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Depo provera

Anyone on it? Been on it? Could flipping shoot myself for going back on it! I have just under 3 weeks left till it runs out and cannot wait for it to leave my body!!

Before I went on it my relationship with food was brill hardly ever hungry when I shouldn't be etc but now I am hungry allll the time! Iv attempted a VLCD miserably lol but starting again after my weekend and this morning I've had shreddies and I'm sooo hungry again right now! Actually can't deal with hunger pangs!!

This drug is the devil !!!!!


(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
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Hey Leedsforever,

Sorry you're feeling so out of control on this drug :(
I guess just remind yourself that you're not *really* hungry, it's just the drug talking. Easier said than done though!

I'm so glad I came across this, my GP really wants me to switch to depo provera from cerazette (progesterone only pill). Apparently there is new guidance that young people should be encouraged to take long-lasting contraception rather than pills, because young people are "likely to forget", and accidentally fall pregnant.

I was a bit offended by this idea in the first place: I'm 24, trying build a career, and I have no money, so obviously the last thing I want is to fall pregnant - to imply that I can't take responsibility for my own body just because I'm young(ish) is so rude! Plus, I've been on the pill for 7 years now and have managed! Grrr.

But anyway, he nearly talked me around to depo provera, and I said I'd think about it. Having read your post, that's going to be a NO I think!

Thank you xxx

PS: Sorry for the slightly off-topic rant...
Not off topic at all Hun ,
I don't recommend it at all last time I went on it when I was 20 I'm now 25 . I gained over 14lbs when I was 20 and never managed to lose it by the time I fell pregnant!
This time round I was sooo depressed for 2 weeks even went docs and now it's a constant hunger battle !! I've gained about 4-5lbs but only cos I'm so conscious of not eating and hearing of women gaining like 50lbs!! How do you find the pill your on now? I prefer just being on nothing xx

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
Well done for showing your restraint! It must be like hell. :(

Well I gained a lot of weight when I started going on cerazette (maybe 2.5 stone). But I was 17, and had just started university, so I wasn't sure if the weight was from puberty (didn't get my period till 17 either), student excesses (booze, take-aways, etc), or the pill. Probably all of those things.

I definitely prefer not being on anything, but I have a partner and really really really HATE all the barrier methods of contraception, and I definitely don't want to risk not using any (contrary to what my GP seems to think, lol). I wish they'd hurry up and develop the male pill!
It is hell !!!! I hate feeling hungry!! I bet the pill contributed to your weight gain it's awful

I hear you lol male pill :) I just need something that doesn't mess with my hormones !! When I'm not on anything that's when I lost my most weight :)

15th June I had it and I read that the week before and after it's due again is hell argh !!

(25.08.08-18 stone 5) (24.08.11-12 stone 10) 79lbs lost 25lbs to go!!
hi guys it may be a bit different now but I was on depo for 10 years nearly as have crohns and therefore by absorbtion levels are rubbish so did not want to risk an oral contracetpive.

the guidance i m led to believe is no one should go on it long term (over 2 years) as it can lead to a wekening of the bones (it did with me)

my moods were everywhere. I did then have the implant and decided to stay clear of hormones now and have a coil (non hormone)

good luck on what you choose

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