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you are not suppose to chew any type of gum, although i do but only for about a minute, did he complain about your breath not long after having a shake, i find that i have got to drink at least a pint of water after or else my breath stinks unfortunatley it is a side effect of the diet usually it indicates that you are in Ketosis (fat burning mode) which is good


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You can use Gold spot breath freshener spray and I have been know to chew sugar free gum for a minute just to freshen my mouth but you do risk it making you feel hungry if you chew for longer, if your at home you can also brush your teeth a few extra times a day :)


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I had this for the first week and it was horrible... I bought a sugar free fresh breath spray for boots and it really helped..
I dont have it anymore!! Well i dont think i do anyway


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I'm not looking forward to the death breath! However, I have decided to work it to my advantage... I shall either have the cleanest teeth in Wales, or no fear of the slightly odd postman wanting to hang around and chat :-D
they have the oraldex spray on sale in tesco at moment its only 1.60 thats what im using cos i have death breath but i can taste it and its rancid, keep brushin swilling mouthwash and spraying, hope its working xx


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you can have those dissolvable breath strips. i think listerine makes them? just be careful you don't have gazillions of them. someone on here ate a whole pack and burnt her tongue i think...

but they are great for fresh breath :)

abz xx
Yeah I know the bad breathe is a real drawback I just use breath freshener and brush my teeth a lot & keep swilling my mouth out with Listerine Total. So it has helped me in the fact I have a much better dental heath routine now, so some good has come from it but I found that the first couple of weeks were definitely the worst.


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My handbag now has breath spray and a mini travel tooth brush set:p as hate the dodgy breath...but does anyone kow where to get the listerine strips as tried boots, superdrug, supermarkets etc etc and can't find them:(
i cant find them either, used to see them everywhere when i didnt want them. sods law isnt it? my mouth is disgusting i am drinking so much water to try and get rid of the taste xx


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Nor could I, be pleased to hear where others have bought them.

Ah ha, thanks Carolyn!

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