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Debs' 2010 diary.....

First diary of the new year, hope I havent forgotten everything. lol

Extra Easy

breakfast -
Quaker Oats So Simple(heb)
250ml S.S. milk (hea)

lunch -
pasta, lean ham, onions(sf), mushrooms(sf), herbs and spices, mixed with tesco light choices normandy fromage frais (free)

dinner -
extra lean mince, carrots(sf), onions(sf), mixed with 2 tbsp gravy (made with granules, no fat)- 2 syns, served with boiled potatoes and peas

extras -
2 ryvita wholegrain(1 from breakfast heb) and 2 more - 2 syns
served with 28g Philly Lite - 2 syns, tomatoes, spring onions.
banana, clementines, grapes, water, pepsi max, snack a jacks - 5.5 syns

total syns for today = 11.5
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Thursday - Extra Easy

Breakfast -
2 slices small brown from 400g (heb)
very lean chicken
2 tsp Flora Extra Lite(1 syn)

Lunch -
salad(lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, sweetcorn, beetroot, tinned potatoes, cucumber)
2 x tbsp extra lite mayo(1 syn)
1 x tbsp ketchup(1 syn)

Dinner -
roast chicken skin removed
SW roast potatoes
carrots, peas, broccolli

Extras -
4 ryvita wholegrain ( 4 syns)
28g Philly Lite (2 syns)
tomatoes, spring onions ontop.
water, pepsi max

total syns for today - 9
ahhh yes Im an old trickster alright lol.
Thanks sweetie, same to you. Have to keep in touch more, just a bit mad here this week... next week will be better. :p

Saturday - Extra Easy
breakfast -
quaker oats so simple (heb)
semi skim milk (hea)

lunch -
savoury rice
tinned potatoes
spring onions
cucumber etc

dinner -
asda meat free fillet (3.5 syns)
brown rice
chick peas

extras -
snack a jacks (5.5 syns)
pepsi max

total syns - 9
Hi Dave
I lost 2 and a half.
Thats those two bad ones from Christmas plus another wee bit. VERY happy indeed.

Tuesday - Extra Easy

Breakfast -
scrambled eggs
mushrooms (superfree)
syn free sausages

Lunch -
Prawn salad (king prawns and all the usual suspects.... spinach, tomato, cucumber etc etc all superfree)
1 tbsp extra lite mayo (0.5 syns)

Dinner -
Home made onion bhajees(sp.?)
chickpeas, onions, curry powder)
served with home made hummous (chickpeas, garlic, fat free natural yoghurt), served in an Asda wholemeal pitta (heb), leftover salad(SF) and a few SW chips

Extra -
2 Ryvita Wholegrain(2 syns)
2 x Dairylea original (hea)
10 cola bottle sweets (5 syns)
clementines, grapes, water, pepsi max

Total syns today = 7.5
Wednesday - Extra Easy

2 syn free sausages
poached egg
2 x Nimble(heb)
2 tsp Flora Extra Lite(1 syn)

smash pizza (smash, ham, onion, peppers, mushrooms etc)
all free and topped with 42g low fat grated cheese (hea)

homemade chicken curry
(chicken, spices, onions, mushrooms)
1 can coconut milk divided into 3 (10 syns), served with brown rice and 1 poppadom (2 syns)

banana, clementines, grapes, water, pepsi max
total syns today = 13


I ♥ Slimming World :)
Oh congratulations on you weight loss Debs, that is fantastic news. Glad it's all falling into place for you now. So glad you managed to stick with it through the tough times, I'm sure you won't regret it in the long run :)
Thanks sweetie..... well done on your loss too, fantastic. ! ! ! !

Thursday - Extra Easy

breakfast -
2 syn free sausages
1 poached egg

lunch -
surf and turf salad
(steak, prawns, spinach(sf), tomatoes(sf), spring onions(sf), cucumber(sf)
1 tbsp extra lite mayo(0.5 syns)

dinner -
chinese restaurant :)()
chicken chow mein (3/4's ate)-(7 syns)

extras -
clementines, banana, grapes,water,
pepsi max

total syns for today = 7.5
Saturday - Extra Easy

Breakfast -
lean bacon
1 egg both fried in Fry Light

Lunch -
6 Ryvita Wholegrain (heb)
56g Philly Lite (4 syns)
tomatoes(sf) and spring onions(sf)

Dinner -
Chilli Con Carne
(extra lean mince, onion(sf), peppers(sf), mushrooms(sf), passatta(sf), Asda mixed beans in tomato sauce, chillies)
Served with pasta

Extras -
sachet of Options (2 syns),
semi skimmed milk (hea)
1 Fudge (6 syns)

Total syns today = 12
Sunday - Extra Easy

Breakfast -
Banana(not hungry)

Lunch -
left over chilli (just sauce) from last night
2 x Nimble white (heb) toasted
2 tsp flora extra lite (1 syn)

Dinner -
Lean Gammon cooked in slow cooker
carrots, swede, brocolli, corn on the cob
served with SW roast potatoes
1 tsp flora extra lite (0.5 syns)

Extras -
snack a jacks (5.5 syns)
pepsi max, water

total syns today = 7
no, I didnt use one on Sunday....
I find it hard to use the A's sometimes cos Im not a big cheese or milk fan.... I just couldnt face it.
I spoke to my consultant about it tonight and she said not to worry about it, its the first time its happened and she said that the HE's werent compulsory but you will have a better result if you do them.
SO, anyway, onwards from today...........
half a pound off tonight, not great, but better off than on....

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