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Decided to start Cambridge! My diary.

Day 1.

Starting Cambridge diet today. really worried about sticking to it but I think i'll be ok. Jus got back from a girls holiday in faliraki with my 2 best friends who weigh less than I do put together, so thats enough motivation for me. There is a Twenties Reunine thing in November from the group that was on holiday so I have something to motivate me and a goal to look better, Couldn't believe it when I got my first weight and measurements taking from the CDC last night, 16stone and my measurements were huge compared to my 14stone last year. I am a full time mummy and study at home so I am in the house basically all day which is difficult. Gonna try and really stick to this, Gonna be hard be Im gonna just have to try! x:)
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First of all welcome to minimins & to CD, this is a great diet & a great place to be. Everyone here is in the same boat & very supportive to each other....

The key to CD is drinking plenty of :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: the saying is 'the more you drink the more you shrink'. The first week is always the hardest but once you get into ketosis which usually takes about 3 or 4 days you will no longer feel hungry & the ride becomes easier.

Good luck with your journey & i look forward to reading your diary & hearing you shrink....xxx
Hi Vicki, welcome to Minimins.

Once you get past your first few days, which can be difficult, you'll find the diet gets a lot easier and you'll be surprised how soon it feels quite normal to be just having three CD packs a day. Once your hunger goes, it's a lot easier to do, just have to watch those mind games & cravings.

Keep posting on Minimins if you need any help or support and take a look at the Inspiration slide show, just click on the word inspiration on the blue bar above. You'll see what can be done.

All the best

First of all - good luck. I have been on CD for 3 weeks so still relatively new, have stuck to it like glue and have lost 16lbs in those 3 weeks, I really pleased with the loss, the key as others have said is to drink as much water as possible.

Good luck again.

Hi Vicki good luck and just keep thinking about that reunion and how everyone's jaws will drop when they see the new slim gorgeous you in your new skimpy trendy clothes! Go, girl!

I am on Day 4 of CD and so far so good, havent cheated and am looking for things to occupy my mind so dont have to think about next pack.

I am finally at a right place in my head to do this and I have to say i think this could be the answer its all or nothing for me, being away from food and knowing that I cant have it has made all the differnce, no counting calories or points, I can have that sin or i cant, this way its all done for me.

Good luck

scunnybunny x


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Hey......well done for taking the first step and deciding to do the diet. As has been said the first week is the hardest, but do stick with it as it will be sooooo worth it in 1 weeks time when you get on the scales and see the results.

Do keep posting too it gives you something to concentrate on !
Day 1 done!

Got through day 1

Yesterday was easy but I think me body needed that break from all the junk i'd put in it over the last 2 weeks in Faliraki. Drunk plenty of :tear_drop:, so good stuff. My son is 18months and constantly running away with my water bottle and drinking it so not sure exactly how much I am drinking. I tried the carton of bannana and chocolate yesterday, Chocolate was much better I have to say than Bannana but I managed to get them down. :) I have a feeling today isn't going to be as easy tho, day ones always the easiest of any diet for me, so optimistic. So I have told my husband to make all our sons and his meals today and tomoro cause I dont trust myself in the kitchen. :sigh: But at least he's supportive, although he does say the wrong things like when im completely thinking of something else he'll go " you can do it this time honey" and I know he's trying to be supportive its just not. Roll on ketosis!

Goal one get to 15stone!
well done Vicki for getting through day 1. You are right to ask hubby to do the cooking today and tomorrow to keep you out of temptations way. Perhaps go for a bath or a walk when they are having their dinner so you are not tempted, and ask hubby to put leftovers straight in the bin.

You are doing really well. Keep it up.

Day 2

Well day 2 is over, been hungry a bit but surprisingly I havent really felt that its been that hard yet. Made a roast for my son and hubby today and soo wanted to eat the turkey but I never i'm proud! Gotta go out tomoro into Edinburgh, shopping and stuff so goin to go past my fav chinese, greggs and all these take-away temptations. Grrr. But at least im still being good, come on Ketosis. Soon please! X
Day 3 nearly over


Well thats today nearly over. Early I know but an early night will be very good. I had a:break_diet::hug99: cheesy watsit today:sign0007:, just one of my sons but still abit disapointed at my lack of self control. Not in ketosis yet which is odd thought I would be, not drunk even half enough water today so gonna lie in my bed with my mags and big bottle of water! :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:
Day 4 is here.

Well im on day four, just turned down an invite to go out to Pizza Hut and the cinema with a friend because I know better and I know that 7lb I have lost in 4 days will be wasted and my diet ruined. Need to wait till I am more firmly on this diet before going out so having a weekend in with the hubby, gonna go to the video shop later and get bobby and dreamgirls, that'll take my mind off food for a few hours, hope tonights better than last night, at least im in ketosis now! :)
Wooo Hooo On Day 5!

I am well and truely into ketosis now, Not hungry at all and really uped the water intake:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: can't really tell exactly how much im drinking, my 18month old keeps stealing it and drinking it too. but I weight myself today and 12lbs have gone!!! yeah. I have done it a few times to make sure its accurate and it is! yeah! :)
Well done Vicki you are doing fantastic :) Sounds like your mind is in the right place to do this diet and 12lbs so far is excellent. Im sure you will be at your goal and looking great in no time at all. Hey at least your son will drink water my daughter is 10 and runs away from it as though it is poison.


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WoW, you have done well so far, keep up the good work, the reunion will be great and you will be very proud of yourself!
Well done Vicky....

You are a day ahead of me I think...

I get weighed officially next monday Evening, and although have peeked at the scales, i'm not brave enough to make it official yet!

12llb is fab in less than a week.....

How much in total are you wanting to lose?
Its actually saying i've lost a wee bit more weight than 12lb on the scales but I think I would be pushing it to say anymore before "offical" weight in on sunday night I cant seem to stay off the scales I am terrible for constantly weighing.

6 stone in total, but i'm doing in a stone goal at a time. I started off at exactly 16stone. so its going to be a long journey I think lots of ups and downs, How about you?
12lb was my offical weigh in

I had the weekend off, I know I shouldn't have but I was very bad sat and sun, went to Pizza Hut and had far far too much alcohol last night. 12lb loss this week tho as off yesterdays weigh in! Gonna get back on track today tho. x

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