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Definately re-feeding from Friday


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Well, after all my dithering, my hubby has made up my mind for me. He's surprised me with a few days with the girls in Mayo next week, travelling each day staying in different places each night. I will start my re-feed on Friday so I'll be eating almost normally by Monday. By normally, I mean I'll be able to travel and (hopefully) choose foods that will see me through the re-feed week okay? The following Friday, I think I'll return to TFR until the end of July to try and get to goal?
So my holiday week will be a re-feed week! I don't think I'll be able to do it 100% as I'll be depending on restaurant/bar food while on the road :)sigh:), but it'll be a good test of how I'll cope after tfr/re-feed.
I'm going to get 2wks worth off the pharmacist and hopefully at my WI after 1wk re-feed, and 1week back TFR, I'll have off-set any gain I may have while away? Then I'll have some 'extra' so I can do the slower re-feed when I get to goal. It sounds complicated, but I think I know what I'm doing?...:p
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Ach have a lovely time, and good luck with your refeeding plans & restart. Hope the weather is good for ye. Can't beat Mayo in good weather.


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Hi Irish

That's a nice surprise - eh! I am sure you will have a good time and it might help you to relax, etc on the food front as you have been so focused and determined about the whole issue over the past while.

I am sure you will make the right choices, etc and you will watch yourself, as you have been an abolute trooper doing the TFR when the chips have been down.

I wish you all the very best for the next few weeks and look forward to hearing all about your trip and how you are doing on re-feed, etc.

Take care


A little of everything!
Aw...thanks Ladies!
I think the 'break' will do me good in more ways than one? He really is a sweetheart, and knows I've been a little down over my poor losses so probably just wanted me to take my mind off it for a while. He doesn't know I plan to go back to TFR after our break though? I'll be able to bluff it though, as he knows the re-introduction phase is slow, so I can tell him I 'ate' at lunch! Just a little fib...?
I'll be very happy if I STS over the two weeks (though of course a loss would be celebrated! LOL!)


I will be skinny again!!!
Wow!! what a great hubbie you have!!!

You may find that you will get to your target on refeed! I had big losses whilst refeeding!!


A little of everything!
Wow!! what a great hubbie you have!!!

You may find that you will get to your target on refeed! I had big losses whilst refeeding!!
LOL! He is a honey! I doubt I'll get to target while re-feeding- especially when I can't do it 'properly' (I'm away from home so will have to make do food-wise!), and especially when I can't lose much doing TFR! Maybe the extra gallivanting about will help? We'll see...:p


I will be skinny again!!!
I found it boosted my metabolism!

I lost about 8lbs on refeed lol!! :)

I bet your excited!! Id love to be surprised!!

I think you will be fine doing the refeed to be honest, you get full sooo quickly!!! and just go for fish and things on the menu :)
Hi Irishmum

Go away and have an amazing time...also relax!! :eating:...its time to make friends with food.
I know how hard it is to lose weight with this thyroid thing, I have battled for years...and I know I have screw'd my metabolism up with all the crazy crash diets I have done over the years, ( I can't believe I went to WW when I was 12 stone....god, I'd love to be 12 stone NOW!!)
You have done really well to date and I bet you look pretty good with the weight you have lost so far.
Sometimes I read some older posts where people have gained all the weight back on refeed which seems such a shame and waste of time.That's why...coversation coming full circle...I say make friends with food. We have to learn to live outside LT world, and what better time to begin now....and you have the support of lovely hubby. ;)


Positivity is the key
Hi Irishmum,
glad you made your decision and it is the right one for you. As Aoife said you can't beat Mayo in good weather, so you should have a lovely time. Nice to be travelling around a bit as well as it will all be new every day. You still have the best part of this week left before you go so fingers crossed.
Best of luck


A little of everything!
Thanks everyone. You're right- it's time to face food. I really wanted to do the re-feed 'properly'- i.e. wiht all the 'right' foods on hand, but I guess it'll be a test! I'll have 3 1/2days of re-feed at home so I hope I'll be okay? I'll see how I get on, and after I get back and WI, I'll decide whether to keep at re-feed, or go back to TFR for a week or two. Thanks so much for all your understanding & advice. It means a lot, really. ((HUGS))
Best of luck, You sound like you know what your doing! Have a ball with the girls, you definetly deserve it!xx
I am so pleased for you that you've made your decision (yay!!)

Hope you can just relax into a few days away and do well with refeeding. It would be just your luck to lose more on refeed than your average LT loss ;)

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