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Destination target weight!

This is the beginning of my journey to target weight and I hope that it is a one way street. I have never been a healthy weight in my whole adult life. Im 31, almost 32 and really need to shift the 66 lbs that are shattering my confidence, health and fitness. I have started jogging to help me on my way and my husband is joining in with the healthy eating. Im following the slimming world books - generally extra easy but we are going to mix some red and green days in there too. x Here goes x:)
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Hi there. Today marks the day of the beginning of my final weight loss journey too. I am going to lose all of my unwanted 70 pounds, and for the same reasons as yourself .... I too am going to the follow the slimming world eating plan. Good luck with your journey and I shall look forward to seeing your progress each week .. Have a great week :)
Thanks Hiruni
it is great to know that there are other people out there travelling along the same path. We will get there - it is within our grasp! I just can't wait to get to target and start living my life to the full. Looking forward to going clothes shopping when I get to target weight - I hate going shopping at the mo because nothing looks right.
Oh I so know how you feel. I went shopping at the weekend, and I cant even begin to describe how that experience left me feeling. Its the worse feeling I have felt in a long long time. Whilst the emotions and feelings left me at an all time low, I am trying to look at it as a positive experience given that it has spurned me on to take this journey. I am determined never ever to feel that way about me again. I wont be going clothes shopping for a long while, but I am going to make this journey all about me, and by the time I reach the end, I hope to love myself and have the confidence to undertake so much more in my life. I am going to live ... instead of treading what feels like stagnant water. We CAN and WILL do it :) ... I just know we will :)
Definitely. I like your 'positive experience' attitude. I think we all need that lightbulb moment to steer us onto the right path. That awful feeling is the thing that will help to make this a one way street - no-one wants to go back to feeling like that every time they go shopping!
I typed 'ticker' into the search box in the top right hand corner of the screen and clicked on minimins.com site search. That took me to loads of instructions that were quite easy to follow because they had pictures! (I'm not very technically minded!) Good luck
Back to work today. Tried to eat fairly 'colour neutral' things for dinner so I could decide whether to have red or green at tea time. Had a cucumber sandwich, babybel lights x3, grapes and a mullerlight yoghurt for dinner. Went for a big plate of sw chips with eggs, beans and mushrooms for tea! I have also developed a taste for frozen grapes so am going to set to on a bowl of them during the evening while the OH is watching the football so I wont be tempted to pick on synfull treats!
I'm finding it a bit tricky to fit breakfast in. Im always in such a rush and don't really feel like eating at that time. Anyway, I've decided to set the alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier and make time to sit and eat some cereal. In the past I've always lost weight quicker if I have eaten breakfast every day that week. Had a lovely full english breakfast for tea :) Slimming world style of course! Hope everyone else is having a good week x
One full week on slimming world completed. I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 5lbs!. My husband has lost the same so we are really pleased. The week went really smoothly. We are now going to look through our collection of slimming world recipe books (most of them are my mum's) to find some new recipes to keep things interesting. x Hope next week goes just as smoothly x


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Hi mrsmayblossom, reading your thread seems like reading a bit aboput my own life although Im slightly old (already hit 32) and a bit heavier too. I have also never been proper weight in my adult life and now it is time to start! Keep up the good work - I also re-started (been here before and wimper out!) around the same time as you. We can do this!
We can definitely do this Tatws! I Keep imagining all of the nice clothes I will be able to wear when I am at target weight and how much more confident I will feel. It doesn't seem that far out of reach. Just got to stick to it. I made a compilation picture of all of my 'fat' pictures to keep me on the straight and narrow. :)


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There are limited fat pictures of me, I hate beinging infront of the camera and when I had a photo taken for work the other day I nearly died!! I looked awful. like a big fat blamange! Never mind will look much better next year!
Start of week 2 on slimming world. MiL invited us round for a meal and asked us to bring the puddings...potential disaster! We were very good though - got trifle, chocolate brownies and cream for them...and 2 mullerlights for us! It was a roast dinner so fairly easy to syn - had lots of veg and meat and some boiled potatoes (HexB) and a little bit of gravy. Had a small yorkshire pudding too :) Off out for lunch tomorrow to a coffee shop with some friends from work. Bit worried about what to have - the menu is full of paninis and quiche! Going to aim for a jacket potato x
Well done Mrs :). I have weighed in this morning and lost 3lbs. Like you I have skipped breakfast so will incorporate that from today. Also I have joined a gym with my induction this evening. Good luck to you Mrs and Tatws for the coming week .. catch up soon xxx
Well done hiruni! Yep breakfast is definitely worth doing. I have found that when I eat breakfast, I'm less peckish in the evenings so it really helps x good luck for this week x


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Breakfast is so important, if I am in a hurry I take a muller light a.d a apple with me. If I didn't have anything.g I would pig out on rubbish.
Thats very true, Insaniti! It helps to get the day started in a good way. Just chomping my way through another bag of frozen grapes. I managed to steer clear of the paninis and mayo-filled sandwiches at the coffee shop today and settled for a baked potato with cheese. Am combining writing my classes school reports with posting on here. I hope I dont get the two muddled and write in little jonny's report about what I had for tea :)
Very true Insaniti and Mrsmay ... I'm glad you had a great lunch Mrs I think I'm gonna have to get me some of those frozen grapes. I have not long been back from the gym .. gosh I ache already hahaha hope I can walk in the morning as its my intention to do a bit of the Zumba on the wii fit. I think exercise is just as important as healthy eating so Im trying really hard to convince my brain that i like exercise ;) ...apparently once you trick your brain into believing something ... theres no stopping you :) x
Apparently thats true - just not managed to trick my brain yet. Doing a 10k sponsored run on sunday so hoping to trick it before then! Not yet got to the point where I'm enjoying running until I get to the last half mile (Only enjoy it then cos I know its nearly over!) x

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