Decreasing clothes sizes

Belle Bee

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How does everyone handle their ever decreasing size with regards to clothes?

I'm starting off at a 22 and probably have clothes to suit size 20 too. But below that I have nothing. I don't want to spend loads of money on each size I get to, not until I reach my goal.

Did you just buy cheap clothes along the way? if so can you recommend clothes shops that do really cheap clothes for size 18 and below.
Or did you do some thing else?

:) xx
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I will do this!
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Hi ya - I managed mostly with the clothes I have until size 16, started at size 24. I brought 2 pairs of trousers a few tops at 16, then a few at 14 and now I'm in the 12's.. although can't quite believe that! I have found primark and matalan useful as you are not going to be wearing things for long and 2/3 pairs of trousers and jeans are fine.


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Buy trousers with belt loops. Fitted tops have lasted me longer than baggy ones. Charity shops or even better value eBay. Clothes swap at your club. Ask around your family and friends, u will be suprised what people have buried in their wardrobes. If u r anywhere near heathrow I have stuff u can have!!! Search the sale racks for bargains. It's a nice problem to have though x


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I cleared all the bin liners of smaller sized clothes out of the attic on my way down! Was visiting the charity shops to drop bags of big ones off every month. I managed with 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair black trousers when I ran out of clothes from the loft. As someone said, more fitted tops last longer than others - M&S done some nice ones at the moment for £5 in all bright summery colours. I wore them with a black cardi over the top when it was chilly. One piece of advice - don't wear clothes which are too big as it will not only make you feel disheartened, but people won't be able to see the difference and you'll miss out on lots of positive strokes!!!

When my hubby was losing his weight he shopped at the charity shop on his way down.

Good luck.


Primark all the way for me, pretty much every tshirt/jeans/jumpers/shirts I currently own are from there! When it's only £7-£8 for a pair of trousers you don't feel so bad throwing them out after 6 weeks LOL

Belle Bee

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thanks for all your advice and tips - I know my other half was worried I'll be spending tons on different sizes of clothes!

If I get to fit in to a size 18 (then a 16, 14 and 12) then I'll be super happy. I'll shop in some of the places you guys have suggested.

Unfortunately the only family near me are my parents and my mum is a size 8 and has always been a size 8 :cry:

melarnz, unfortunately I'm no where near heathrow. thanks so much for the offer though :)



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I mostly stayed in things that are too big but was lucky enough to be given a few hand me down jeans and t shirts from ladies in my group. I have always made sure I have a well fitting pair of jeans and when I shrunk out of all the hand me down jeans I started buying them from asda - only £8 for a pair of skinnys/ £12 bootlegs.

Coats have been the biggest problem for me with it being soooo cold! I mostly walked around swamped but then a thin friend loaned me a couple of hers - I almost fell over when they fitted!

Oh and I also bought a couple of £2 t shirts from asda too! and their thermals have kept me alive this winter!!!!



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have fun! - and don't buy much til you reach your goal - then shop for england, its sooo much fun

daisy x


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Leggings were the best as they last for about 3 sizes!

I started at size 22/24, and wore leggings and tunics that were probably too big until size 16.

Luckily, I had a lot of size 16 downwards clothes and winter coats from 3 yrsago before I put weight on ~ even so, Matalan is great, as is asda and Primark for cheap things. Especially as you will be slimming through warmer months so t shirts are cheaper than coats!

My other saving grace though ~ I found an alterations shop near me. I go in every 3 or 4 weeks and have things altered. It doesn't cost a lot and can be such a saving on new clothes.

I bought a dress which i wore on New Yrs Eve ( in my pics) from Matalan. I have had it taken in before, but picked it up again today after being altered a 2nd time so I can take it on my hols. I also bought dresses for £2 in the Matalan sale and had them altered for a few quid! Bargains! xx :)


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Hello Belle
You'll reduce about a stone a month which roughly equated to a size a month.
I too like Primark, New Look etc.
But check out charity shops. Some of us have had real bargains. I've got a selection of coats Peony.
One of my favourites is all wool, bright blue £4.
Loads of designer stuff, much of it new with the labels still attached. It's such fun.


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Hmm - I might need to travel a bit to get to a charity shop with designer clothes - the ones near me are distinctly lacking in nice stuff! Will keep trying tho!

Belle Bee

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Its funny I've been big for 5 years and am so used to shopping in the big girls shops - Evans, Yours, Wallis and M&S on occasion - all fairly expensive shops I've forgotten what bargain shops are out there.

From what I remember I stopped shopping at Matalan and Primark at size 18, I'd almost forgotten them! I know our ones don't do any bigger than an 18.
We don't have an Asda here, but I'm sure there is a massive one in Milton Keynes which is not far away.

Lots of good ideas, maybe I'll try the leggins and tunic tops, I guess you can always pull the tops in with a belt.

I'm hoping to reach my goal around August time, so I'll buy a few clothes then - but my other half says we can have a few days away in London in November for my birthday and I can do a big clothes shop in London! Yay!


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Charity shops all the way for me!

I was once told that they 'filter' the clothes according to the area of the shop. Expensive / Designer clothes go to the more affluent areas, primark/ supermarket clothes go to the less affluent areas. This seems to be true in my experience (LOTS!)

A tip from me is to go to the 'independent' charity shops as I have found my best buys there.


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At the moment, the clothes that you have that are size 20/22 should last you until a size 16/18. Yes they are going to look baggy, but it's not forever. Belts will be your best friends!
When you get down to 16/18 the 20/22 will be too big but by that size, you will be able to buy clothes at Primark. You can get some nice key basics in there for next to nothing.
In the mean time, why not sell the old big stuff on Ebay and start a fund for the big shopping spree when you get down to your goal dress size.


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I would advise Asda, Matalan,and Tesco wonderful selection and cheap. I am not that keen on Primark, but they do fill the gap. As another poster has said, leggings and tunics. hide everything, and can be belted as you get smaller.