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ok guys my husband has just announced that we are taking the kids camping at the weekend with friends of ours now normally this would send my diet off the rails as i would think i'm never going to be able too stay in control..............however at the moment i'm making a list of foods i need to take with me and deciding what days i'm going to be on we are going sat to mon.....this is my first week and really wanted a big weight loss on wi mon so hopefully i can keep control while we are away....just a thought i wont have access to the internet for support aaggggggghhh i will also need to save syns for some wine or g&t's around the campfire and so far this week i have used them everyday!!! so wish me luck i definetly need a positive mental attitude :) x
Maybe red days would be better if your gonna have more bbq's?
thats what i was thinking but on the sat am going to make a quorn chilli and rice (green) and just heat it up there then on sun and mon am thinking defo (red day) bbq's and cooked brekki's as for my snacks ryvita minis and alpen lights?? instead of my usual bread so if a stick to that i should fingers crossed be ok :) x


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Oh you lucky thing, I would love to go camping for the weekend. Good on you for planning it all ahead, enjoy the weekend
hi all well i had a fantastic first week on slimming world i can honestly say i have enjoyed this eating plan. at my weigh in today i lost 5lb whhhhoooppppeee i was chuffed to bits especially as i have been away fri-today..........my camping trip was a success i did all green days i made quorn sausage caserole and a quorn chilli all on a camping stove and enjoyed jacket potatoes off the open fire i had a full quorn english brekki every morning and snacked on alpen lights and ryvitta minis as a healthy extra, i also fitted in a couple of long walks and i used all my syns on vodka slimline tonics so losing 5lb this week proves the diet can be fitted easily around your lifestyle xx
Hello, just to say welcome to SW if i havent introduced myself im Ruthy and i usually do the SW asswhipping when people go off track...but as it stands ive hit a blip because i have had a awful month.

Good luck with your weight loss

Ruthy xx
so missymoos&mrmagoosmum do tell me, whats with your name? xxx
hi rainbow my name repreasents my kids lol i have a daughter called georgia but i nickname her missymoo and i have 2 sons shaun and mason who i nickname mr magoo i call them that more often then there real name lol i always have done and as my eldest son is 11 he finds it extremelly embarassing when i shout hurry up mr magoo at the school gates ha ha...so thats the reason behind the name i am missymoos&mrmagoosmum xx
I half envisaged you saying they were your cats names or somthing, dint think you'd say it was your kids! he he cool though, sorry Im just nosy! aw bless them..... so you're one of those embarrassing mums standing at the school gates then! - I know your type! xxx
I love them kinda mums - the ones who spit on tissues and wipe kids faces..... Im an infant school teacher, so I see the other side of it! xxx


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Ha ha thats me i'm always licking tissue and wiping remains of toothpaste or breakfast off the kids faces on the way into school. My oldest daughter Megan who's 9 always gets so embarrassed when I try to give her a kiss on her way into school I don't know why ;) honestly kids :D

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