Deezers Paleo/Primal Diary!!!

Discussion in 'Paleo / Primal - Diaries' started by Deezer, 28 October 2012 Social URL.

  1. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Soooo the last bit of the journey.... combining Primal/crossfit/walking/running to try and get in those size 14 jeans!!!


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  3. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Hi and welcome! Your loss so far is truly inspirational, I'm looking forward to reading about your progress here. :)
  4. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Awwww thanks hun! This last 2 stone is a right bugger lol!

  5. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Sooooo yesterday was my treat day.... Tapas/wine and cheese..... lovely.... so back at it today!!!

    Its the days I do crossfit that I struggle to get all my calories in.... very aware of eating too little as i know this causes me to stall....

  6. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    What makes you struggle? Is it sheer volume of food? Healthy fats are a good way to overcome this problem. :)
  7. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I just feel like I'm eating all the time lol.... I have nuts generally to snack on but am always a bit wary of too much fat... Isn't it a hard habit to break not reaching for low fat stuff.... I'm going to try to have some mackeral this week.... also maybe roast some veg in a bit of oil to take to work.... I usually just take raw veg!!!

    Is there anything else i could up my cals with???

  8. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Fat has 9 calories per gram whereas protein and carbs have 4 calories per gram, so fat is the most efficient way to increase calories without adding too much bulk. There are a lot of web resources on eating fat in the paleo diet, I know it seems strange to go from 'traditional' thinking about diet (high wholegrain carbs, low fat) to paleo thinking (high fat, moderate protein, lower carbs and none from grains) but if you stick with it then you'll get there. :) If it helps put it into perspective, with higher fat foods I eat around 1750 calories/day easily in 3 meals and a snack (plus a small treat after dinner) without having enormous heaped platefuls. :)

    Good fat sources that I use when I haven't had enough fat in a day are macadamia nuts, a bit of cheese, full fat yoghurt or cream (which I allow as I'm more primal than paleo), good quality mayonnaise and avocados. I also cook with more fat now (coconut oil or ghee usually) and add more oil to salads. Nuts aren't the only source and you want to be a little careful with them if you are worried about your omega 3/6 balance (again loads on the web so I won't bore you here).

    Without seeing what types of meal you are tending to have it's difficult to make other suggestions. :)
  9. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    I'm thinking yoghurts are going to be a good way forward... I am convinced I dont like avacado... but I dont remember actually tasting them... lol... sounds daft! So i think I'm gonna give them another go!!

    You have done amazingly well..... Have you lost all your weight paleo???

  10. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Make sure you get a ripe avocado, if they're still hard they're a bit gack! LOL! Even the 'ripe and ready' ones you get in the supermarket can usually do with a day or two of further ripening at home. Ripe ones are really nice chopped up or mashed into quacamole. In Cyprus I had an amazing avocado salad that was two halves of an avocado filled with small prawns and smothered in olive oil and lemon dressing - thought I'd died and gone to heaven!

    And thank you! My first 6 months were with Slimming World, I then switched to low GI as I was eating a lot of junk within the SW rules. Ate low GI/South Beach Diet for just over a year, until the end of the summer this year when I gravitated towards primal naturally after cutting out wheat and finding that a lot of gluten-free foods were high GI.
  11. Trueleame

    Trueleame Determind dieter :D

    Thought I'd stop by on ur new diary honey :) xxx
  12. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Hey chick.... How you feeling??? X
  13. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    I'm checking in too miss amazon :))

    How's the crossfit going??

    Must say primal is my idea of heaven... Mmm fats ahoy .. love coconut oil yums and avacado ... Try it really ripe with crayfish mmm

  14. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Hey ladies....

    Last nights crossfit was...

    400m run
    3 rounds 5*pull ups 5*press ups 5*sit ups 5*squats
    3-3-3-3-3 Bench press (3 rep max 30kg, 1 rep max 32.5kg) Both personal bests.... but thats as I've never done it before lol....
    Workout- 25-20-15-10-5 reps of press ups and then kettle bell swings.....

    Got a feeling tonight will be legs!!!! Cant wait.... Although I am feeling a bit groggy!!! Sore throat!! Noooooo!!!!!

  15. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    Your doing grand hun

    I adore benching your strength will increase so fast too :)

    Well done Xx
  16. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Oooooh Crossfit was a toughey tonight!!!!

    Warm up...

    Then 3 rounds of each (One minute)
    Medicine ball slams
    Box jumps (I do step ups)
    Pull ups (On the rings)
    Dumbell thrusters (5kg)

    Afterwards some stretches and working on my press ups!!!!

    Gonna feel that in the morning!!!!

    Loved it though!!! Feel a million dollars after!!!!

  17. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    OMG my stomach muscles are killing this morning!!!! Lol... kinda like it though!!

    Same again tonight..... Bloody hell!!!!
  18. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    My body fat is down 6%!!!!


  19. Plumfoodie

    Plumfoodie Paleo maintenance rocks!

    Wow, that's amazing. How long did that take? :)
  20. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Thats since last time I checked it so about 2 months ago..... trying not to concentrate on the scales too much!!! Its driving me mad!!! Lol....

    So I'm gonna alternate between body fat check and weigh/measure..... Hopefully will keep me focussed!!! : ) X
  21. Deezer

    Deezer Gold Member

    Oooooh my legs are still bloody killing!!!!! But only 1 more Xfit till 2 days rest!!! Although I may try and get out for a run on Sunday!!!


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