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Dear Diary

I started a diary thread here last week but it seems to have vanished, so I'm starting another one.

Today was the end of my 2nd week & my second WI.

The first week I spent on Cambridge, but I really wasn't enjoying any of the products & realised it's products were very similar to Atkins diet products. So I switched & couldn't be happier with my choice.
Instead of having 3 Cambridge products a day I can have 3 actual meals a day & I'm enjoying it tremendously so far.

I started at 18st7
My target weight is 9st 7 - the weight I was before meeting my partner.
But under 11st would be lovely.

This time I have to do it. I'm 35 next year & I puff going up 1 flight of stairs, my knees hurt, nothing fits me & I've started having the signs of pre-diabetes.

If I don't loose all this weight & eat healthy I will have Diabetes. I like my toes, I don't want to lose them. So I guess you could say I'm doing this for my toes, my knees & my confidence.

The last couple of days I have had the same menu:

B'Fast - Cafe Royale Atkins shake (nice!! like an iced starbucks)
Lunch - Tuna mayo salad
Dinner - Lemon steamed fish & Spicy Broccoli in oyster sauce

I'm not religiously counting carbs (as I tend to obsess), but I am sticking to veg/salad & protein in every meal. I only eat the induction allowed foods, I try not to snack & I drink sooo much water its a bit silly.

So far I have lost 7lbs in the first week & 4lbs this week. Which I'm rather pleased with this, hopefully I will continue in this way over the next months.

I have planned some treats to keep me motivated. E.G. I'm off out for a slap up dinner for my 34th Birthday (3rd December), and I'm going to take it easy on the diet from 23rd Dec - 1st Jan.

This IS the last time I will ever diet, & this is my journey.
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Welcome BobKat! Great first entry! I love Atkins - it makes me feel spoilt and self indulgent!!! Ha ha :)


This is for life
Welcome Bobcat:)
Great to see your diary! Agree that this is a great way of eating and life - hey and you can lose weight too:D. Keep posting especially if you need any help. Good luck and stick with it;)
Well I've got an exam on Tuesday (that I'm stressing over & cramming for) & a job interview on Wednesday that I just ordered loads of clothes for. I hate having to buy clothes at the moment - not only will I shrink out of them in month or so, but I have to order everything in 2 sizes as I never know what's going to fit.
Its all turning up tomorrow - hopefully there will be something I look ok in.
Hi ya and welcome
Well done on your first 2 weeks weigh ins!
I know what you mean about clothes, I always have to order loads of different sizes, its the manufactures fault!
Good luck for your interview and let us know how you get on x
Morning BobKat ... Stressful times for you right now! Good luck! And I'm the same about clothes sizes ... So annoying :)
My partner has had a nasty flu bug for the last few days & I thought I was going to get away with just a mild case. But this morning woke up with a neck the same size as my head!!! I feel absolutely rotten. Which explains why I was a bit bad yesterday & snacked on Philli & pastrami. I know with Atkins you can eat as much as you want - but I wasn't hungry. I just had this uncontrollable urge to eat & I'm a bit sad that I gave in. But at least there was a good reason & I didn't eat the bag of maltesers sitting in the kitchen (My partners not on the diet yet & is still indulging).

So today I shall be extra good, even though everything hurts, my throat is raw & I can feel the dreaded cough coming on.
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This is for life
Oh no bobcat - hope you get through it fast! Suggest you head straight out and get some sugarfree throat pastilles - you can usually find in any chemist. Then if you need them desperately you are not stuck. Lots of water and hot drinks - good for diet and flu!
Rest up and hope you feel better soon
Found some sugar free cough syrup (Robitussin) Its an absolute godsend. & Just having loads of tea. I would usually have strepsils & honey & lemon tea (best thing ever for a poorly throat), but unless it gets unbearable I will suffer on without them. Its just a fluiey thing though & as long as its in control for my exam on tues & my job interview on weds I will be fine.


This is for life
Well done on the syrup. Think you can get sf strepsils and sf halls so that covers throat and nose:)
Hope you are feeling better soon and well done on the loss you have achieved so far! It's fantastic! I have had 4 weigh-ins now and you have lost more in your 2 than I have in my 4! (*jealous lol! :D)

Seriously, a big well done! :) Get well soon

Good luck with exam and interview BobKat :)


This is for life
Evening bobcat, hope you are feeling better:)
First I have to say I was touched by all the 'good lucks' & 'hope your feeling better's' - you lovely ladies!!!

Unfortunately I have a confession to make.......

My flu got worse & my diet went out the window. I just felt like I needed to eat more. I've not been snacking (just eating 3 sensible meals a day), but I've also not been sticking to my Atkins diet. On the one hand I am glad that I started eating other foods as it did make me feel a bit better. But I also feel like I fell at the first hurdle.
Was still feeling really rough yesterday for my exam, so I don't think it went too well (gutted about). But I am feeling a bit better today, so that's handy as I'm off to my interview soon. The thing is I'm interviewing at a head office which is a 2 hour drive away - so a 4 hour round trip!! I'm not looking forward to the drive, but its for something I want to do & I should be starting on Monday if all goes well.

So back to the diet......I have been non-Atkins since Sat, but haven't eaten anything 'bad' (choc, crisps etc). After breaking the diet I didn't want to have Atkins flu until after everything was sorted this week. So I'm going to have lunch with my mum on Thursday & that will be my last non-Atkins meal. I'll weigh in on Friday & see what having this week off has done, and by the time I start my lovely new job (hopefully - Monday) I'll be nicely back into Atkins & back on the straight & narrow.
Good luck today! I think it's very sensible to get the high stress things out of the way first! I couldn't manage focusing on a diet with exams and interviews on the horizon!

Enjoy the lunch with your mum ... And start afresh afterwards... And we'll help you as best we can :)

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