Demon's Maintenance Journey


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Well here goes with my stats........

Started CD: 13th Feb. 16st 2lb
Weight Now: 10st 13lb
Total loss: 5st 3lb

Doing CD has been an absolute revelation :cool: The expression 'yo-yo dieter' could well have been my middle name, but this plan has given me the tools to be in control for the first time in my life :D

Shame it took soooo long - I celebrated my 60th birthday this April :eek: but hey better late than never ;)

Only got another 17lb to go.........then it's maintenance here I come...........
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Wow...Well done demon.

I've just started the LL route and hope to be where you are by christmas. Think I'll change that to...I will be where you are at christmas;)

I too am pleased I found this way to lose the weight. It really is a revelation. Lets drink to it...water of course:eek:

I wonder if we will ever get this kind of lifestyle change available on the NHS? Now there's food for thought lol

Anyway, once again well done:D

Mrs skint
Demon's 6st losers - another milestone

demon said:

Well here goes with my stats........

Started CD: 13th Feb. 16st 2lb
Weight Now: 10st 13lb
Total loss: 5st 3lb

Doing CD has been an absolute revelation :cool: The expression 'yo-yo dieter' could well have been my middle name, but this plan has given me the tools to be in control for the first time in my life :D

Shame it took soooo long - I celebrated my 60th birthday this April :eek: but hey better late than never ;)

Only got another 17lb to go.........then it's maintenance here I come...........

WoW!!! What an achievement:) Congrats' you have done so well and you will be at goal before you know it!:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
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Well done on that absolutely amazing weight loss Demon...what comments have people made to you? I bet you look lovely now.

Mrs afraid you will get even more skint soon buying all those clothes in small sizes as the weight falls of in chunks...well done for embarking on this lifestyle change...heres to a fantastic christmas

Week 24/Day One

Good morning everyone :)

Thanks for all the lovely encouragement ladies xxx

Bright and sunny here in Wilts isn't that just typical on a Monday when it's back to work :rolleyes:

I've been getting lots of lovely comments especially at work jfc - I've been there for 7yrs now and this is way smaller than they've ever seen me :cool:

Well done on getting started mrs skint - the time will go much faster than you think and as the weight falls off so quickly you'll soon be at slimdom.........YEAH :D

You're sooo right, it's about time the NHS helped people to achieve this lifechange - let's face it they're always warning us of the dangers of being overweight.

It's WI after work this afternoon so fingers crossed those scales move nicely this week.
Morning all,

Well here's about me.

Started LL on 15th Februrary at 19.5 stone:eek:, changed to CD at 100 days and weigh 13 stone now (6.5 stone down) Ive still about 3/4 stone to go and have had a few blips recently but I'm determined not to let this stop me this time!

My weigh in is on Wednesday and I don't think I've lost any (Due to blips:( :( ) but on the positive I haven't put any on either! It's a start as usually I would have stuffed my face due to failing. I have to look at the positives or I will drive myself bonkers!

Olijames - if you venture over -Thursday evening would suit me better too as kids in bed. I'll text you later to arrange! Looking forward to reality check!

Hope you all have good positive days - I'm trying!

Cooooeeee's fun here innit :D

6st5lb off in 5mths is absolutley FANTASTIC and you're a shining STAR
just think how far you've come :cool: We've all learnt sooo much on this journey and one of the biggest is not to beat ourselves up if there's a blip...........give yourself a HUGE pat on the back.............sending ((((((((((BIG))))))))))
Aaahhh, thanks Demon! Hugs gratefully received and much needed!

I'm starting to get the required amount of water down again over the last couple of days. I have to retrain myself into drinking it as I wasn't getting anywhere near the 4 litre mark. I just have to grit my teeth and focus.

The main problem is the compliments. It has lulled me into a false sense of security. I have to keep telling myself that yes I do look and feel sooo much better but technically I am still medically obese (Just!) I'm nearly overweight which will be such a boost. I just have had such a crappy few weeks, which is no excuse as Ive had worse earlier on and didn't resort to food! It's definitely mt mind that is making me eat and not my stomach!:D

Anyway better go and sort the boys out with some lunch. Catch you all later.

Am I the only person on this site who is cal counting? I feel a little lonely! I will stick with my cal counting as long as it works. So far so good. You all seem to do really well on CD and LL though so I am intrigued. Would anyone advise me to swap or to stick with what I am doing?

When this site gets going I'm sure there will be more calorie counters. The CD and LL diet really is the last chance saloon for many who have tried all the other diets many times. We have issues with food so need a break from it to re-assess our relationship with it! I lost 5 stone by eating healthily two years ago after I had my first son - it took a year and I enjoyed the change in lifestyle but then I got pregnant again and piled it all back on and I wanted to lose that and more but couldn't face it taking two years, hence doing LL and then CD.

Would I reccommend it? It depends on who is asking I suppose. It's not for everyone and it's not a miracle cure but it does work if you can stick to the regime, if you can't then it can be soul destroying!

Sorry for the long winded reply that doesn't really give an answer!

Hi barb

Great answer from salad - she's absolutely right, VLCD's aren't the answer for everyone. I'm a great believer in finding the plan that works best for you - horses for courses - you're much more likely to be able to stick it out that way. As a friend always says to me 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'

Speaking personally, CD has been wonderful - it's not always easy, but having tried and failed at just about every other diet out there, it's perfect for me. Like salad says, when you've got a lot to lose the rapid weight loss is sooo motivating and just what I needed.

Just got in from WI and YEAH...........3lb off this week :) :) :) :) :)

Off to slurp some soup.............feeling sooooo chuffed............only 14lb to go now...............
Well done Demon! Your ticker is moving along nicely! The end is nigh:D :D :D :D :D :D

I'm off shpping on ebay - it's my new and expensive addiction - I hope I get some supply work in September!


Well done on your fantastic weight loss, I'm reaching the final stage of my journey too so would love to join you all the way to target.

I did get witin 10lb but alas the old chatterbox won me over and I'm now 21lbs away. Still, back on track now.

Any tips on how to keep motivated as you get nearer to the end?

Hi cheb, it would be lovely to have you join us

Gosh, how to stay motivated nearer the that really is a tricky one. I know only too well how confident we feel when we get into smaller clothes and start getting all the compliments - it's caught me out in the past on other plans !!!

Starting CD was really a desperate last chance for me to get to grips with my weight issues.........that 60th birthday was looming, my BP was up for the first time ever and............ trying not to sound too dramatic...........hey, time wasn't on my side. Also, having failed too many times I absolutely know for certain that doing the maintenance programme is key to long term success...........soooo I guess my motivator is needing to get there to truly succeed.

Well done you on getting back on track...........WE CAN ALL DO THIS

Off to bed shortly, nite, nite.
Thanks guys, I think the point is made, if my cal counting goes on working stick to it. If it doesn't then there are other options. I really am not sure if I would have the determination to stick to shales and soups, although you don't know till you try. I am really giving this calorie thing my all and have stepped up the exercise, 16 lengths yesterday so I am getting there, lets hope it shows on the scales!
Morning all.

Good for you Barb - I really enjoyed losing weight by watching what I ate and exercise. It really does feel you are taking control of your life and you don't have as much to lose as me so won't take as long. The good thing about the diet I found was that I didn't have to deprive myself of anything just make sensible choices. It really is a way of life that I will happily go back to once I've lost a few more stone. That is the worst thing that I've found with the VLCD. You deny yourself so you want it even more - we're all still children at heart wanting what we can't have!:D :D :D :D

Good luck to you and let us know how you are doing.

Hope you all have good days.

Week 24/Day Two

Good morning everyone :)

Not sure what happened earlier - thought I'd posted before getting to work, but seems to have disappeared :confused:

Anyway, here goes again - it's lovely and hot in Wilts today and thank goodness the aircon isn't as fierce as it was yesterday. My feet were absolutely frozen and for once it wasn't only me complaining, my boss was feeling cold too :eek:

No meetings thank goodness, but will be popping out at lunch time to meet Mother as usual on Tues.

I know what you mean about being children at heart salad and old habits do indeed die hard. Like you I'm really looking forward to getting back to sensible eating and absolutely determined that this journey will have taught me control.

I understand what you mean about the affect VLCD's can have, but fortunately I honestly haven't felt deprived. I guess the results are soooo fantastic that it's kept me motivated. Also, I think being on CD from the beginning and incorporating food all the way along with AAM weeks has been key as it really was crucial for me that I learn to deal with food and not become afraid of it.

Hope you all have a good and positive day
Home from work and what a change in temperature when I stepped outside :eek:

Wondering where nic has got to..........almost time for her hol lucky girl :D

Not planning to do a thing tonight - just going to flop on the settee and watch the box - feeling absolutely pooped - will pop back in later to catch up.

Hello All

How have you all been today?

I'm still going strong and as this nice weather has brought out the best in all my patients ;I haven't felt any stress to push me into comfort eating.

Last day of school for my kids tomorrow.......then the stress will start:eek: Just kidding, I actually look forward to them breaking up.....mind I'm always glad when September comes. You can have to much of a good thing!

Evening all,

It's just tooo hot! It makes my boys very irritable not to mention me when they can't sleep! I've never known weather like it in this country. The year Alex was born (2003)was a hot but not sustained for so long and when I was a nipper in the mid/late 70's it was hot but that's it! We usually get a week here and a week there! My poor garden is so parched and my plants are frazzled - A bit like me!

Frazzled or not I've not nibbled for 3 days, not even a radish (I did a lot of radish nibbling, not to mention tomatoes and cucumber and such other thing I found in the garden when I've been watering in the evening!

Sorry for such an odd post but it's what I'm thinking about and what's getting me down - crazy woman, I know! (Must be sleep deprivation!)

Hope you all have a good evening!