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DenDen's Lipotrim Weightloss Diary

Hi All,

my weight loss journey will be starting tomorrow. I have never done TFR so not sure how I will deal with not eating food over a long period of time. I'm hoping to get down to my goal weight of around 150lbs by end of june.

I really hope that I can achieve this.

My intentions are to follow the plan 100% and hope that I don't get tempted to stray. I have 84lbs to lose which I know is doable within 6 months.

My wardrobe is full of clothes that I can't wear...................actually, full of clothes that I have never worn and they still have the new labels on. Bought them as an incentive a couple of years ago and they are still waiting on me. One of my goals is to finally be able to fit into them.

There are many reasons why I want to lose this weight but my main concern is for my health. I'm frightened of developing diabetes and could possibly end up on high blood pressure tablets if I don't shift this weight. I also suffer from painful knees which has alot to do with this excess weight. I think what has triggered me to finally do something serious is that I'm starting to feel old. Really, I feel that I have really aged over the last year or so and I need to take stock and do something about it. I know this journey is going to be loooooong and difficult but I'm up for the battle. This new way of eating is going to be a struggle for me but I'm determined to reach the finishing line.

I have to be honest the first few days are not what I'm worried about. I don't tend to have problems in the early stages of a new way of eating. My problems tend to kick in when I reach the 4-6 weeks stage and the weight loss totally slows down............but following lipotrim this hopefully won't happen.:D This is a very drastic way of losing weight but I feel this is the only option available for me that will give me quick results over a long period of time.

I wish everyone success on their journey.

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hey and welcome aboard Denise!

Its a great idea to start a diary,, i dont know what i would do without mine! well done, you seem to really have your head in the right place for this change, which is half the battle!

Dont lose sight of your end goal and dont lose sight of the reasons why you are doing this.

Why not get a ticker like i have, that way you can track your weight and update it each week,,so you can watch it move along. If you click on mine it will bring you to the website. Make one and copy and paste the bb code into your signature which you will find if you click user cp and scroll down to signature...:)

Also the more you post the more room you will gain in your signature to add mini goals. mini goals are my life saver as looking at the end goal of 87lbs seems really far away. today i got under 200lbs and im so happy!

it can be done and i believe you can do it!! best of luck and i look forward to reading your diary!! remember to keep drinking the water :D xx
Thank you Cherrycoke and Pudge for your visit.

Cherrycoke do you have a diary that I can visit?

Well, I had my last meal at 7pm. It was home made chicken biryani with a KA fruit punch. Can't believe nothing like that will be passing my mouth again for at least 6 months. Really eager to get started tomorrow. Surprisingly, I haven't pigged out on my last meal. In the past I would of had a binge out on chocolates and the like before starting a diet but I've felt no compulsion to do so which has to be a good thing.


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Hi Den,

You sound like you have the right approach to this, you are positive and raring to go and that's half the battle. I have a lot to lose as you can see from my signature but am determined and focussed (at the moment anyway) I think this comes from preparing for this diet and getting my head around how it works. I never want to do this again and have no desire to "cheat" because I am petrified of re-starting! I feel quite comfortable at the moment at the end of day 11, sure I miss food but I'm not starving I can somehow distract myself for the few minutes that I get the urge and it works for me. Also, what Pudge has said is very good, mini goals are helpful for your mental state, we've got something to aim for in the short term rather than being daunted by the somewhat overwhelming long term goals.

I wish you the best of luck, you can do this! I look forward to hearing all about your journey xx


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hey DenDen, its great you havent pigged out on your meal, it means you are likely to get into ketosis quicker and also whats the point in eating lots when youre trying to lose it! :D

Have a good nights sleep and think about how you want to feel and look at the end of this journey..:) good luck with the start and if you need us you know where we are :D xx
Well, just got back from the pharmacy with my sachets. A bit disappointed as there was no chocolate ones but have decided to try a flap jack even though most people seem to hate it.
Have to change my stats as i weigh 1lb more than i thought.:(

Anyway, todays day 1 and i'm rearing to go. I have 2, 2 litre bottles of water in the kitchen that I will drink by the end of the day. I know how important water is as I use to be a low carber a long while back so hopefully won't have much problems getting it down me.

Not sure what time to have my last shake at. Don't really want to have one after 7pm but does it really make a difference how late you have it in the evening?

Will be having my first shake shortly, probably around 10.30 which is when i tend to have my breakfast. Not sure if i should have it hot or cold. Really hope it goes down easy. We shall see.

Plan on popping into my journal quite often so i'm pretty sure it will be a boring read for those who wish to browse but will appreciate any words of wisdom/advice.
Just had my first shake (strawberry). Can't say I've fallen in love with it but it went down easy enough.

Went to use my electric blender and sods law, it wasn't working, just as well I have a hand held one that i was able to use. Gosh, it takes a while for the powder to disolve doesn't it.

Anyway, so far so good. I've downed about 1 and a half litres of water at the mo which is just about where i want to be.
Need to go back to the pharmacy and change some of my satchets. He told me that the chicken ones were not vegetarian but i've just listened to the lipotrim cd and it says that ALL the TFRs are. Just as well it's only down the road from me so I'm off to change them now.
Welcome to hell Den, just kidding, I dislike vanilla and the soup, but you've gotta try them all! See what's right for you

Good luck!


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chocolate is my favourite! and the only one i like...choccy all the way :) good luck x
Lordy lord, within the last 25 minutes i've been to the loo to pee 3 times. One good thing, it's nice and clear. Not looking forward to tonight though, brings back memories of when i was doing low carb and running to the loo every 5 mins. I know when my body gets use to the water intake things will slow down.

I'm gonna try the flap jack now, leaving the soup for my dinner.

Oh dear, I need the loo again.
Just tried the flap jack. It's disgusting, tastes like cardboard. Smells nice though. My 7 year old tried it and says it's nice but he has to be lying right, cause it tastes real real bad. It has a awful after taste which i assume is the coconut. I love food but this aint food, can't be.
So happy that i only took one of these.

Really looking forward to my soup, really hope i'm not disappointed.
Oh, forgot to mention that when i went to change some vanilla shakes for chicken ones they had received some more stock in so now I have some chocloate ones too which i will be trying tomorrow. Hope there yummy.
Cherrycoke your right, this is hell.
Just tried the chicken and I wanna puke. Not as bad as the flap jack but a very close second. Had it when the rest of the family were having their dinner and I have to admit i was tempted to cheat for a second, (but didn't) Find it really hard to keep it down I still have half left to finish, it makes me want to heave and heres me thinking that it would probably be my favouite............wrong. It's very strong flavoured even though I have added extra water. Need to treat it like medicine but for 6 months I dunno. Now, the strawberry flavour doesn't taste so bad after all. lol. Won't be having it again in a hurry. So the chocolate and vanilla ones better be to my liking otherwise i'm screwed.

For those of you who are attempting lipotrim for a second time i really do take my hat off to you cause there is no way I plan on putting myself through this again once goal is reached. I know i will make it through day 1 but can't honestly say i'm looking forward to day 2.
Off to bed. Feeling drained. No cravings, no hunger.

Please, please, let the shakes taste nicer tomorrow.

Hope everyones had a good day.


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Take it one day at a time Den, don't think about 6 months. Maybe commit yourself to 12 weeks initially and see how you get on! Once you get through week one, I promise the cravings get easier to deal with and you're not CONSTANTLY thinking about food, only most of the time pmsl

The flapjack are disgusting, I honestly don't know how some people can get them down lol I've only tried choc and vanilla, going to try soup tomorrow but I don't really care about what it is at the moment as long as I can get it down... medicine all the way!

You've done day 1 now, only 3 or 4 more like that to go before it gets easier. You CAN push through it and the results speak for themselves.

All the best, keep us updated xx


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hey Den Den..you're doing great! i replied on my diary to you about weighing. Glad you got through today :) i think youll find therell be only one flavour you like and youll stick to it.. i think i wretched at the chicken soup..it def is an acquired taste.....ergh.... good luck for the next few days... the loo visits will subside as you know.. just keep at it! have a good sleep and wake up well prepared for day two wooo :D x


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Hi Denise :) Well done on getting through day 1. Roll on day 2, day 3 and hopefully ketosis :) Good luck! xx
Day 2

oooh la la I am a happy bunny today. Just tried the chocolate shake, my goodness it is sooo delish. I am so happy that i've found something that i REALLY like. I felt like i was cheating it was so nice, had to add extra water to make it stretch, could of easily had another one. Can't wait to have my 2nd one before i pick up the kids. Last night i was wondering how on earth i was going to manage to down 3 shakes today but now that's not gonna be a problem. Yippee!!! I am so happy, really. Haven't tried the vanilla one yet but i doubt it will beat the yummy taste.

Having shakes that i actually enjoy wil make this journey so much easier. I know things will start to get boring somewhere down the line but for now all is good.

No hunger, no cravings.

Went food shopping this morning (before i had my shake) and it really hit home all the things that i wouldn't be able to eat, it wasn't easy knowing that no food stuff would be passing my lips for a loooong while, but it's my choice to go down this road, a road that will lead to well being, better health and contentment, oh............................. and much smaller sized clothes.

Had to go on the scale this morning, just couldn't help myself. Down 3.5lbs. Won't be reporting my daily weight on here, will wait till my offical weekly weigh in which is monday but will weigh my self daily to keep motivated.

Ideally, would like to be down 10lbs by then and i think this will be possible as I've seen many on here achieve more than this, so we shall see.

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