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Dealing with social occasions & neg reactions


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Hi All,

I'm after some advice :) How have you dealt with social events and possible negative reactions to what you are doing?

I'm having some friends over in next couple weeks when I'll have just started SS. I know they will think I am bonkers as they both love their food (like me) and it makes me want to come up with excuses for not eating, but not tell them what I am doing :confused:

There are a select few friends I know will be happy for me as they know how much I want this, but also know others wont really approve.

I've just had a baby (3 months ago) so still have people coming over to see her and have wondered if I can use holding her as an excuse for not eating ;)

Ooooh, very confused!

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To thyself be true and all that.

My advice is always to be dead honest and tell it how it is, if people don't like the fact you are losing weight and being healthy then that is there prejudice and lack of knowledge.

Talk it over with your counsellor though as you may be able to do a 790 approach while they are over and at least then have a chicken salad if you feel that would help.



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icemoose is totally right. if u act with conviction then they will see u have made up ur mind and know what u r doing...if u hide it and act guilty then they will see this as their given right to tell u u r mad lol. People can be difficult to convince so the best thing is to not try to. in time, u wont need to say a word to defend this diet as u will be getting slim so the proof will be in the pudding (or mix-a-mousse).

definately worth thinking about doing 790 when they are around but not for their comfort, for yours. you'll still get good losses doing 790 and u wouldnt have to deal with people trying to tempt u into eating because they dont know enuff about what u r doing. im not saying u have spiteful friends, im just saying...when i was SSing, my mum got concerned and would try to tempt me cos she felt i ought to be eating. couldnt get her head around it, bless her. you'd be saved from this if u chose to do 790 when friends r around but stick with ur conviction and do whats best for u.

good luck with SSing :D

Hi Amy

In the first 2 weeks of SS I had my parents visit for dinner, and then attended a BBQ with co-workers. It was the home visit I dreaded most!

I think everyone who replied has got it spot on - they key is your determination and how you project that.

With my parents (sounds like the same situation with your friends) I was dreading it, because my mum 'pushes' food, generally has a knack of making me doubt my decisions, though she doesn't mean to! and I felt bad for not joining in with a social 'feast' as well.

Planning's the key, what you'll do and say... Why not eat something with them? I got around the parent's visit by having a bowl of CD soup and then a jelly while they had their lunch, and saying just before I served up 'I won't be eating the same as you all today. I'm on a new eating plan and I'm feeling great about it, so please enjoy your food and I'll tuck into mine'. And say it firmly and 'move away from the conversation' :D

... repeat it, same words, if you need to. Most people will respect it when they see you want it respected and don't intend to have a debate about it!


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i found work the hardest as everyone gathers in the canteen,nowhere else to go . i just told the truth but added , my doctor recommended it and im fully supervised . this seems to hold of most people. i have still had the drivel spouted at me about gall stones and kidney stones and weakened heartmuscles. just know your stuff, acknowledge that others have had problems but you havent and you are fully aware that all diets carry a risk of not suiting everyone .being overweight is the biggest danger to your health
Probably not the easiest or bast thing but somehow I havejust about managed to avoid all social invitations and get togethers for the last 5 weeks. However at work they all know that I am on ss which is good cause they never ask about lunch or whatever. But last week they were all talking about steaks and bbqs and sunday lunches so i asked them to shut up about it. Working with a bunch of men, this language is quite acceptable.
As for weekends, i hate them. My OH wants to go out on a friday after working all week so i resigned myself to sitting in watching crap tv. A few times i have gone with them but after an hour i am bored and go home. Not saying i need a drink to enjoy myself but isn't the greatest feeling sitting with a glass of water while everyone else is on the pints.
I get really depressed at weekends and unless i keep myself busy, i am always giving up by a saturday.
Sorry this isn't much help is it
Hi Amy

I agree with everything everyone has said, I am a fine example of bowing to others (giving in really).

Last August I was 7 weeks into LL (although I'm glad I've switched and found CD its so much better, but anyway I digress) and my step-daughter got married. I obviously new she would be getting married 7 weeks into the programme and I was prepared and focused and sure that I would stick to the programme, I felt better than I had for years which was all the incentive I needed.

My husband's ex wife decided that it would not be right for me to sit on the top table and not eat (don't get me wrong, I get on with her but she thought it would not look right) and in the end so many people nagged me to have the day off of SS that I gave in. Whilst I cannot blame anyone else for this choice, ultimately it was mine, I know that you need the extra resolve to be strong.

This time around I have it, plus I think the AAM week is going to be fab for me as I think it will take care of all that convincing yourself that it won't matter if you cheat.

Good luck with what ever you decide.



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S: 15st13lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st12lb BMI: 32.8 Loss: 0st7lb(3.14%)
Thank you all for your advice! I really appreciate it. I think I'll hold off on social things until I have got over the 1st two weeks. It will be much easier to hold my resolve once I am in the swing of things and feeling energetic etc.

Thanks again everyone, I know this site will be such a huge help with this plan. :D


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
best of luck, chuck!

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