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dermal anchor

What is a dermal anchor? x


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i think it looks ok where you thinking of having it


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I don't have one, but they're really hard to heal. Wrist or finger would not not be a good choice, as they're most likely to be irritated in those locations.


can see the end in sight!
I have friends who have gotten them and sorry but thy make me feel sick to look at as they are always infected and gross. I have a friend whose body kept rejecting her dermal anchors too, leaving her with big welty scars. I am not good with piercings though, can't stomach them but I love tattoos, weird!
the little metal bit goes inside hidden away and just the lovely sparkly jewel is on display
OK how do they get the metal bit in?Do they have to cut you open or what?And does the metal bit attach to anything(bone?) or doesit just sit under the skin?I'm so nosey!!
I know what i am like when i want something i ask what everyone thinks then get it anyway lol
so go for it if thats what you want
Squirming here!!!! xx


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OMG.. your very brave.. looks really scary to me...... OUCH!!!
I had my eye brow pierced and my belly button pierced years ago when I went travelling.. but they are long gone... you are very very brave. ouch ouch ouch x
if i remember rightly they use a dermal punch to create the hole for the metal bit? ermm imagine a paper hole punch, they do basically the same thing, removes a tiny but of skin for the anchor to be inserted. i considered getting one but i dont know :s i have 12 piercings at total atm and 1 tattoo :D
oh yes 1 thing that scares me about them is them getting caught on stuff so be carefull but let us know what you decide!!
Oh, this thread has made me feel a bit funny and dizzy! x
good idea ;)

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