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Debridgers' JUDDDering diary & Ramblings


On track to target
Hi everyone, I'm new to this type of food plan,
I am currently following Slimming World, and happily plodding along - 18lbs in the last 13 weeks.... not huge, but certainly acceptable.

However, like many, I have been interested in intermediate fasting days since watching a Horizon programme, have done a little more research, and like the health benefits associated with it.. losing weight too is an added bonus

So, I've decided to do a JUDDD/SW combo..... follow the principles of SW, i.e healthy, home cooked fresh foods, increased fruit & veg and less rubbish, but also including fasting days too.

I feel, that if I can manage this it will be the best of both worlds, of course, none of us are :angel09: and I'm sure I'll struggle at times, so
fingers crossed, working the 2 together will get the results I'm after.... yes, I want to lose weight, but I want to be healthier too

I've decided, if I can, to fast on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays, and will try to avoid food in that 24hour period, just keep my fluids up
of course, I know that I could do the 500cals, but will see if that's necessary or not.
The other days, I'll follow SWish.. and drink at the weekends, but will eat plenty of good, fresh food, with maybe a few treats thrown in

I'm aware that there may not be any drop on the scales to start with, so I'm not starting with unrealistic expectations..... of course, this experiment may not work, but, I can only give it a go.

I will WI on a Thursday evening with SW (have paid in advance for 3 months)

Thanks for reading
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On track to target
Thanks, well, I must admit, we didn't get up until nearly lunchtime anyway yesterday, as we'd had a late night, and I didn't find it a problem, however, tomorrow at work will be the test!!! I will leave a couple of things in my drawer just in case.
I do sometimes eat really late in the day if I don't know what I want, or if I'm busy & forget - so hopefully it'll be fine


Skinny (to be) Stef
I'm a fellow SW/JUDDDer :) I'm going try 24 hour fasts too after my weigh-in this Wednesday following Hannah's Way. It's 5pm to 5pm so you get to eat every day. Check it out...it might be easier than having one whole day just having fluids. Back in my eating disorder days a few years ago now I water fasted a lot and it was horrible!


Skinny (to be) Stef
With JUDDD it's been about 5 or 6 weeks now? I was actually really excited about it. I find I do have more syns than I used to but I feel the health benefits of it! I still generally stay under my 105 a week.


On track to target
Hi FF, I did look at mfp, but thought it didn't have enough stored stuff on it, but will take another look soon
Seen another app 'my net diary' that has a fair bit added, but at the mo, was gonna follow SW on UD and not count, and if I can, try non foodstuffs on DD, so would be well under cals anyway - just have to see - but thanks for the info


On track to target
Mon 12 Nov - UD
Was a bit strange, decided to have something a little more substantial for breakfast, normally only have fruit, but struggled with it, I thought I'd be really hungry, but wasn't ? I did eat it all though
Actually not sure that I've eaten enough today, although I've had sufficient
Returned home from work a few hours later than normal, so was a quick, easy, light dinner.

Breakfast: 2 weetabix, semi-skimmed milk
Lunch: rollmops & sardines in tomato sauce with salad //small fruit salad
Dinner: boiled rice & tin of ratatouille, small glass semi-skimmed milk

Have drunk black coffee, water, herbal teas & diet coke


Skinny (to be) Stef
I haven't found much of a problem with myfitnessapp! The most I've loads of it is a couple of foods and some recipes with the stuff that's already on there. It's pretty full.

I find on my UD's I don't feel the need to eat as much as I thought I would either. You get used to it :)


On track to target
Hi FF , have taken another look at mfp - reckon I must be a wally lol, seems to be a lot better than I realised!!! Only using on phone at the moment, but have it if I need it - cheers

Thanks, I'm sure I'll get used to mixing between UD & DD, was just a tad surprised at my lack of hunger lol, guess that can only be good in the long run


On track to target
Well, was my 2nd DD today, was a little concerned that being at work it would be more difficult, but actually, was pretty ok, and got around it quite well, I did have a mug shot in my bag if necessary, well, it's still there

Just got into bed and am feeling fine, and it's been a really long day.....left home just before 7, got in around 8, and managed the not eating questions well

New Manager was in, wanted to take us for lunch.... I told them I had a meeting at 1 so couldn't go - was true, I did, went to the canteen at 12, and when asked why I wasn't eating, I did lie.....tut..tut, explained I'd had a large breakfast, and was out to dinner tonight and didn't want to spoil my appetite, I hate lying, but didn't want all the you shouldn't be doing this, that & the other, so thought it easier

So today's DD was:
Water, black coffee & diet coke

Onwards & downwards fir a healthy Deb
Night night


On track to target
Derbynanny said:
Well done keep up the good work
Cheers ta
Had an SW UD today, pretty good, I'm roughly keeping track of cals, but not 100% had lunch out today, so can't be sure of cals, but did choose best for following SW

Breakfast: weetabix & semi skim milk
Lunch: seafood linguine (in Tom sauce) & side salad...ignored the bread/oil combo, diet coke instead of beer & espresso instead of dessert - well happy, thoroughly enjoyable, in fact would have been similar even if I wasn't being careful.
Dinner: ham, mushroom & onion omelette and a yoghurt
Not a huge evening meal, but was still pretty full from lunch!

According to mfp around 1200 cals, but of course, the lunch is only a guesstimate from the app, so even if it was twice as many, still under 2000

I'm quite liking this UD / DD combo
Let's hope I see a move on the scales
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On track to target
chryssa said:
nice day there! I should try to follow SW on my up days, its a great idea! do you go to group or do you do it alone?
Morning, yes I go to class, and am 3 weeks into a 12 week countdown, so however things go, I will still be following SW to a certain extent, must admit, I feel that SW is a good, healthy lifestyle, and by still synning (although will probably use 15 instead of 10) it does stop me eating rubbish, which can only be good
Thats a lot of will power you have doing dd then slimming world! Do you have your syns too? I've tried SW twice and lost a stone both times but I just can't stick to it :(

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