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Decision made...


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Right, I love SS and manged a 6 month stint last year 100% however this time round although my will power is still there and holding strong, my body doesn't seem to agree! :(

So... as of now i have decided to move up to the 810 plan. I'm a little disappointed as i KNOW i can do SS and obviously that would mean i would get to goal quicker but I've decided not to make myself suffer more than i have to. I've been feeling quite faint and light headed for over a week now, I've been on non-stop which is never fun, and feel exhausted all the time :cry:so i think this will be for the best. Check me out being a grown up and choosing the sensible thing to do :)

Fingers crossed for reasonable losses and that it doesn't take me a huge long time to get to goal. If anyone has any advice or suggestions for the 810 plan I'd really appreciate it!
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this time - the last time
I understand your disappointment, but maybe starting to introduce food at an earlier stage might help you maintain better in the longer term. Every cloud has a silver lining!
That's a good point Jayelle makes re. maintenance!

6 months @ 100% - gosh I don't know how you did it, the most I've managed being 100% super good is 20 days! Every few days I manage to cheat even in a small way in one way or another!

Good luck - hope 810 works for you!



112lbs lost - 28 to go!
me too! i'm sure it'll be fine and i'm really looking forward to it but i'm just impatient! lol! as long as the weight goes down i'm happy and i think the point about helping with maintainence is brilliant - hadn't thought of it that way. Had a bit of chicken at lunch and feel better than i have in the past couple of weeks already so i definitely think this is the right move for me. Really appreciate the support!


Why Be Normal?
Hi 212 -- LiSe (aka Sacred Silence) is a big fan of 810 and I sure if you PM'd her she would be very helpful.

You need to do what works for you -- and from what I have read people lose about the same on 810 as they do ss.



hoping for a good loss
thats the fantastic thing about this eating plan, there is more than one option. Hope you find 810 better for you. All the best

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