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Depressed.... Help me guys

Hi everyone,

im in my 2nd week of LP and just have a concern thats depressed me all day. :(

I created a thread yesterday about my 1st weigh in and I only lost 2lbs and was abit down about it as I was comparing it to everyone on here.

Im Male and started at 14st 3lb btw.

Since then I've upped my water to 3-4 litres so we'll see next week.

Ok so my concern is that I love what LP is doing for you all and hope my next few weeks give me better results....

BUT... ive been reading about how easy the weight can come back.

Basically my understanding is the shakes carry 800 calories but when we finish on the diet wont we start eating normally again which is meant to be around 2000 for women and 2500 for men?

I dont mean eating KFC, Mcdonalds but even healthy...

Wouldnt this mean the weight will automatically start coming back because of the increase in calories?

Im just getting depressed thinking I’m doing all of this, which is quite easy now but just for it to come back with a vengeance?

Please tell me im wrong and I dont mean to put a downer on it believe me!

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Hey hey hey....

Dont be down dude - its all good really! :)

First of all - It is kinda weird you only lost 2 pounds in your first week... but dont get depressed about it - the fact that you are still on LT and you are still on this forum shows you have strength and resolve to shift the weight. SO I am 100% confident that as long as you do everything right you going to have a super weigh in next time! I have seen several people who have lost MORE in their 2nd week than in their first week... so it deffo has happened before... maybe it just took your body longer to get into ketosis or something...

Also I really wouldnt worry about putting on weight when you come off LT.

The calorie thing - ur body needs approx 2000 calories a day to give you all the energy you need - at the moment your body is burning fat to compensate for the lack of calories you are putting into your body...

Once you come off LT - your body will revert back to burning calories from the food you are eating - so as long as you dont eat too many calories extra than what your body needs to live - then you are going to be fine.

Once you get to goal you are going to look and feel so awesome and you will have soooo much energy and life about you - you wont want to go back there and i am sure you will live a happy active lifestyle because it just feels great and you want to be healthy.

Also being on LT is fantastic for helping you have some time out from food and reassess where you went wrong. For me I know I ate alot out of boredom or comfort eating - after 9 weeks on LT - I have adopted new coping strategies to help me when im bored or stressed... so instead of going for the fridge, I go for a walk, have a bath, put on my fav CD - these new positive habits will stay with me and I wont go back to the old ways cos Im so happy in my new body...




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Hi Gordz :)

Sorry you are feeling a bit down but if it's any comfort I think many people have been where you are now and it will pass :)

When we're doing anything to make a positive change in our lives, we usually get a visit from the negativity devil and a thought process that keeps pushing us to look into the future and cross the bridges before we get to them. Bridges that we may not ever need to cross;)

I'm sure someone will be along very soon to explain and reassure you about the calorie side of things but I just wanted to offer some support with the "head stuff" if any of it helps.:confused:

I would say, focus on the here and now and what you can achieve and don't look too far ahead if it depresses you.

You can take time to plan for when you reach goal and then have the tools and knowledge to not hopefully put the weight back on.

One day at a time hun :):):)


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Hi Gordz,

It is not good to compare your weight loss with others as we are all unique in how we lose weight...easier said than done I know, but there is always going to be those who can lose more quickly than you and those who will lose more slowly... and weight loss fluctuates over time. I have often seen members start off slow and then speed up and some have started off fast and slowed down...all sorts.:)

I don't look at my weight loss weekly...but how it averages out over the long term...

Set yourself mini goals that are achievable and reward yourself with non food treats for each mini goal achieved.

Take some before photos now and body measurements as often on those weeks that the weight does not seem to move the inches come off...

Think you will do it and you will...our own thought control our feelings, our feelings control our emotions and our emotions can either lead us to success or into comfort eating...

As for regaining weight....

If you go back to eating the way you have before going on the diet you will regain your weight.

When you are on a food replacement diet you must refeed.

This is a way of introducing carbs back into your diet slowly over a few days as to avoid over filling your glycogen stores.

Read this link as it explains it very well.


The recommendations for calorie intake is a guideline...there are other factors to consider like age, activity level, height, weight etc.

Basal Energy Expenditure (BMR) calculated using the Harris Benedict Equation (Height, Weight, and Sex) or Katch-McArdle Formula (Body Composition
Here is a link to estimate Calories required.
Estimated Calorie Requirements

Love Mini xxx
Well done for hanging in there and continuing. A weaker person would have given up after their first WI so by continuing you have showed you are made or sterner stuff.

One thing people on vlcd have to do it a proper refeed. This introduces your body back to food gradually. You will find that some of those who complain the weight goes back on are those who didn't refeed slowly enough and binged. Others may have gone back to their bad old ways.

As long as you refeed to the letter and stick to healthy eating afterwards then I am sure you will maintain your new weight successfully.

Good luck with your next WI.

Hi Gordz sorry to hear that your feeling a bit depressed, I was on lighterlife last year and as i was only just 15 stone when i joined i found it harder to shift the weight that the rest of my family which were losing over half a stone a week i was only shifting 2-4-6 lbs a week i was gutted i'll be honest i was ready to throw the towel in a few times!

I stayed with it for 10 weeks and lost nearly 3 stone! i know your thinking whoppee do! but i felt better for it. since i've come off LL i didnt change my diet at all went back to eating cakes,currys ect ect ect and just over a year later i'm up to 15 stone 10lbs i have been bigger during this year and lost some by using the wii fit we have just bought :)

It was my own fault that i put it back on for stuffing my face. Aslong as you change what you eat you will be fine and keep doing exercise and the most important thing is keep away from fizzy pop and drink water instead :)

I hope this has made you feel a bit better :)

Steph xx

p.s im starting LT on monday im scared :(


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Hi Gordz. As mini explained through her link to refeeding after LT, it all depends on choices and the re-introduction of certain foods at certain stages. As you can see from my ticker/signature, I have kept my weight loss off for over 3 years now through healthy eating/tweaking - - so it can be done! Just concentrate on the job in hand, drink the water and before you know it you will be at goal too hun x x

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