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Determinators switch from CD food diary :)

Hi , I have just started SW after 6 months on cambridge and feel like such a pig already .. surely I cant eat all this food and loose weight ??? tips and advise on my food diary appreciated :)


Breakfast - 28g shredded wheat bite sized witha dash of skimmed milk ( HEXA and B) , banana , muller lite

Snack - 4 crab sticks

Lunch - jacket potato with fat free cottage cheese and pineapple . Apple . 10 Mikados ( 5 syns )

Snack - muller lite and Alpen Lite cereal bar ( 3 syns )

Tea- Wholemeal spaghetti , lean mince with carrots, tinned toms and herbs . Low fat cheese ( rest of HEXA) Extra Broccoli and courgette on the side :)

That is my 1st day .. and I had to force the syns down as there is sooo much free food , i totally love the EE plan .. hope I am doing it right ??

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Day 2 RED - I seem to be eating all the time and I am really worried that this isnt a diet , its an evil plan to make me gain all the weight i have lost so far .... anyway today -

Breakfast - 2 weetabix ( HEXB) , splash of skimmed milk , banana , strawberrys and muller lite :)

Snack at work - 2 slices of wholemeal toast ( HEXB) with tomatoes and chocolate orange muffin ( was my last day !!) (11 syns :eek: )

Lunch - Mushroom , chicken , courgette omlette with 2 eggs , a dash of milk and a tiny bit of low fat cheese (HEXA)

Snack - 4 crab sticks

Tea - pork , mushrooms , courgette and pepper fryed in fry light , added a tin of toms and some herbs and baked in oven ... served with salad and small amount of low fat cheese ( HEXA)

Pud - 3 slices of melon and a muller lite .

anyone want to comment and give me any advise ???



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That's the great thing with SW...it really doesn't feel like you are on a diet! So far your menus are looking good. Just a reminder to have the 1/3 fruit or veg at every main meal when you are on EE. Good luck and let us know how you do at WI.
Day 3- EE

Breakfast- 2 weetabix (HEXB) with splash on skimmed milk (part of HEXA) muller lite , banana

Snack- satsuma, apple

Lunch - chicken mug shot (MMMMMM) and a large bowl of salad with lettuce, toms, cucumber, beetroot , chicken and 1/2 tbs of salad cream extra light ( 1/2 syn)

snack- caramel snack a jack - (2.5 syns)

tea - chicken foo young from chinese , (not exactly sure on syns but all main ingredients are free so I hope just whatever its cooked in will be syned so guessed about 8-10??)

Pud - bowl full of strawberrys and bananas with a banana custard muller lite ( mmmmmmmm)
Glad you're enjoying the plan- food after CD feels good doesn't it!? You may find it takes a couple of weeks for your body to adjust to food again but SW does work and will be a great way of eating for life xx

Breakfast- SW fry up :) 2 tesco lights choice sausages (2 syns , yum) , grilled fat off bacon , beans , mushrooms done in frylite , 2 poached eggs . mmmmm

Lunch- chicken noodle mug shot , muller lite , banana, apple

Tea - huge jacket potato done in the oven for 2 hours (mmm) , 2 laughing cow extra light triangles ( HEX A) , fat free cottage cheese with pineapple(1/2 syn) , salad with beetroot .

snacks - 2 alpen light bars (HEX B) , 2 laughing cow triangles on cellery sticks ( HEX A)
errmmm then 5-6 vodka lime and lemonades .... think I may have gone over syns somewhat .. but as I have been on CD for 6 months I havent had a drink in that time .. so had to be done !!!!! maybe 30 ish syns ??? ooppps !!!
Day 5 - EE

Breakfast - 2 weetabix ( HEX B) with splash skimmed milk ( HEX A)

snack - mini milk ( 1.5 syns )

lunch - SW quiche ( courgette, mushroom , red pepper ) with beans and beetroot

snack - cellery with 1 laughing cow extra light ( HEX A)

Tea - Chicken skewers with chicken onion, pineapple, tomatos . with jacket potatoe , 2 laughing cow extra light ( HEX B) , carrots , sweetcorn, peas , brocolli

pudding sugar free jelly and muller light

snack - curly wirly - (6.5 syns) and huge bowl of starwberries , melon grapes and muller light
Day 6- red

Breakfast - 2 slices nimble ( HEX B) , dry fried mushrooms and 2 poached eggs

Lunch - pork chop ( fat removed) , carrots and green beans .
2 Alpen Light bars ( HEXB)

Snack - 1 pink and white (2.5 syns) 2 salt and vinegar snack a jacks (5 syns) , 5 mikados ( 2.5 syns )

tea - SW quiche ( mushroom, courgette and red pepper) with beans and beetroot
banana , strawberries and muller light

I have weigh in this morning and am so nervous , looking back on this diary I have scoffed myself silly so how can I possibly have lost any weight ??? I know as I was on CD before I may not loose much ( or any ) the first few weeks as my body adjusts back to food and sugar and carbs .. but I so want to keep loosing :)

any comments and advise on this diary would be really appreciated :)
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Good luck on your WI today! Don't be disappointed if you don't lose though as you said your body hasn't been used to eating proper meals. Your diaries look fine though, so you should see the weight coming off in no time.
I agree, Slimming world WILL work for you, but you do need to remember that it may take a couple of weeks to see the weight coming off again and may even gain to start with as your fluid balance readjusts. The weight WILL start coming off soon though. Good luck for weigh in xx


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Brilliant!!! SW is going to be they way forward for me once I have lost a couple of stone on cd. I love what you are eating. It almost, ALMOST, made me convert at this early stage!
oops missed a few days !!! Had a bit of a naughty after Weigh in .. and had a bag of toffee crisp 'bits' , only to look at the calories AFTER ... OMG .... nealry 800 calories !!!!! So not sure what weigh in will bring this week as also had one ( or 8 ..) vodkas on friday night ( dont get out very often !!!)

right will start again .....

Sunday - EE

breakfast - banana, starwberries and banana custard muller light . 1 Alpen light , choc and fudge bar ( 1/2 of HEX B)

Snack- crab sticks :)

lunch - BBQ :) .. I made some burgers , with lean mince and bound together with some of the syn free BBQ sauce from the reipes thread .. I even made them star shaped in my little girls small star jelly mould !!! .. they were amazing !!! so 2 burgers , 1 wholemeal roll ( 6 syns) , 2 chicken and pepper skewers , salad and 1/2 tsp of heinz extra extra light salad cream ( 0.5 syn)

snack - 1 alpen light bar ( 1/2 of HEX B)

Tea - Huge jacket spud ( done for 2 hours in oven sprayed in fry light and wrapped in foil .. mmmmmmm) , with 4 laughing cow light ( HEX A) instead of butter , cottage cheese and loads of beetroot :)

Snacks - 2 more muller lights :)

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