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desperate newbie in need of help!

Hi all started sw 21/09 and so far to date have lost only 2lb.....now I am getting desperate so thought I would post a diary to see if you lovely people could see if I am going wrong anywhere :)

Monday - green

B weetabix, (B) frozen summer fruits, banana, milk (A)

L Mugshot (chicken) apple, yogurt, orange, salad

D Pasta and macakrel (B) in tomato sauce, salad


Orange, melon, strawberries, extra milk (A) alpen bar (3 syns)

Tuesday - Red

B weetabix (B) 1/2 banana, summer fruits, Milk (a)

L Slimming world quiche, salad

D Beef casserole, carrotts, broc, cauli


Melon, orange, strawberries, yogurt, Extra milk (a)

Wed - green

B 2x alpen (b) yogurt, banana, apple

L Potato wedges, beans, cheese (a)

D lentil and bean cottage pie, swede, cauli, broc, gravy (2 syns)

4x ryveta (b) cottage cheese, beetroot, pickled onions, grapes, apple, orange, milk (a)


gravy 2
1/2 muffin 7
crisps 5

Thur - green

B 28g oats (b) banana, summer fruits, milk (a)

L cous cous, feta (a), toms, cucumber, salad, olives

D veg cottag pie, (10g cheese - syn) swede, broc, green beans


pineapple, strawberries, squirty cream (syn) 2x alpen (B)


Olives 1.5
cous cous 1.0
10g cheese 2.0
squirty cream 1.5
mars ice cream 8.5

Friday - green

B Oats (b), summer fruits, banana, yogurt

L Egg and bacon (syn) sandwich- 2x nimble (b)

D 190g chicken chow mein (syn) boiled rice


Yogurt, orange, apple, jelly, squirty cream (syn), hi fi bar (syns)

hi fi bar 6
bacon 5
190g chow mein 3.5
jelly 1.5
cream 1.0

Sat - Red

B bacon, egg, mushrooms, toast (b), sausages (syn)

L not sure yet

D steak, mushrooms, butternut squash...................so far

Please take a look and advise if i am doin anything wrong :)
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S: 14st5lb
What sort of yoghurt are you having Huney? Did you make the lentil and bean pie yourself? Are you scraping the tablespoon of squirty cream level? And do be careful with bananas and grapes. In principle it does look ok , but it's easy to take in more syns than you need. Salad veg don't help you lose weight apparently, but you're having plenty of other veg.
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Hi there thanks for checking my food out, the yogurts are mullerlights, weightwatchers or shape (all free) and the pie was home made and completley syn free......thank you so much fro looking:eek:

Ive had a quick look and cant really see anything either??:confused: Give it time, some people on SW dont have massive weight losses... I have a friend who only ever lost a pound a week no matter what she did. Good luck, keep going

Love Elle
Thanks to all have looked it has made me feel better that I am at least doing the plan properly.....hopefully will start to see results as I loooove this diet :crazy:

Ok here is todays menu

Sunday - red day

B - sausages (2 syns) bacon, toast (B), 2 eggs, Milk (a)

L lamb, potatoes, (B) gravy (2 syns), broc, carrotts, cauli

Jelly (1 syn) fruit

supper- homemade veg soup - cooking in slow cooker as we speak

fruit, yogurt, ryveta bar (3 syns)
possibly a glass of wine whilst x factor is on :p (6 syns) and some cheese (a) and pinneaple..........so 70's I know but I love it!!!!

making 15 syns for the day
ohhhhh Im a slow cooker virgin, how do you make your veg soup in it.? that may sound really silly.... but Im still learning :eek:

Hiya for the veg soup I normally bung any veg in thats hanging around normally

carrotts, onion, celery, potatoes, (if not on a red day) tin of toms, oxo stock cube, butternut squash, curry spice or anything you fancy, leave to cook (the longer the better) then I will wizz with a hand blender......if I am doing a green day I will also add a tin of mixed pulses etc.....yum

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