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Demoralising Weigh-in

It was with trepidation that I stepped on the Wii this morning, as I'd had 2 meals out over the weekend, but I didn't expect it to be so bad!

3lb UP!!!!

I've read many times that weight loss will still happen even if calorie intake varies per day, as long as it's below your energy needs over the week... in fact I've read that this can be a more effective system, as it keeps the body guessing and stops it from going into starvation mode.

Based on this, I wasn't too worried about the meals out, as I know I haven't been anywhere near the <1200 calories I need per day, as I won't add extra carbs to my DC meals through fear of having too many (knowing that carbs are my downfall).

Friday's meal wasn't great, but could've been a lot worse (no melon left, so was lured into having breaded mushrooms), steak & salad & forest fruit & ice cream plus red wine.

Saturday is probably what did most of the damage: Film with popcorn and raspberry ice blast followed by a late meal at Frankie & Benny's. Nothing healthy on the menu appealed and I was being pressured to make a quick decision, so I ended up with cheese garlic bread & Pizza. Their pizza bases are very thin, but of course I had quite a bit of cheese. No alcohol, just a smoothie and a diet coke, and no dessert.

I'm left now only 4lb down on the first 3 weeks, and feeling really low about it.

Maybe I just have to put this down as a learning curve that, in the long run, could do me good.... like the first wage packet I ever got (£7 in 1985) and blew the lot on the arcade within about an hour. I was so gutted at the wasted hours I'd spent earning it, I always set myself a strict maximum from that day on, and never blew my wages again!

Any words of encouragement that might make this less of a disaster???
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I know it feels bad at the mo, but the weight loss will come..... I bet next week you will have a good loss, its just the body adjusting soon it will happen you cant fail to lose with DC if you follow correctly i still deviate slightly weekends and the losses slow down to a 1lb, I find when it TOTM i can add on 2 - 5lbs but it does come off... :)


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I agree with Shep, many things can vary our weight loss. I have had a bad weekend as well - back ache - self pity - stuffing myself - 2lb gain!! So today I am back recording my calorie intake on Food Focus. M&S ice cream is sheer temptation but diet wise it is sheer stupidity! :banghead:

Shall we agree to get back on the straight & narrow together... :)
Had a bit of a "phew!!!" moment this afternoon... 2 of the offending lbs gone again... still not a good result, though.

Because of my rollercoaster week 2 and this blip, I'm actually still only 6lb down on my first 3 weeks of DC, and this includes only 2 beefeater meals (both mostly good, especially the first one) and one less angelic film night! It seems a little unfair that I've been sticking to the diet so well and not losing as much as I expected.

I've worked really hard on adding in the fluids today, as I know I've not been good on that score, so have had 2 pints of sugar free Vimto (cordial).

I'm still only at about 920 calories for the day, and this includes 6 tomatoes, rice with my curry and a Hartley's sugar free jelly. Not sure what else to do to make up the calories to 1200. I'm now looking at bags of crisps as an easy way to bump it up... but that just seems ridiculous to be considering eating crisps to make my diet work!

What do others do to meet the target??

Oh, and I can't blame hormones etc for any weight fluctuation... I had my giblets out 8 years ago!
Have lost about half a pound since this time yesterday, so feeling a bit less depressed than Sunday, but still a little frustrated at having to work so hard just to make back the lbs gained. Now around 7.5lb down on the diet in total after 22 days, which wouldn't be a bad loss if I'd been on it for a few weeks (a lb every 3 days or so), but a bit disappointing when you consider it includes my first fortnight.

I had hoped to have lost around a stone by the time of my holiday on Sunday, as I'm all-inclusive and am planning to suspend the diet for the week... I haven't tended to gain weight on holiday, perhaps because the heat affects hunger and I'm getting quite a bit of exercise to burn off the food.


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Back to what I weighed before last weekends over indulgence but going to a birthday 'do' on Saturday. :rolleyes:
Off to Tunisia, but hopefully won't be too damaging. I'll try to keep one eye on the diet, but having paid AI, I plan to make the most of it! I've heard they serve the drinks quite weak, and I'll stick to diet mixers when possible. I think there will be plenty of healthy options at meals, though it will probably be the breakfasts that will do any damage, as I love cooked brekkies when I'm on my hols... and they have omelette/pancake chefs on duty to make them to order.

If I can come back the same weight as I left, I'll consider it a success...as I managed this after 3 weeks in India last year (including plenty of food, french toast most mornings and LOTS of cocktails) I do swim a lot when I'm away, so hopefully I'll be burning a bit of it off
If you've had everything you want/need with meals and are still a couple of hundred calories down... what do you do?

I was over 230 calories off target yesterday, and ended up having a piece of pizza (290 cals), so I ended up under 1260 on the day.... would this be really bad because of the carbs/fats... or do people find it doesn't matter as long as they're near target calories?


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I find by adding my veg, fruit, milk & bread or rice to my DC meals I am struggling to keep my calories down to 1200. :confused:
I'm really struggling to meet the calories. I have started to add a wholemeal roll, despite reservations about adding to the carbs plus salad & fruit... but still coming out short (using caloriecount.about.com plus the google calorie counter to do the adding up, having submitted all the DC meals).

A quick fix to bumping the cals up would be to add crisps or a cereal bar, but given fat/sugar contents, it seems bizaar to use this as a system of meeting calorie targets
Yay, I did it!! Porridge, 2x coffee whitener, Tomato soup, roll, nectarine, plum, Paella, another roll, large salad, pickled onions, tomatoes, 3 cal hartley's jelly... = 1169 cals

Maybe it's the lack of milk that makes it harder for me... as the 1 coffee per day with coffee whitener is only 40 cals, otherwise I drink sugar free cold drinks or unsweetened black teas
After the holiday (2 weeks ago), I had gained about 2.5lbs, but hoped this could drop again fairly quickly.... but things have not worked well since. I've been sticking pretty closely to the diet... and any naughties have been within my calorie allowance, but the weight has crept up a little. After losing about 8lbs in the first couple of weeks, I'm now only 1.5lbs under my start weight (according to my new scales, though not checked on my usual system... the Wii... for a while).

It's possible I'm not always meeting my calorie target, which could have an impact on the weight loss. I'm also really struggling with the fluid intake. I really need some peer support to stop me sneaking in unwise foods, as at the moment it seems so pointless to be working so hard for no benefit.

I don't want to put people off the diet, because I still think this is the best commercial diet on the market, with real, healthy, tasty foods and a wide choice to keep you interested... my problem seems to be just me, but I really need something to keep me motivated and my sights fixed on the end goal.

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