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Desperate to Start Again But Just Can't Get In the Mood


Skinny girl in a fat body

I came back on holiday 10 days ago with every intention of starting by diet again 9 days ago. I just can't do it :cry:. The more I am thinking about having to start the more I am stuffing my face. I don't know what to do. I am actually feeling panic as I am typing:wave_cry:

I put about 5lb on on my hols but bet I have put double on since then. I would tell you for defo but I am too scared to weigh myself!

It's not even the hunger I can't cope with, its the headaches. I suffer terrible headaches and feel really ill for the first week on a VLCD and I just can't face it.

Any tips on how to get back 'in the zone' :cry:
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Oh Mia I know how you feel, restarting these things is so hard. What about doing WS for the first couple of weeks to ease yourself in. I get the headaches too not just when I start but also every day of TOTM. Just ask yourself which is worse the headache or this feeling you have now of losing control of your weight. You can do it Mia just be positive.
Good luck :)
ahh hun... its hard because ive never been in a situation like you... ive always been set on a diet kinda thing! just really try!! buy clothes that are really nice but too small!!! i hope you enjoyed yourself.
Hi, I'm in exactly the same position as you!

Have returned from hols, want to continue my journey having gained 5 lbs but just can't face abstaining from food completely.
Sooooooo, I have started Slimfast!
I know it's completely different to VLCD but I feel I can have the best of both worlds for the moment, ie restrain myself from food at work and eat (as normal) in the evening
I have a shake for breakfast, then a 100 cal snack. A meal replacement bar for lunch and another 100 cal snack in the afternoon and a meal in the evening and I can have another snack too if I want.
I seem to always be eating!!
Started last Tuesday and have already dropped 4 lbs, so I'm very happy.
It is really hard to get back in the 'zone'.
I have done Lighterlife, restarted, then cambridge then restarted now Exante. I am a serial dieter!

Each time I cut down my carbs, start upping the water and have one foodpack a day and 2 sensible meals for a week, 2 foodpacks and a sensible meal for the next week and then total abstaining, this has always made the transition so much easier for me.

I hope you find your mojo again soon xxx
Been in same boat as you for 3 weeks now... was searching on forum yesterday - and came up with the following quotes... all are entries from an original post by ice moose... if I find it again, I'll put up thread:

Key to success on a diet is enjoying the experience and seeing it as a major positive in your life, if you procrastinate and constantly say how hard it is and how much you hate it then your chances of succeeding are very low, if you enjoy the diet and do it with a smile on your face then it suddenly isn't hard at all :)

I have begun to realise that it is a choice like any other, and if I chose to eat too much, I have to live with the consequences. I'm pretty tired of being overweight, I want my confidence back

when you think of your diet as a choice, it's empowering.

I'm gonna print it off & stick it up in kitchen.
Good Luck


Gold Member
I know what you mean Mia, I'm struggling with being strict with it again. I think the working solution plan is a good intermediate, as it means you can still have some food and the packs. For me it's helping trying to be really clear about my goals and what losing the weight means to me.

Important not to beat yourself up about it, but to work out it's your choice for what to do next. Good luck xx
I do what boneysburd does, but I cut out all carbs for a few days and my appetite drops completely. I love meat and fish, so have loads of pork loin steaks, (with fat to keep me feeling full) and salads. Roast turkey, beef, omelettes, cheese. I don't lose any weight (and never did when doing Atkins), but it helps me lose my hunger pangs and then I can gradually transition to adding packs in.
That is what I am planning on doing.

I put on a stone in Orlando after doing Cambridge to get to 11 stone. Then I just kept eating and eating and eating until I was nearly 15 - do you want that?! It happens to a lot of people and unless you get a hold on it, you'll be back where you started like I was :(


1lb at a time
In the same boat hun, been messing about going from one day 100% then the next eating everythin in sight to the next 100% its doing my head in, think we just need to give our heads a shake and realise we just gotta do it or will end up with an even bigger amount to lose ultimately! Luckily even with all my messing about I have managed to STS so that has spurred me on a bit, hope you can get your head in the right place soon, you've done so well it would be a terrible thing to have to restart from the beginning which is where you'll end up if you carry on, good luck hun xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks everyone. I try to take food out of the equation altogether with me. Once I taste food, that's it for me! I really need to have a serious word with myself because even when I have lost the weight I ALWAYS go back to my old eating habits. I am going to try again tomorrow. Good luck to you all x
Mia said:
Thanks everyone. I try to take food out of the equation altogether with me. Once I taste food, that's it for me! I really need to have a serious word with myself because even when I have lost the weight I ALWAYS go back to my old eating habits. I am going to try again tomorrow. Good luck to you all x
Good luck Mia :) you can do this!
Hi Mia - My suggestion is a little different - Can you be kind to yourself and by taking the pressure off just eat healthily until you feel back in the right frame of mind - You've already come along way - I say this because I know I'm a bit all or nothing mentality myself but know that if I restart in the right frame of mind it doesn't lead to the binging I'm sadly guilty off at times - maybe it's the pressure of restarting/feelings of panic that you mention that's leading you to - I don't mean put it off forever - but ease yourself in gradually take the pressure of yourself and celebrate how far you've come - then you'll be in the right frame of mind to restart and nail it rather than feeling disappointed or negative about yourself from which good things will not come - just a thought - good luck anyway x and hope you enjoyed your hols


Doing it exante style :)
I'm probably the worst person to give you advice after my million and one re starts lol but all I can say is just keep trying, everydays a new attempt. You'll get there chick xxx
Good luck if you decide to restart tomorrow :) xx

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Iv been all over the shop for the last month. 4 100% days and then a silly binge and then going all day 100% and ruin everything an hour before bed time :( it's so hard to get back to it! Just need to keep asking ourselves "what's gonna feel better? eating and put the weight on or doing exante for a bit and losing the weight?" I know for a fact I hate myself and feel rubbish every time I put weight on so I'm hoping to sort my head out and get the weight off and stop messing about xx

Loads of us in this site have been there and are here to support each other so good luck and hope you get back in the zone soon .... Me too!
Hi I'm the same and totally symphasize with you. I get very ill the first week. Day 4/5 I can't seem to get past. But I'm determined to crack this now. I've lost count of how many times I've posted saying I'm restarting. But I'm just getting bigger and bigger and fed up with being the size of 2 people so I'm taking the plunge and starting tomorrow. And just go for it. I can't keep putting it off any longer!!! I'm just gonna keep reminding myself that it does get easier and I'm choosing to do this diet. Good luck everyone x :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks again girls. I actually feel sick with eating :)

I have started the gym this week and done 3 zumba classes, a pilates class and some swimming. So, I have decided that on exercise days I will have my 3 packs and a trout :) Hahahah sounds crazy written down but I love fish. Trout are low fat, cook in 20 mins and are luuussshhhh. I think that will be fine coz couldn't do 2 hours of exercise on 3 packs. Fingers crossed for tomorrow for us all xx

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