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Desperately Seeking Me

I have decided to start a diary for my weightloss journey, partly because it's a good way of keeping track of what I'm doing, and eventually it will be a way of reminding myself where I have come.

Yesterday was my first day, I have done a very low carb diet before, I can't really call it Atkins as I am not following the stages at this point, but the principles are the same I guess. Lots of protein, veg and gallons of water......and no carbs.

I weighed yesterday at 16.7 - 231lbs. eeeek :( I am 5'3", and would love to get down to 9 st - 126lbs. A total loss of 105lbs. Before now those figures alone would have put me off, its a mammoth task, there is no way of describing it any different. BUT it can and will be done.

So here I am waking up on my second day, yesterday was fine...

Brunch - 2 rashers bacon, 2 sausages, mushrooms sauteed in butter, and 2 poached eggs.

Dinner - chicken portions with roasted peppers, onions and mushrooms topped with a roasted garlic and chilli yoghurt dressing.

Snacks - a couple of pickled onions, couple of raspberries

Water - 3 litres. :D

Moving onto day two now, woke with a slight headache so a glass of water for me. Now off to decide what to have for breakfast....
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Clean green leafy machine
Hi Miss and welcome :)

Sounds like you're off to a good start. The onions and raspberries are a little high in carbs, but I know you're not following Atkins to the letter. Maybe get some more leafy greens in there?

Susie :)
Thanks Susie, I didnt know about the leafy greens until I sat and read through lots of diaries, so I shall definitely get some in today, i love sauteed spinach and dark green cabbage so its not gonna be a big deal to add them.

My dearly departed grandad used to boil his cabbage, and drink the water years ago, its an acquired taste.....but its a major source of healthy vitamins if anyone wants to try it :)


Clean green leafy machine
LOl might just stick to sauteeing it in butter I think, but thanks for the tip :)
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aaaaaargh! just venting at the moment, only on day two and I have such major sugar cravings. it feels worse this time, but the good thing is that I know that it will pass.

Head is aching, feeling weak and dizzy, I just want to sleep, and I have the sugary taste too......thought two days was a bit early to be going into ketosis though? is it? i know this is the worst part but its not good!

had a good day food wise....

b - 2 boiled eggs

l - huge pile of leafy green salad, tuna, and diced cheese

d - bacon and mushroom omelette topped with cheese served with tomatoes.

s - low fat yoghurt smoothie made with a small handful of berries.

w - 1.5 litres so far, gonna drink at least another litre through the evening to try and get rid of this headache :(


Clean green leafy machine
Gosh it does sound like Atkins flu hun - drink lots of water, and something that worked for me was chicken broth made from a low carb stock cube, hot water and some dried herbs.

Hope you feel better soon!
Good luck and I hope the flu doesn't last much longer! I was raised on cabbage water as well! IRS an acquired taste but I love it! Lol :)
lol! thank god for that, i was beginning to feel like a freak haha! with a bit of added pepper its not so bad is it :)

feeling much much better today, sleep and lots of water seems to have done the trick. I can still feel a little niggly headache lingering but we can deal with that :D

starting my day with a coffee with cream, feels very naughty :D
Morning Miss and welcome, I'm pleased I found your diary. When i was younger my mum always kept the water that greens had been boiled in, we drank it with a touch of black pepper, lovely, yum yum. These days i tend to sauté my greens rather than boil them
Hi Jim, :D yay, more people to make me feel normal....is it Vitamin D that the water contains? i cant remember.

I absolutely love sauteed spinach, with a slight dash of tabasco or chilli. yummmmmy!!


This is for life
Hello:). Nice to find your diary. Hope you have got through most of your atkins flu now!

Lol - at the cabbage water - sorry not sold here:D
LOL Katie....its ok im not marketing or anything.

i'm having such a fabby day.

b - 2 boiled eggs and ham, coffee with cream

l - lean beef steak cooked with mushrooms, and served with spinach with chilli flakes sauteed in butter and omg it was the most amazing meal i have had in such a long long time.

s - coffee with cream (my naughty treat)

d - chicken breasts with mushrooms, roasted onion and garlic yoghurt sauce.

w - about a litre so far so need to get some more down me through the evening.

struggling with the water at the moment but loving the rest.
The best water to drink is from boiling cabbage, onion, garlic, bacon and potato together! A taste made in heaven! I love your menu for today - the beef sounds yummy! :)

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