Debz WI


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I've already posted this on WeMITTS but thought I'd stick a little post on here too.....

Week 5 WI for me today and have just finished AAM week which I was really nervous about BUT I LOST 3lbs !!! :D

feeling rather pleased with myself !

LOVE CD !!! for the first time in ages I KNOW I can do this !! will be soo close to my goal by Christmas - and 2006 will've been the last summer Im gonna spend covered up in the heat sweltering while everyone else is stripping off - YAY !!!

hope all other Saturday WI-ers did well too and good luck for next week everyone :)
Well done debz, thats a great loss :D

You are doing really really well.

I don't get weighed until next week (do it fortnightly) and am hoping for a good loss
thats great for you congratulations!

good to know the AAM week does work too. Can't wait for mine lol only 2 more weeks to go!