after kids in bed to try and spin out the time between having my last pack and bed time.

Not sure if ths defeats the object, but could you prepare something very low cal like fresh salads and veg as Grazing snacks

Hi Alan,
Serious congrats for getting into managment.
Grazing is a problem for most people on management....you are not alone!
This will continue to happen for the first couple of weeks, the reason most people graze is because they are understimulated. So whne you have your meal do something else almost right away ....like walk the dog, bath the kids, pick up your e-mails water the garden ....etc etc.
Also make sure the thing available for you to graze on are healthy options, like a box of shrimp or prawns in the fridge.
Only cook what you need on the day you will consume it ans try doing your shopping daily for a while until you break the habit. Still make sure you always have a bottleof water and some in the fridge so that when you go to the fridge and open it.... you see the water. Drink the bottle of water instead.

Good luck honey and remind yourself of what you used to grab from the fridge before Lighterlife for your instant gratification. xx
Hi Alan,

I really feel for you because that is what I am also worried about. After having my first "meal" last night I did worry that I wouldn't be able to stop. Luckily I did and was stuffed! Can you speak to your counsellor about this? I know it might be boring but maybe write a though record?
Thanks everyone for the great replies I'm going to make new choices as regarding how I eat, taking it 1 day at a time though. I have done a a thought log Slinky I have started doinga journal everyday now which is another great thing I've taken from LL. It does me a great deal of good writing stuff down.

You are doing so well and it is obviously working for you. As you are a week ahead of me I am kind of learning from you!

I think as long as you are grazing when you are hungry thats fine, just watch out for when you are not hungry and you are bored - then do something else for 10 mins then if you fancy it have it. Normally you have got the urge out by then so will not want it anyway. But to be honest what you are gazing on is very healthy for you it's more to do with your thinking.

Grazing is a problem for most people on management....you are not alone!
This will continue to happen for the first couple of weeks, the reason most people graze is because they are understimulated.
I was really interested to read this Scriptor. It really made me think. Perhaps we are being a little hard on ourselves at this early stage.


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